Saturday, December 28, 2019

Following the recapture of all territory once held by ISIS, what was once defined as one of the most successful unconventional military campaigns in history will now be remembered as a sign of American capitulation and cowardice. How incredibly unfortunate.

“The FBI’s #counterintelligence investigation regarding the 2016 campaign fundamentally was not about Donald Trump but was about Russia. Full stop. It was always about Russia. It was about what Russia was, and is, doing and planning.”

They've worn us down into just being used to the fact that the President of the United States is emotionally unstable, not least by whining that it would be hurtful to 63 million of our fellow citizens to note that they voted for a guy who has openly lost his marbles.

Unless they are the whistleblowers. Or Vindman. Or Volker. Or Hill. Or anyone who dissented from the president’s plans to conspire to commit bribery to influence the 2020 election. In those situations, you are silent and do nothing.

Please consider making a donation to my campaign. My colleagues are watching. Voters are standing with me. It will matter when I win. Before year’s end, I’ll need fundraising help from everyone. Even a small donation will make a difference. Thank you! — Justin Amash

CNN is entertainment, it’s not real news. Jeff Zucker still attends Trump’s fundraisers in the Hamptons and made a fortune off of ‘The Apprentice’ They sell CNN at TNT upfront’s the same way they sell their drama’s, Conan & wrestling-as programing.

Pretty much anyone who uses a device that connects to the internet is going to be swept up into a shady data broker’s trove of information. The best way to end this is push for new laws that stop wireless companies and other corporations from abusing your personal data.

I know I’m tweeting a lot about homelessness. But @realdonaldtrump here’s the real reason homelessness keeps going up in high rent areas (SF, LA, etc). There are answers in the House bill. Get McConnell on board & I’m sure @speakerpelosi will send it over.

What do you do to a man who abuses power? You make him feel powerless. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is making Donald Trump squirm

Both Russia and China probably have more clandestine intelligence operatives inside the United States now, in the second decade of the twenty-first century, than at the height of the Cold War. —Henry A. Crumpton, The Art of Intelligence

This is so completey sketchy — but also pathetic. Imagine being completely corrupt and not being imaginative enough to do more than skim money off hotel room rates. It’s petty nickle and dime BS. I mean, Putin and co pocketed billions via Sochi contracts.

Spotify announced Friday that it would indefinitely suspend political ads on its platform because it can’t sufficiently screen them

The @WSJ Editorial Board weighs in on #PaulWhelan's year-long wrongful detention in #Russia.

“There are several glaciers in Antarctica that are doing similar things, but this is the one we are most worried about,”

Nothing more momentous happened in 2019 than Hong Kong’s heroic insurrection

The scion of wealth and privilege has never had a real job but made it her life’s work to attack public schools, teachers and students.

Kellyanne Conway Violated the Hatch Act 60 Times, Ethics Watchdog Claims in New Lawsuit

Fox News is a national security risk. They spread Russian propaganda. Here are some of their sponsors

Who can access your DNA data? That depends where you live and what test you’ve taken


Fascinating how people so utterly petrified of merely living in proximity to non-whites that they want use the state to enforce de facto segregation, are so obsessed with marking others as cowards and imagining themselves as “rugged.”

After 6 yrs of Russia's bloody occupation, I ask those US politicians who now criticise #Ukraine, to visit eastern Ukraine. Visit the 14,000 graves, the 2 destroyed international airports & the 10,000s destroyed homes. But try not to get killed by a Russian army bullet.

#MoscowMitch is Trumps Lieutenant Attorney General Barr is Trumps Consigliere Mike Pompeo is a Captain or Capo Devin Nunes is another Capo I don't know what the hell #RudyColludy is... Trumps the Boss ...but Putin OWNS the Boss.

Richard Nixon's decision to resign the presidency "spared the nation a painful and extremely divisive process of removing the commander in chief from office," writes @professorhigg for @cnnopinion -- "Donald Trump should follow suit."

KGB? Check Cold War Illegals? Check Swingers and diamonds? Check (hey, it was the 1970s) And, oh yeah, Donald J. Trump too?


NEW: The FBI is investigating British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell and several other people linked to Jeffrey Epstein, according to two law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation

Don’t mess with children and sanitize it as “human trafficking.” If you do, those who care about the ideals we stand for will come for you. There will be no rest or lasting comfort. Eventually, the music will stop, and you’ll be left without a chair.

How does it feel when the disinformation machine is pointed at you, Marco?

The President of the United States has, today alone, retweeted 2 QAnon fan accounts, a Pizzagate account, an account that compared his following to a cult, and an account that described Obama as “Satan’s Muslim Scum.” And this insanity isn’t even a blip on the news radar.

