Friday, November 17, 2017

"People in glass White Houses shouldn’t throw stones"

Trump building in Panama has ties to Russian mafia, international crime: report

Buying more influence: The Kochs Are Inching Closer to Becoming Media Moguls

Kushner's lawyer pushes back on Senate committee request

Paul Ryan's chief of staff would not confirm or deny whether he has been contacted by special counsel Robert Mueller about how a Ukraine-related provision was killed at the 2016 GOP convention

Kushner testified he wasn’t aware of Trump campaign contacts with WikiLeaks despite email on WikiLeaks contacts

Bannons season of war on GOP establishment may backfire with first battle

Trump begins paying his own legal bills in Mueller probe

When A Small Town’s Private Prison Goes Bust

Opinion: The House voted to bankrupt graduate students

British publicist Rob Goldstone who set-up and attended June '16 Trump Tower meeting is ready to meet with Mueller

Watch this rep pull out ALL the receipts on Jeff Sessions

Treasury paid nearly $1 million for harassment, other claim settlements in Congress in 2017 alone

Ivanka Trump and the fugitive from Panama: a Reuters investigation

Hillary Clinton on Trump's election: "There are lots of questions about its legitimacy"

This is the scandal that will end Trump

SPECIAL REPORT: Panama tower carries Trump's name and ties to organized crime

Trump campaign subpoenaed over sexual assault allegations against him

Former CIA chief John McLaughlin: Why Putin Keeps Outsmarting Trump- "The Kremlin leader is trained to lie. Trust me, I ran the CIA: Believing anything he says is folly."

The FCC just cleared the way for Sinclair Broadcasting to dominate local news. Here's why you should be worried.

Louis Freeh, former director of the FBI was part of the Prevezon/Veselnitskya team trying to help them get the US to drop the case

13 House Republicans break with party, vote against GOP tax plan

"Putin has to stay in power. Otherwise he goes to jail, loses his money and perhaps worse."- @Billbrowder.

How will Trump’s Presidency end? Salman Rushdie, Tony Kushner, and Claudia Rankine discuss.

President Trump’s vow to fix America’s "third-world" airports is hurt by the GOP tax bill

Prospects for public congressional hearings featuring the president’s son have grown increasingly uncertain

Economists say this is mostly because the revised bill repeals the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate — so some people wouldn't buy health coverage, and therefore wouldn't get the tax credits to subsidize it.

NEW POLL: Obama is more popular than Trump in Alabama after Trump won state by 28 points

Why Israel is nervous about the Syria ceasefire deal

‘You’ve got a f*cking nerve’: Internet goes completely insane over Trump’s ‘hypocritical’ finger-pointing of Al Franken


Ms. Tweeden ALREADY ACCEPTED HIS APOLOGY, believes it was sincere & DOESN’T want Franken to resign. Meanwhile, @SeanHannity's boss continues to claim the *20 women* who’ve accused him of worse liars (not to be confused with his prior boss, who was fired...for sexual harassment).

My new book #Collusion published worldwide tomorrow. Here's an extract. The inside story of #Trump, #Moscow, dossier

Bannons Hostile GOP Takeover Is All Hostile and No Takeover

Why Giuliani Held a Secret Meeting With Turkey’s Leader


New Republican tax bill; Don't worry. If you own a private jet you'll be able to get tax breaks for storage, maintenance and fueling.

A 'Toothless' Old Law Could Have New Fangs, Thanks To Robert Mueller

Karl Rove has seen the enemy and he is Steve Bannon

Free Press Group Ready to Cut Off WikiLeaks

The NRA is smaller than you'd think – so why does it wield such influence?

Dumbass! - Donald Trump tweets about Al Franken sexual harassment: 'Where do his hands go?'

Wisconsin's Ron Johnson becomes first Republican senator to say he opposes his party's tax bill, signaling potential problems for GOP leaders.

What we now know about who struggles with student debt

Not to put too fine a point on it, but if Franken and Moore aren’t fit for the Senate what is Trump doing in the Oval Office?

