Friday, February 9, 2018

Feinstein torches GOP’s attack on Steele: ‘Not a single revelation in the dossier has been refuted’

Opinion: Why paper ballots are the best safeguard against election hacking

.@SykesCharlie: “Both the left and the right need to connect as people rather than political entities. We have to have a revival of the concept: truth matters.”

Poll: Majority of Americans say they trust Mueller more than Trump

Schiff says he made a motion 2 weeks ago to allow HPSCI members to have access to underlying FISA applications but Republican members voted it down.

The Death of Newsweek

‘The hard part is about to begin’: U.S.-South Korean relations fray as Olympics open

Meta-message: dare to come forward and the attack-hacks will see to it that you are trashed publicly. Rightly or wrongly is not the issue. The warning is the point.

Top GOP just resigned after prostitution scandal surfaced

Teacher unions blocked from delivering complaints to DeVos

Scott Walker’s willingness to hand out corporate subsidies to everyone gets called out by the Wall Street Journal. You got to screw up really bad to have the Wall Street Journal call you out for being too friendly to business

UPDATE: Big Dow losers: Boeing 3 percent, Walmart 2.8 percent, Home Depot down 2.8 percent, Goldman Sachs down 2.6 percent

Dow falls more than 400 points

"Urgent hearings needed to expose Russian midterm attack"

Escorts, yachts, & secret tapes: A new connection just emerged between Russia and the Trump campaign

He's blaming Hope Hicks ... "The president feels that Hope Hicks has allowed her romantic relationship with Porter to really cloud her judgment and her decision-making ... that Hope Hicks put her own priorities above his and above the White House's."

Who knew that nepotism and workplace humping might lead to bad decisions?

ICE sued for targeting immigration activists "in order to silence them"

CNN conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter: The White House protects abusers, defending Trump and his team is to defend the abuse of women

Porter's ex-wife: If he hasn't already been abusive with Hope Hicks, he soon will be

Trump’s schedule shows that his daily briefing was only daily in three weeks of his presidency

Perspective: Nobody knows why stocks are tanking

Ex-Obama official confirms GOP claim that Steele gave dossier to State Dept

The economic outlook for Millennials is bleak. Now they’re unionizing in record numbers

Woodward and Bernstein: Trump investigation becoming "eerily similar" to Nixon's

The RNC will host a fundraiser with Trump at—you guessed it—Mar-a-Lago in March.

In the dark of night, the House took up a last minute short-term government funding bill. I voted NO because it was a poor deal for DREAMers, for pensioners, and for all Americans. Here’s why

Even the stock market likes Obama better than Trump

Omarosa breaks silence on Trump White House: "It's so bad"

Congressional investigators studying newly unearthed "second dossier," compiled by a longtime Clinton associate, containing uncorroborated allegations about President Trump's activities in Russia in 2013

The Trump admin is considering making it harder for foreigners living in the U.S. to get permanent residency if they or their American-born children use public benefits such as food assistance, Reuters reports

Seth Meyers Tales a Closer Look of Trump's Week

Russian oligarch threatens to sue media over opposition investigation

Now Devin Nunes wants to build a literal wall in the intelligence committee

Brief government shutdown ends as Trump signs spending bill

Asked by @BuzzFeed News this week if he worried he might be gaining notoriety, rather than star power, Matt Gaetz responded, “What’s the difference?” |

Welcome to the new Trump GOP: Deficit-loving, anti-law enforcement Russophiles

Jill Messick had been distraught from the recent spotlight on her after details emerged on alleged sexual misconduct by Harvey Weinstein

Major screw-up at VIP reception before PyeongChang Olympics opening ceremony: VP Pence showed up late, after dinner had begun, and there was no seat for him because he was supposed to have dinner with the US athletes...

Bottom line: The message to Russia – from the admin and members of Congress – is that it's OK to meddle in U.S. elections as long as it benefits their party

The federal budget deficit was $174 billion for the first four months of fiscal year 2018, the Congressional Budget Office estimates, $16 billion more than the shortfall recorded during the same period last year- and it'll get worse

Pennsylvania lawmakers face Friday deadline for new congressional map

House Republicans pledge to continue probing dossier, but without memos

Sen. Tim Kaine demands release of secret Trump war powers memo

Devin Nunes is investigating me. Here’s the truth.

Union leaders found locked doors as they tried to enter the Department of Education building to offer their assessment of Betsy DeVos’s first year on the job.

Updated list of Russia-related suspicious deaths since 2014 with yesterday's death of former deputy health minister of Tatarstan Yelena Shishmareva, said to have stabbed herself eight times while under house arrest

In Fight Over Science Education in Idaho, Lawmakers Move to Minimize Climate

The Dark Consequences of Poland's New Holocaust Law

If Trump wants to be mad at someone, it should be @OrrinHatch. Porter was Hatch's CoS for three years. Before that, he was general counsel to Sen. Rob Portman. And before that, chief counsel to Sen. Mike Lee The guy has been around for awhile!

"What is now beyond debate, however, is how far Republican leaders will go to defend a president most of them once despised....They seem determined to bankrupt their own party’s soul."

