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Biden To Trump, "Grow Up Donald"

Vice President Joe Biden tells Judy Woodruff in a PBS NewsHour interview that "it's time" for President-elect Donald Trump "to be an adult," now that he's been elected.

Trump Ally Alex Jones On Obama: "He Ain't Black, In My Opinion, He's Like This Globalist, CIA Baby"

From a January 3 posting on Alex Jones' YouTube channel:

ALEX JONES: I’ve been going to some of these caf├ęs since I was in junior high. I walk in these things now, man, and people walk up and they go “fuck you, Alex Jones, fuck you, you racist.” They’re like weird white old people usually and I’m like, “what did I do that was racist?” And they go, “you fucking asshole, you don’t like Hillary.” And then it’s just like they’re like cult members, man. They just – and I’m like, well what – one guy like pulled a gun out and showed me his gun and I went, “whatever, go ahead.” And he didn’t like that and he ran off, but they admit in the media the left is buying guns because they’re so afraid of the right.
The right? I don’t care what your sexual preference is, I’ve never said shit about that. I’ve never done anything to you. I’m a libertarian, you people are like – just your dumb – you’re white trash that couldn’t be KKK anymore. I figured this out. The Democrats were KKK until the early ‘60s, the Republicans who aren't perfect, but Eisenhower and my grandfather in Texas and all those other people, they said we fought World War II against this shit, we’re going to empower black people they passed the Civil Rights Act, they did all this stuff and you guys said oh my God we’re going to shift, you involve the minorities you took over and now you’re just old – I figured it out, I’ve been around it – you’re like old insiders. You’re all about you’re in the club, you’re in the gang, you’re beating us, you’re the Democrats and now you’re not beating us and you’re getting your ass kicked and you are freaked out.
Let me give you a news flash: A month ago when that guy pulled a gun on me and told me you better watch it, you better stop talking about the Democrats, I got so much more energy when that happened. Cause this isn’t about Democrats or Republicans, this is about bullies. And so just understand something: I’m not going to shut up, I’m not going to back down ever.
You know just today the Republicans with the Democrats tried to get rid of the ethics committee. Trump stopped them. Trump’s not perfect. But man, Trump wants to be the turnaround expert that saves America. And the fact that he’s his own man pisses these bureaucracies off.
So, it’s the last party. Imagine Obama, he’s elected on affirmative action, and I don’t care, weren’t a lot of great black folks when he got in, he ain’t black, in my opinion, he’s like this globalist, CIA baby. They thought they could get their whole imperial agenda through because they put a half-black guy in or whatever, give me a freaking break, I don’t care if the freaking president’s blue, green, purple, polka-dotted, just empower the people man. I’m not sitting there going, “Oh, we got a white guy with big orange hair, I’m feeling really good now, ‘cause I’m white and he’s white.” That is the most dumbass identity politic crap. I want you to identify with free market, and power of humanity, and innovation.
But the fact that Obama said in his speech that they caught on tape “I’m going to deal with these bitter clingers” they learned that he had some big hard-on, some big old donkey dick hard-on – controlled media right now, I’m daring them to pick this up, you’ll notice now there’s media silence on us because they realize we’re bullet-proof baby. I don’t say it with a power trip, it’s just you’re the opposite of bulletproof, everything we –- I could shoot a gun this way, politically, it goes over and gets your ass.

Solving Student Debt in 2 Minutes

Massachusetts sheriff offers prison inmates to build Trump's wall

WTF Massachusetts.I live and grew up here. This inspired me to contact all my elected officials and Governor Charlie Baker imploring them to tell the citizens of the Commonwealth how they will be protected from damaging Trump policies.
You should too.

Contact Elected Officials -


He's Awake and Tweeting Again But Screw It - Dump Trump From Your Twitter Feed

Why Do You Follow Trump On Twitter? 
To keep abreast of threats, domestic and foreign policy? Sci Fi fan? Looking for a good laugh? Whatever your reason is, to be counted as a follower on his twitter feed, just stokes his ego more. It's all about ratings with Trump.
Never "Follow" Trump Just Stalk Him
I assume there are legions of people paid throughout the world to watch Donald Trumps Twitter feed. Poor nervous bastards.. . then there is you....You are intermingled with his duped legion of suck ups, white supremacists and pizzagate true believers.
Exactly the way he wants it so he can govern by Tweet, our new state run media outlet. All the chaos, excitement and power he could ever want while never having to leave the toilet.
I know it's easier to follow him but I ask you, in the spirit of patriotism to just stalk Trump on Twitter.
Unfollow him right now. Let him see who his true followers really are. It's all he deserves.
Here's one for the road.

