Monday, September 10, 2018

Sons who brag about Russian money. A history of shady Russian deals. Paranoia about scrutiny of his businesses. And a harassment campaign against the government's top experts in Russian crime. There really are a lot of reasons to worry about laundering.

DeSantis announced Monday, less than two months before Election Day, that he’s immediately resigning from Congress to focus on his campaign for governor of Florida.

New CNN/SSRS poll -- Trump approval rating: Approve: 36% Disapprove: 58%

JUST IN: US district court judge orders that accused Russian spy Maria Butina remain jailed without bail, citing flight risk, and chastises Butina’s defense counsel over public comments, and imposes a gag order on the case effective immediately.

.@OMAROSA claims the White House communications staff would "repeat verbatim" Trump's expressed beliefs, whether or not they knew the claims were true: "Hope Hicks, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, would repeat those lies — she would repeat those lies from the podium in the press room."

"I regret that I was so complicit." Former Trump aide Omarosa Manigault speaks about her time in the Trump admin: "I was in a toxic relationship with Donald Trump ... You know, Hillary Clinton was robbed, and I was ... a co-conspirator in that robbery."

LISTEN: MSNBC just played the rest of Omarosa's secret recording of an Oct '17 White House meeting. On it, Trump and his staff have a laugh discussing an ambush in Niger that left 4 US soldiers dead.

NARRATOR: This has happened over 60 times in the last 100 years.

The Cavalry Comes to Save Ted Cruz From Humiliation

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s not-so-strong Medicare, economy myths.

Leslie Moonves has been removed as CEO of CBS Corp. — hours after six women leveled a new slate of sexual misconduct allegations against the network titan

As Israel moves right, young American Jews target Birthright tours in protest

Omarosa: White House aides and 'family members' used email code ‘#TFA’ to secretly discuss 25th Amendment power to remove president

I doubt this is how Obama envisioned spending his retirement either, Mike, but you haven't left people with much choice

Worldwide news coverage noted Putin's approval rating has plunged by 15 points. This sign reads "Putin or Pension?"

The commander in chief of a golf course at work today ...

Opinion: Are there Republicans who will join Obama?

Bob Woodward to David Martin: "You look at the operation of this White House and you have to say, 'Let's hope to God we don't have a crisis...

China's most sweeping internment program since the Mao era has detained hundreds of thousands of Uighur Muslims. The goal is to rid them of devotion to Islam.

Here are the latest key messages with Hurricane Florence, as of 11pm EDT. Florence remains an intensifying system and has the potential to become a major hurricane Monday.

High stakes as 2-month sprint to Election Day begins.

Professor Mifsud may be dead.

U.S. energy secretary to visit Moscow September 11

Trump expected to declassify Carter Page and Bruce Ohr documents as soon as this week...

White House expected to threaten penalties for those who aid international court in potential probe of U.S. wartime actions in Afghanistan

Leading Republicans took issue with the former president's scathing speech, but none disputed that Trump has threatened core American institutions

Ted Osius, a former U.S. ambassador who resigned from the State Department last year, is now an outspoken critic of President Trump's administration