Trump’s strange plan to issue a rule that he already repealed

Kelly gave Rob Porter greater responsibilities in White House after learning of abuse allegations: report

Stunning interview on CNN right now - Jennie Willoughby says she’s worried for Hope Hicks (WH comms director reportedly dating her ex-husband Rob Porter) and that Porter asked her to deny abuse allegations in recent weeks before story broke

Wall Street opens after the Dow suffered its second worst points' drop ever. @jillonmoney will join to explain the implications

Will @SpeakerRyan be brave enough to agree to @NancyPelosi's genius move? Pelosi wants a commitment from Ryan for a vote on #DACADreamer protections using #QueenoftheHill rules: vote on each proposal and whatever gets the most votes

Evangelicals did not abandon Trump when nearly 20 women came forward with detailed allegations of harassment and/or assault, nor when he paid hush money to a porn star before the election, nor when he endorsed Moore.

Pence PAC spreads cash to vulnerable Republicans — but not Curbelo

NEW: Two of four British ISIS members who presided over executions of western hostages were captured by Syrian Democratic Forces and are being interrogated by U.S. forces, senior official confirms to @ABC.

BREAKING: House passes funding bill in 240-186 vote to end the second government shutdown of 2018. The bill now heads to President Trump's desk.

Happening today --> A vote to confirm one of the guys behind Bush's torture memos to the federal bench. He also once questioned a gay judge’s impartiality.

President Trump blames Democrats for holding up his nominees, but another source hits closer to home: his own party

The dumbest shutdown ever

Why the Hell Is Hope Hicks Getting Off Easy?

McConnell schedules Senate to begin immigration debate next week

Have Barron's grandparents joined the first family and moved to Washington, D.C.?

Former Acting Director of the CIA, John McLaughlin, recommends states move to paper ballots as one way to secure future elections from the Russians and other hackers.

Ex-Assistant Watergate Special Prosecutor @JillWineBanks once said she thought she could make an obstruction case against President Trump. Today, she says "I know I can."

Republicans Struggle To Find Senate Recruits In Key Races

This man with ALS was denied life-saving treatment. Here's what happened when he confronted his health insurance company

Groping GOP Lawmaker Hangs On Despite Fellow Republicans Telling Him to Resign

BREAKING: Latvia passes Magnitsky law 60-3. This brings the number of countries with Magnitsky laws to six: US, U.K., Canada, Estonia, Lithuania and NOW Latvia

Ex-GOP aide: The Trump White House "protects abusers"

Chinese stocks crushed as 'bulls kill bulls' in exit stampede

Impeaching the judges who act to rein in partisan gerrymandering is the new game in town!

LIVE: House of Representatives debates spending bill to fund the federal government through March 23

Twitter left hundreds of Russian propaganda videos online for months

Three Canadian solar panel manufacturers have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government over the tariffs the Trump admin set on solar cell imports last month, arguing the tariffs violate the Trade Act and NAFTA

JUST IN: Senate Judiciary to release transcripts of Trump Jr. interview on meeting with Russian lawyer

Oh com’n this is the guy who voted for tax cuts for the rich just 2 months ago, adding $1.4467 *trillion* to the deficit

Sen.Warner fully disclosed this to the committee four months ago.Has had zero impact on our work.

Gentle reminder: John McCain has publicly stated #RandPaul 'is now working for Vladimir Putin'

Trump complaining to Priebus about Kelly's job performance

FBI surveillance of Carter Page might have picked up Bannon

The Senate voted 71-28 to pass a two-year spending bill after the midnight deadline that shut down non-essential government services.

Canada's prime minister picks up investment promises from California technology firms frustrated by uncertain U.S. immigration laws

Poll: Just one quarter of Iowans would "definitely" vote for Trump in 2020

We are in a #GOPShutdown right now. I appreciate the new concern from Rand Paul about deficits and debt. That's why I look forward to his amendment to repeal the #GOPtaxbill.

Corker breaks with GOP, opposes budget deal over raising deficit

Rand Paul stunt not the first pointless shutdown

Michael Beschloss, NBC News presidential historian, talks with Rachel Maddow about past government shutdowns, including pairs of shutdowns like in 2018, and stunt shutdowns that were not over legislation

Trump still won't implement Russian Sanctions despite near unanimous congressional vote

Trump's parade

In an emotional interview, Rob Porter's ex-wife Jennie Willoughby described the "low grade constant terror" of married life together

JUST IN: Trump EPA dramatically reduces number of fines against polluters who break emissions rules

Kremlin, angry over alleged hacker's extradition, warns U.S. to stop 'hunting’ Russians. The Russian foreign ministry demanded that the U.S. "stop hunting down our citizens around the globe."

Eric Holder says that Special Counsel Robert Mueller already has enough for an obstruction case

Question to Vice President Pence about Rob Porter: "Can you comment on why you often seem a little bit out of the loop on some of this major news?"


Violence against women: it’s a big problem in Trump world.

White House officials told Orrin Hatch’s office that the Rob Porter story was the product of a “smear campaign” being orchestrated against Porter by his political enemies. Among those they pinpointed was Corey Lewandowski, two sources tell The Daily Beast

Netanyahu questions the integrity of police probing corruption allegations against him

Fox News is promoting now "leaked texts" from Mark Warner

WHY DID TRUMP CLOSE and DEFUND the Violence Against Women’s Office?