Rick Perry’s Texas Giveaways

Since Donald Trumps election...takes way more to be shocked than this but this is definitely an aspect of the boggy swamp smarm we will be enduring.

The soon-to-be U.S. energy secretary doled out billions in grants and tax incentives for corporations while governor of Texas. One $30 million grant went to an energy group that turned out to be a phantom.
Donald Trump’s selection of Rick Perry to lead the Department of Energy has prompted many Democrats to question Perry’s qualifications for the position. While he governed a state rich in fossil fuels and wind energy, Perry has far less experience than President Obama’s two energy secretaries, both physicists, in the department’s primary work, such as tending the nuclear-weapons stockpile, handling nuclear waste and carrying out advanced scientific research. That’s not to mention, of course, that Perry four years ago called for doing away with the entire department.
However, there’s one realm in which Perry will have plenty of preparation: doling out taxpayer money in the form of government grants to the energy industry.
What often gets lost in all the talk of the Texas job boom under Perry is how much economic development strategy was driven by direct subsidies to employers who promised to relocate to the state or create jobs there. Of course, many states have for years engaged in the game of luring companies with tax incentives. But by the count of a 2012 New York Times investigation, Texas under Perry vaulted to the top, giving out $19 billion in incentives per year, more than any other state.
Perry’s economic development largesse came in many forms, but among the most high-profile were two big pots of money that he created while in office. In 2003, he founded the Texas Enterprise Fund, which he pitched as a way to help him close the deal in bidding wars for large employers thinking of moving to the state. Over the course of Perry’s tenure, which ended in early 2015, the fund gave out more than $500 million. In 2005, Perry created the Emerging Technology Fund, which was intended for start-ups. It gave out $400 million before being shuttered last year by his Republican successor, Greg Abbott.
Disbursements from both funds were controlled by Perry, the lieutenant governor and the speaker of the House. The technology fund had a 17-member advisory board, all appointed by Perry. With such scant oversight, it did not take long for political favoritism and cronyism to creep into the programs. In 2010, the Texas Observer reported that 20 of the 55 Enterprise Fund grant recipients up to that point had contributed directly to Perry’s campaign or the Republican Governor’s Association, of which he became chairman in 2010. Also in 2010, the The Dallas Morning News reported that some $16 million from the Emerging Technology Fund had gone to firms backed by major donors to Perry. For instance, after Joe Sanderson received a $500,000 Enterprise Fund grant to build a poultry plant in Waco in 2006, he gave Perry $25,000. And the Emerging Technology Fund gave $4.75 million to two firms backed by James Leininger, a hospital-bed manufacturer and school-voucher proponent who had helped arrange a last-minute $1.1 million loan to Perry in his successful 1998 run for lieutenant governor and contributed $239,000 to his campaigns over the ensuing decade.
Full Article via ProPublica

Dancing with the Stars Loser Rick Perry - No Shame


Watch our full exit interview with CIA Director John Brennan


On Tuesday, PBS NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff sat down with John Brennan, outgoing director of the Central Intelligence Agency, to discuss the agency’s imminent report over suspected Russian hacking into the U.S. election.
President-elect Donald Trump has questioned the forthcoming intelligence report and expressed doubt that U.S. intelligence can definitively point to Russia as a source of the hacks, but Brennan told the NewsHour that doubters should “wait and see” for the full report “before they make those judgments.”
Brennan also addressed claims made by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, North Korea’s nuclear capabilities and possible regrets over the agency’s involvement in the Syrian civil war.