Roger Stone appeared to know Franken allegation was coming

Pope Francis calls out 'growing inequality in healthcare' in rich countries

GOP won't let Dems block Trump judicial picks using Senate procedure GOP used to block Obama nominees

U.S. wildlife officials began issuing permits for lion trophies hunted in Zambia and Zimbabwe about a month ago

Grassley and Feinstein say Kushner failed to turn over the relevant documents when they asked for them last month

At conservative conference, Neil Gorsuch cracks joke about trucker nearly left to freeze to death

What is Trump's reaction to Roy Moore? Not a word, because he's also an accused sexual assaulter

Here it is: Congressional Office of Compliance releases year-by-year breakdown of harassment settlements and awards:

WaPo: Interior Dept. Inspector General finds that Ryan Zinke has failed to keep complete records—and in some cases kept none at all—of his travel since taking office

Most Senators I talked to yesterday in both parties had no idea CBO said the tax bill would trigger ~$100B/year in automatic entitlement cuts, including $25B from Medicare, because of the Paygo law.

Exclusive: Secret witness in Senate Clinton probe is William Campbell, ex-lobbyist for Russian firm Rosatom

JUST IN: Trump FCC votes to roll back program that helps low-income families afford Internet access

Internal Kaspersky Investigation Says NSA Worker’s Computer Was Infested with Malware

Moore, Trump and the Right’s New Religion

TransCanada says they've shut down part of the Keystone pipeline after it leaked approximately 210,000 gallons of oil in Amherst, South Dakota.

Dollar weakens on report Trump's election campaign subpoenaed

TV host asks former Ambassador Kislyak to name all [Trump admin] officials with whom he communicated or held meetings. He refuses to do so, but says "the list is too long to mention all of them in 20 minutes."

NBC News: Sources say alleged Iranian money launderer, Reza Zarrab, is cooperating with the U.S. Government.

NEW: Meet the powerful group behind Trump’s judicial nominations

New statement from Al Franken: "I am asking that an ethics investigation be undertaken, and I will gladly cooperate."

Katie Johnson

Roy Moore to hold "Women for Moore" rally outside Alabama state capitol

Incredible journalism: NYT visits 150 US airstrike sites in Iraq, finds civilian death rate 31 times higher than US coalition says, civilians repeatedly clasified as ISIS

Trump pipeline tweet

The Roy Moore press conference just ended in spectacular fashion.

Jared Kushner forgets yet another Russian contact

Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez briefly breaks down following declaration of a mistrial in his bribery and corruption trial.

Every sexual assault accusation against Donald Trump is well documented. Learn their names. And demand answers from the president.

Senators: Kushner 'withheld WikiLeaks and Russia emails' - BBC News

‘My pain is everyday’: After Weinstein’s fall, Trump accusers wonder: Why not him?

USA Today: Taxpayers are footing the legal bill for at least 10 DOJ lawyers and paralegals to work on lawsuits related to Trump's private businesses.

Official report: Low-income Americans will pay more taxes under Senate GOP tax bill

Tense moment between Sen. Brown and Sen. Hatch after Brown says GOP tax cut is "for the rich." Hatch responds: "Don’t spew that stuff on me"

What about Trump, @SenateMajLdr?

All the racism, Trumpism, fake news, and cruelty have been working up to this return on investment.

Programming... er, hint! Engel has a scoop!

Rachel Maddow alerts viewers that while she can't tell them what it is, Richard Engel has an important scoop that will air on Friday night at 9pm ET.

Inept recovery keeps most of Puerto Rico still with no power

Rachel Maddow repots on the continuing botched recovery effort in Puerto Rico where progress in bringing electricity back is regularly countered by backslides in areas that are supposed to have already been repaired.

Senate asks Kushner for info about 'Russian backdoor overture'

Rachel Maddow reports on a letter from the Senate Judiciary Committee to Jared Kushner asking for him to submit a more complete set of documents, including one about a "Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite" - whatever that is!

Can Senate Ethics Committee address pre-Senate scandals?

Steve Kornacki, MSNBC national correspondent, talks with Rachel Maddow about whether the Senate Ethics Committee can consider the actions of a senator before they were in office.

Multiple scandals challenge Senate's standards

Rachel Maddow looks at the the questions facing the Senate, particlarly the ethics committee, on how to deal with Senator Robert Menendez, Senator Al Franken, and potential senator Roy Moore and the particulars of the accusations they face.

Newly flipped witness may have info on Turkey's and Mike Flynn

Tom Winter, NBC News investigative reporter, talks with Rachel Maddow about new reporting that Reza Zarrab, a Turkish-Iranian national wanted by Turkey and charged in the U.S. for sanctions violations is talking with prosecutors and may have information about Mike Flynn.

Political scandals, tax bills, and a Keystone pipeline oil spill

Rachel Maddow rounds up some of the day's top stories that have made it a challenging news day to keep up with everything that is going on.