CNN did not scrutinize Trump in 2015-2016 and, in fact, actively helped him hide some ugly truths. CNN also refuses to scrutinize Kellyanne Conway, Michael Caputo, Corey Lewandowski, and others who should be in prison by now.

Don Jr & Eric have sold more than $100 million in real estate since Trump took office despite a pledge of "new no deals" while their father is president but OK.

US civilian contractor killed, several troops injured in rocket attack on Iraqi military base

A Federal Reserve study shows Trump's tariffs led to job losses, higher prices

BREAKING: A federal judge has temporarily blocked North Carolina’s photo voter-identification requirements from taking effect, the latest blow to state lawmakers’ years long efforts to tighten election regulations.

Just imagine what Trump will condone, encourage & pardon if re-elected. The character of the country is on the line.

Trump Is The Loneliest Man In America. Those close to the president say he has no one close to him. They say he is increasingly retreating into his bubble having alienated one person after another.

The patriotic move is for Trump to resign

We need to call out white supremacy for what it is: Domestic terrorism. In a Warren administration, we will use the Justice Department to end its rise

I'm confused where all the conservatives whining about the "nanny state" have gone?

In “Fox News Is Now a Threat to National Security”, national security expert Garrett M. Graff says: “Fox’s bubble reality creates a situation where it’s impossible to have the conversations and debate necessary to function as a democracy."

Democrat Amy McGrath officially files to challenge Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in what looms as a bruising, big-spending campaign next year in Kentucky.

This needs more attention :: Brett Kavanaugh Wrote That Hiding Evidence From Congress Is an Impeachable Offense

I appreciate twitter is where nuance goes to die, but a former Dir CIA and its current SecState using language of "intelligence warriors" and "good guys/bad guys" to trivialize what this program actually was and how it operated is truly dreadful.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blasted as a ‘coward and a disgrace’ who should resign as Secretary of State

I'm really surprised there isn't more commentary on how POTUS's Twitter feed looks like the inside of the head of an old grumpus recluse who has lost his g*****n mind.

Moscow Mitch is making a fool of himself trying to fix the impeachment trial. Pathetic. Mitch McConnell’s Big Mistake Defending Donald Trump? Listening to Him.

“America lost a quarter of its journalists from 2008 to 2018, the vast majority of them covering local issues...Newsrooms lost at least 3,800 jobs in 2019 alone.”

ATLANTA (AP) — Federal judge says he won't undo Georgia's efforts to remove more than 120,000 voters from its rolls.

You cannot expect anyone to believe this @SecPompeo. One name - Yavonovich.

The SEALs who tried to stop Gallagher from killing more civilians, and who then turned him in, exemplify the honor and decency that distinguish our servicemen and women from the enemies they fight. If you stand with our military, stand with them.

The president does not seem to be maturing into the office.

POTUS is raising money off this guy. Fox News has monetized him. The guy and his wife have raised tons of money off this attention. All of it is a disgrace.

Pumpkin. You know what @HillaryClinton did when @GOP nutballs accused her of stuff she didn’t do? She answered every question they had. Under oath. You’re problem is that you’re a coward. And guilty as hell.

Senator McConnell: Why do you just keep burying all of these bills that would help American families in your legislative graveyard?

Secular people in America pose a greater threat than ‘North Korea and Islamic terrorists’: Franklin Graham

Assad and Putin are responsible for Syria’s latest wave of suffering.

Aside from the fact that Trump has gone further than any modern president to ban refugee families like Jesus’s from the country, this is completely nuts

Top Military Officers Unload on Trump

Advocates for fair Senate impeachment trial press Collins, others

Clearly Republicans have no problem with an illegitimate President who is out of his fucking long as they get Judges and keep their power.

I entered Trump's twitter feed coz someone said it was batshit crazy tonight, which I thought was a pretty high bar after 3 yrs of nuts tweets. I was wrong, they were lowballing it. Even Gaddafi wasn't this crazy, & Muammar Gaddafi WAS fuqqin nuts

The man charged with protecting the security of every American as the elected commander in chief just opened up an American citizen to a howling mob of lunatics and put him in danger because he didn’t like being caught violating the Constitution.

It sure looks like an attempt by Trump to intimidate other potential whistleblowers from coming forward.

Trump has now tweeted out the alleged identity of the whistleblower who anonymously accused him of abusing his office in a complaint that has since been broadly corroborated. Federal law protects the whistleblower from retaliation and POTUS just outed him. Disturbing stuff.

Shocking testimony about SEAL pardoned by Trump leaked to NYT