Jeff Sessions on the Confederate flag

NBC Is Building A Trump Normalization Machine

Joe Scarborough, Megyn Kelly, Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice Connection, And Maybe Greta Van Susteren Will Just Make Things Worse

Blog ››› ››› JOHN WHITEHOUSE  
After running a proto-fascist campaign, President-elect Donald Trump will bring his hate, misogyny, and bigotry to the White House at the end of the month. And when he does, NBC will have a machine ready to normalize him. Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough is cozying up to Trump, the network is literally paying Trump through Celebrity Apprentice, and MSNBC is reportedly in talks to hire Greta Van Susteren, a longtime Fox News host with a history of treating Trump with kid gloves. And now Megyn Kelly, who famously buried the hatchet with Trump by lobbing him a softball interview and then withheld information about him until after the election, is also going to work for NBC.
By any measure, the Trump normalization effort at NBC begins at the top, with the network actually paying money to Trump as a result of his Celebrity Apprentice executive producer credit. The problem here is simple: NBC will have a fiduciary relationship with the president of the United States. The network now has an incentive to weigh aggressive reporting about the president-elect against what it might lose in revenue if Trump’s reputation is damaged. NBC, after all, is the network that had the hot mic tape of Trump bragging about sexual assault -- but it’s not the outlet that broke that news.
The tangles of the Trump-NBC connection were reflected in Matt Lauer’s recent interview with new Celebrity Apprentice host Arnold Schwarzenegger, in which the two downplayed the conflict of interest posed by Trump’s role in the show. Far from raising concerns about a financial arrangement between a network and the president, Lauer instead teased the increasing personal involvement Trump could have on the show as the season goes on. That’s normalization, and it’s driven by a desire for profit margin, plain and simple. As the Trump administration draws nearer, we’re seeing signs that this approach could repeat itself in the news division.

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly announced her move to NBC on Tuesday. Kelly’s schtick is old hat for those who watch Fox News closely. She’ll have one good moment that gets an absurd amount of press and defines the narrative, and she’ll follow it up by making numerous terrible remarks -- often involving bigotry or race baiting of some kind -- that mainstream journalists just seem to forget in the long run. In fact, promoting bigotry was something of a specialty for Kelly at Fox News, as she helped build her name by obsessively pushing the baseless conspiracy that the Obama administration had declined to pursue voter intimidation charges against the New Black Panther Party for racial and political reasons. She would later infamously declare that both Santa Claus and Jesus were white. As Gawker’s Sam Biddle put it, “To Megyn Kelly, black rage is pervasive when she wants you scared, insignificant when she wants you ignorant.”
The thing is, with a certain crowd of media elites, Kelly’s terrible remarks never stick the way the good moments do. Just look at all the mainstream positive puff pieces on Kelly. One is left to wonder how many of these people regularly watched her show.
Her experience with Trump during the 2016 election is typical Megyn Kelly: In the first presidential primary debate, she confronted Trump about his track record of insulting women. With that query, she cemented her reputation among two crowds: the media elites who loved it, and the “alt-right” misogynists who are railing against Kelly to this day.
But despite her very public feud with Trump, during the campaign, Kelly’s Fox News show was a perfect example of normalization. Even though she posed a tough question to Trump during the debate (and asked the occasional tough question to his surrogates), she also gave Trump a welcoming platform and reinforced the bigoted tropes that he built his campaign on.
Even weeks before the debate, Kelly had set the tone for her campaign, defending Trump’s racist remarks about immigrants by positively citing Ann Coulter’s book Adios America.
And then, just days after being showered with mainstream praise for her debate question, Kelly turned to disgraced former detective Mark Fuhrman for analysis about protests in Ferguson, MO. (Fuhrman is so racist that even Fox News host and Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson has called him a bigot.) And in the weeks and months following the debate, while Trump raged about Kelly and the press ate it up, Kelly was mainstreaming a hate group, pushing bigotry against transgender people, complaining about a “thug mentality” in black communities, sneering at black protesters, and attacking a Department of Justice plan to address anti-Muslim rhetoric. Kelly blamed African-Americans who were the victims of police violence and even lashed out at one black protester for looking a police officer in the eyes. And all this was just in 2015, not to mention 2016. None of this behavior got the press that her big moment confronting Trump did.
And even when Kelly failed, it didn’t stick. Her prime-time show on Fox Broadcasting Co. last May was supposed to be a huge breakout moment. It was her chance to show she could be a “star” without the lower expectations that come with being a journalist on Fox News. Instead, the show was roundly considered a disaster, and it contained one of the worst Trump interviews of the entire election, up there with anything Sean Hannity aired. And yet, when news broke of Kelly moving to NBC, this catastrophe was largely forgotten.
That’s not all. Kelly met with Trump before the taping of that special and then withheld details about the meeting in order to make news with her book, Settle For More, released November 15. It was only after the election that Kelly revealed Trump was trying to bribe journalists behind the scenes. If Kelly’s secretive meeting with Trump sounds familiar, it’s because her new colleague Joe Scarborough is playing the same game.