For them to let Rob Porter date communications director Hope Hicks, knowing what was in his file, “[the White House] protects abusers, there’s no way of getting around it.” -

Jared Kushner still doesn’t have a permanent security clearance, 13 months in, yet is working w/ sensitive materials

Another black eye for Putin’s criminal sporting operations. Court of arbitration for sports rejects 47 Russian athletes who were trying to compete in Olympics

Dozens of White House employees (including Kushner) are awaiting permanent security clearances and have been working for months with temporary approvals to handle sensitive info while the FBI continues to probe their backgrounds

White House Counsel Don McGahn knew one year ago that Rob Porter’s ex-wives accused him of domestic violence but still allowed him to serve in the White House, two people familiar with the matter tell WaPo

Senate votes to end government shutdown

Utah state GOP lawmaker under investigation for using campaign money to pay prostitute

Pence bashes North Korea's military parade, endorses Trump's parade

NEW DETAILS about Nunes' push to target Steele dossier, including hauling McCain associate before committee as attorney lashed out at staff for divulging details of testimony to another lawyer. He was hit with a subpoena after complaining.

Asia stocks hit by Wall Street sell-off

With Rob Porter Gone, Trump Turns His Anger On Hicks and Kelly

I was a lifelong Republican, but I now agree with @benjaminwittes & @jon_rauch when they call for voters to support Democrats because “the Republican Party, as an institution, has become a danger to the rule of law and the integrity of our democracy.”

Hope Hicks is incredibly press-shy. And right now she's in a terrible place for a press-shy person to be: In the middle of not one but two White House scandals

Navy SEAL who killed Bin Laden calls Trump's parade plan 'third world bulls**t'

Russian activist alleges new link between the Kremlin and Paul Manafort

House Intel Republicans plan to wall off their aides from Democratic staffers

I just found this video of Carter Page in Moscow, Russia speaking in support of Vladimir Putin, while working on the Trump campaign. He calls the American international affairs strategy "hostile," then goes on

Here’s video I found of Carter Page saying he had been in a number of meetings with Trump & that he had learned a tremendous amount from

"How many appalling characters must be wrung out of the West Wing before we recognize that the problem is the man at the top, who sets the tone for the workplace culture?"

Your Daily Reminder that Fox is not a news outlet and if you work at Fox your title may be journalist, but your job description is propagandist

Montana state worker refuses demand from ICE to help round up undocumented immigrants -- quits job instead

President Trump promised that if the tax bill passed, the stock market would rise

Holocaust Deniers and Other Anti-Semites Making Inroads into Mainstream U.S. Politics

Running from Vladimir Putin after helping him cheat

Asia stocks hit by fresh Wall Street sell-off

White Supremacist, admitted Nazi, trump cultist and Holocaust denier Arthur Jones is running in Illinois for Congress. This is the trash that the @GOP consider an acceptable candidate in 2018.

If Trump didn't know Porter didn't have clearance, that means someone gave Porter classified material without him being cleared to see it and without Trump waiving that clearance. Isn't that illegal?

Race horses, rum, honeybees: The surprises in the budget bill

Rand Paul stunt not the first pointless shutdown

Michael Beschloss, NBC News presidential historian, talks with Rachel Maddow about past government shutdowns, including pairs of shutdowns like in 2018, and stunt shutdowns that were not over legislation

Democratic counter to Nunes memo expected for Friday release

Rachel Maddow notes that the timing of the vote on the Democratic rebuttal to the Nunes memo, and expectations that Donald Trump will allow its release mean that it could be public as early as Friday - a very busy Friday.

House Republicans covering for Trump White House scandals

Rep. Gerry Connolly talks with Rachel Maddow about Congressional Republican unwillingness to properly investigate Trump administration scandals, including Rob Porter's continued employment as staff secretary despite failing the background check.

Rob Porter access to classified info raises huge legal question

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, former staff secretary to President Clinton, talks with Rachel Maddow about the access of the staff secretary to highly confidential information, and the Trump administration's surprising lack of action despite knowing Porter's issues.

Trump vetting failures seen in scandals, firings, security lapses

Rachel Maddow points out that the high turnover of top officials in the Donald Trump administration is a symptom of the poor job Donald Trump is doing vetting the people he hires to work for the American people.

Rand Paul holds US hostage because he can

Rachel Maddow reports on the way Congress avoids properly funding the government, leaving it vulnerable to political stunts like Rand Paul using up Senate time to force the second government shutdown in two weeks.

What gets shut down in a U.S. shutdown? Here's a simple guide

House vote on massive spending bill that would end the hours-old government shutdown could come before dawn; measure was approved by Senate in wee hours; outcome in House is considered uncertain

The sell-off in global stocks, which briefly looked to have ended mid-week, has come back

Hate from the top down: Fox News executive VP rails against diversity of US Olympians, "Darker, Gayer, Different"

Senate Judiciary to release transcripts of Trump Jr. interview on meeting with Russian lawyer