Joe Scarborough

Scarborough spent a good part of the election season carrying water for Trump. He questioned whether the timing of sexual assault allegations against Trump were “a coincidence.” He defended a Trump ad that the ADL condemned as anti-Semitic. He lied about Trump’s prior foreign policy positions. He mocked David Fahrenthold’s reporting for The Washington Post about the Trump Foundation. He called Trump’s racism and bigotry just part of a “character” that Trump was playing. He ignored Trump scandals. He excused Trump’s rhetoric, claiming Trump was “exhausted” from being on television. He credited Trump with a “dominating” debate performance. He dismissed Trump’s history of birtherism. He sneered at the idea that Trump was graded on a curve. He downplayed a comprehensive New York Times report on Trump’s treatment of women.
Like Kelly, when Scarborough and his co-host were given a high-profile prime-time interview with Trump, they completely dropped the ball, conducting a friendly chat rather than pressing him on any issue. (The casual tone continued when the cameras were off.) It’s no wonder that even a conservative radio host declared that Scarborough had “turned his show into a Trump Super PAC for six months.” An NBC pollster made a similar point. And Morning Joe devolved into a screaming match when Bill Kristol called out Scarborough for “rewriting history.”
From time to time, Scarborough was lucid about the danger Trump poses, even as late as August when Scarborough demanded the GOP ditch Trump as its nominee. Famously, Scarborough told viewers that Trump had allegedly asked during a security briefing why America cannot use its nuclear weapons. But Scarborough’s occasional Trump skepticism never lasted.
Since the election, Scarborough and Brzezinski have been all in for Trump. They have met with him in person and even boasted on air that they “speak frequently” with the president-elect. Scarborough said that he personally thinks Trump believes in climate science, despite evidence to the contrary. He also downplayed pro-Trump fake news, and he and Brzezinski both tried to whitewash the racism and bigotry out of Trump’s campaign.
Along with meeting with Trump and defending him on air, Scarborough and Brzezinski also regularly get scoops on his transition. In December, the pair, dressed in pajamas for their holiday show, broke the news that Trump was willing to start a nuclear arms race.
Scarborough also recently met with Trump at Mar-A-Lago during Trump’s New Year's’ Eve party.
Full Article via Media Matters

Trump Word Salad

Trump’s "if you like your insurance, you can keep it" moment

Maximum Wage - Great Idea From Unlikely Source

Republicans’ Obamacare repeal plan will add $9 trillion to national debt

Shame On The GOP

Bernie Sanders On DEMS's Plans For Dealing W/Press. Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer Press Conference On Future Of Obamacare

Trump Will Have His Revenge On The CIA, By Destroying It

Donald Trump, not yet president but acts like he is (not in a good way), is so pissed at the CIA for determining Russia was involved in leaks during the election, he is getting revenge. It makes sense, because he has always been very open about his feelings on getting even.
“When people wrong you, go after those people, because it is a good feeling and because other people will see you doing it. I always get even.”  (2007 Think Big)
The Wall Street Journal reports after several days of bitching on Twitter, the Angry Cheeto is working with his Swamp du Jour on a plan to restructure and emasculate the CIA to teach them a lesson. He decided to do this because he believes the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has become too big for its britches and highly political. He has repeatedly dismissed their warnings and assessments that Russia had anything to do with WikiLeaks during the presidential election.
The Angry Cheeto has actually publicly taken the side of Julian Assange over the CIA, tweeting, “Julian Assange said, ‘a 14 year old could have hacked Podesta’ – why was DNC so careless? Also said Russians did not give him the info!” This has, thank gawd, gotten him bipartisan backlash, since now he has finally gone too far for pretty much everybody with any sense.
Full Article via Modern Liberal

Report: Trump plans to shrink top intelligence agencies, including CIA

Trump to revamp intelligence agencies: report 

Schumer warns Trump: Intel officials 'have six ways from Sunday at ... 

Trump's criticism of intelligence on Russia is dividing Hill GOP

Making America Sick Again

Paul Ryan: Julian Assange a ‘sycophant for Russia’

Ut oh. Did speaker Ryan just cross paths with Trump? Tweets to ensue for sure.

- The Washington Times - Wednesday, January 4, 2017 

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan on Wednesday called WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange a “sycophant for Russia,” as Mr. Assange reiterated this week that Russia was not the source for internal communications from Democratic officials during the presidential campaign.
Mr. Ryan told radio host Hugh Hewitt that he really has no opinion on Mr. Assange, “other than I think the guy is a sycophant for Russia.”
“He leaks. He steals data and compromises national security,” said Mr. Ryan, Wisconsin Republican.
Mr. Assange reiterated this week in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity that Russia was not the source behind the internal communications from Democratic officials that WikiLeaks released during the campaign.

Full Article

Ideologies of Ayn Rand Vs. Ideologies of Vladimir Putin. Either way makes us Russia's Bitch

California Hires Eric Holder as Legal Bulwark Against Donald Trump

LOS ANGELES — Girding for four years of potential battles with President-elect Donald J. Trump, Democratic leaders of the California Legislature announced Wednesday that they had hired Eric H. Holder Jr., who was attorney general under President Obama, to represent them in any legal fights against the new Republican White House.
The decision by the Legislature to retain Mr. Holder, who is now a prominent Washington lawyer, is the latest sign of the ideological battle that may play out over the next four years between this predominantly Democratic state and Washington. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate for president, defeated Mr. Trump by more than four million votes here.
Full Article via NYT

China tells Donald Trump to lay off Twitter

(CNN)China has slammed US President-elect Donald Trump over his use of Twitter to conduct international diplomacy in a commentary published by the country's official news agency Xinhua.
Trump has earned a reputation for making unpredictable statements on Twitter that often depart from long-standing US policies and he's made several controversial comments about China.
"The obsession with 'Twitter diplomacy' is undesirable," said the bylined commentary, which only appeared on the agency's Chinese website. Xinhua is the biggest and most influential of China's state-run media.
Dear World, we are truly sorry...was Kellyanne's turn to watch him.

NAACP Activists Arrested for Sit-In Protesting Jeff Sessions’ AG Nomination for “Hostility” Toward Civil Rights

The First Trump Era Political Arrests

By Elliot Hannon 

At issue is Sessions’ dismissal of accusations of voter suppressions against minority communities, as well as a history of racist rhetoric and bigoted deeds that make him a threat to the concept of civil rights in the United States. Sessions’ past remarks—once allegedly calling a black lawyer “boy” and warning him to “be careful how you talk to white folks,” as well as joking that his only problem with the Ku Klux Klan was its drug use—were enough to prevent him from a federal judgeship in the 1980s. Sessions has also referred to the NAACP as “un-American” in the past and has called the Voting Rights Act a “piece of intrusive legislation.”
Full Article via Slate

Why Hasn't Anybody Hacked Donald Trump's Tax Returns?

To Stop Trump, Democrats Can Learn From the Tea Party

Today is the first day of the 115th United States Congress. In less than three weeks, this Congress will join with President-elect Donald J. Trump to claim a mandate they do not have for policies that most Americans do not support. Together, they will seek to enact a bigoted and anti-democratic agenda, threatening our values and endangering us all.
But Americans have the power to resist this dangerous turn. We know because we’ve seen it before.
Full Story via NYT

McConnell: Public 'Will Not Tolerate' Dems Blocking SCOTUS Pick

Hahahahahahah - ahhh that is a good one. Collective amnesia.

Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity and Republicans in general have become Julian Assange fans and CIA doubters

Apparently, hatred of Hillary Clinton can make very, very strange bedfellows

It seems that hatred of Hillary Clinton can unite conservative Republicans such as Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the man whose website posted thousands of Clinton emails in the months leading up to the November elections.
When discussing the Joint Analysis Report that claimed to prove Russia was responsible for the hacking, Assange said that “on the top, there is a disclaimer saying nothing — there is no guarantee that any of this information is accurate.” When Hannity led Assange with the comment that “it’s a guess,” Assange shook his head and said, “I used to be a computer security expert. What they have is what they call indicators. So, a way to recognize if these tools, these alleged Russian tools, have been used on your system.”
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Sean Hannity; Sarah Palin; Julian Assange (Credit: Getty/Saul Loeb/Jeff Malet, Augstein)

Billionaire: "Trump Will Be Corrupt, Get Used To It"

Showdown Begins Over Obamacare