Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Jane Roe's shocking deathbed confession: Her anti-abortion turn was "all an act" perpetrated by the Christian right, who paid her close to a half million dollars and fed her anti-abortion scripts to read

The fact that there are more stories about re-opening than there are about The President of the United States and multiple Republican Governors deliberately falsifying or concealing core data about Coronavirus deaths and spikes is a critical problem. A failure of journalism.

Defense attorneys accusing Judge Sullivan of harboring "personal disgust” against Flynn and dragging the court into a political hurricane have petitioned the D.C. Court to force the judge to grant the DOJ motion to dismiss the prosecution.

“Ambassador Rice again calls upon the DNI to release the unredacted transcripts of all Kislyak-Flynn calls.”

Judge allows fraud suit against Trump, family and company to proceed

Rephrased: Graham asks for Obama-era requests, which were reviewed and approved by career officials, to unmask the names of unidentified Americans who were talking to — or being talked about by — validated foreign targets of the Intelligence Community who turned out to be....

BREAKING: Judge on Michael Flynn's case has scheduled oral arguments for July 16 on the Justice Department's motion to dismiss the prosecution. @CourthouseNews

Opinion: If Biden wins, immigration reform may actually be possible

I’m concerned the medicine is having adverse effects already

Mt. Everest visible from Kathmandu, Nepal for first time in living memory.

Trump says it’s “a badge to honor” that the U.S. has more than 1.5 million cases of coronavirus

Fox News Host Warns Viewers After Trump Says He’s Taking Hydroxychloroquine: ‘This. Will. Kill. You.’

Fears of ‘censorship' of science after Florida sidelines COVID-19 data chief

Can anyone tally up and briefly summarize the number of lawsuits CURRENTLY going against Trump, his businesses, children, fake charities? I would be interested in that and would pay a freelance journalist for their time. I'm interested in the VOLUME.

Opinion: Political smear campaigns aren’t new. But Trump takes them to a whole new level.

This email from @AmbassadorRice is the opposite of controversial. It's a straightforward, factual memo written to create a contemporaneous record of a sensitive conversation.

A newly declassified top secret Susan Rice email to herself on inauguration day memorializing the outgoing administration’s concern about Flynn.


President Donald Trump dropped a virtual time bomb on the World Health Organization in the middle of its annual gathering, giving its chief 30 days to make changes or lose funding from its biggest donor

Trump is not taking #Hydroxychloroquine it was spontaneous, made up on the spot because he's TERRIFIED. He's terrified his Secretary of State took $8 billion from Saudis for arms. Terrified his daughter is going to get indicted. Terrified he's going to lose. BUCKLE UP AMERICA

Beyond just greed, the only thing Republicans/Conservatives care about is acquiring and maintaining power. By any means necessary

This could backfire on Graham-Trump. Graham letter to Grenell, Barr asks for new list of unmasking requests that revealed Trump campaign/transition associates "and the reason given for any such request." Likely to show national security threats involving those US persons.

Shortly after President Trump called Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam “crazy” and accused him of wanting to infringe on citizens’ Second Amendment rights, the governor fired back and suggested that Trump should “stop taking hydroxychloroquine”

“The Maryland Department of Health reported 1,784 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases Tuesday, setting a new high mark just four days after the state began reopening its economy.”

Trump is moving into the Late Elvis stage of presidency. Everyone around him trying to make as much money as they can fast and doctor giving him whatever he orders up.

“Over 80 scientists, including prominent climate experts, are out with an open letter endorsing Joe Biden just ahead of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.”

I bet he's fighting them off with a stick.

If cabinet members can remove IGs who are investigating them, and presidents can summarily dismiss IGs simply because they were appointed by a predecessor, it completely guts the point of the law. They are there to provide independent oversight!

Former Trump campaign economic adviser Stephen Calk assails bribery prosecution

Since Russia boasts that it has more ventilators than the United States per capita, why are we paying millions to send them some more?

Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky is being investigated by A grand jury in Cleveland for allegedly laundering hundreds of millions of dollars from PrivatBank into properties across the US, Trump's former lawyer Marc Kasowitz is representing Kolomoisky

A coronavirus cluster at a detox center. The local hospital's decision to let staff go. A doctor's efforts to save critically ill patients on the edge of the Navajo Nation. A perfect storm of events overwhelmed a small New Mexico city.

Tell me I am reading this wrong... A company sitting on $2bn in cash, Doing more business than ever, Is asking employees to return some of the extra pay they received?

Perspective: We’re flattening the coronavirus curve. We can flatten the climate curve, too.

Don’t listen to polls. Ignore them and vote.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham says he's looking to wrap up his probe into the FBI's Russia investigation by October. "I want to do it before the election -- I want to get all the information out there," Graham told reporters,

Under McConnell and Trump, the Republican Party has failed to govern. This is the latest example. As we approach 100,000 coronavirus deaths and 40 million new jobless claims, they promote conspiracy theories and hold ridiculous show trials. Bottomless incompetence and malice.

New: Contractors with no experience in food distribution are looking for suppliers on Facebook while some food banks scramble to find desperately needed deliveries.

Hong Kong's veteran pro-democracy activists defiant as they hear charges in court

Eric Trump’s bonkers interview with Judge Jeanine showed how Fox News’s coronavirus coverage has gone back off the rails in spectacular fashion

"You can’t have it both ways. Trump either is in charge of what Eric Trump characterized as a hoax, or he’s a patsy who has been duped by his enemies,"

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar got combative at the WHO annual assembly, saying the WHO “failed at its core mission” — and that “at least one member country” ignored its transparency obligations, an apparent reference to China.

Sen. Klobuchar: ‘We can’t let everyone in the country go bankrupt’

Former inspector general: Trump is attacking the ‘institution’ of oversight

If Warren leaves her Senate seat it will be filled with a Republican, by the Governor Baker. If Harris leaves her Senate seat it will be filled with a Democrat, by Governor Newsom. I say Harris for VP. Warren stays in the Senate and work towards being the Majority Leader.

I'm going to start using the phrase, "That's just the hydroxychloroquine talking."

How to hydroxychloroquine

Not wearing a mask is a sign of your privilege. It means that, even in a pandemic, with thousands of people dying, you have not been touched by sorrow. Trust me, if you had actually seen Covid-19 in action, ravaging the human body, you’d be wearing the damn mask.

FLORIDA: Rebekah Jones said in an email to CBS12 News that her removal was "not voluntary" and that she was removed from her position because she was ordered to censor some data, but refused to "manually change data to drum up support for the plan to reopen."

Trump searches for specific videos he wants to share & mashes the RT button for ones at top of the search results without looking into accounts he's amplifying or, in this case, even reading the tweet properly. He's retweeted me 3 times. This isn't exactly the Manhattan Project.

BREAKING: Trump threatens WHO with permanent cutoff of U.S. funds

Navajo advocate: ‘Extremely difficult to wash hands’ in Navajo Nation due to scarce running water

Trump undoubtedly NOT taking this drug. Demonstrated harmful medical effects. Might kill him. Definitely will promote dangerous behavior by others. Childish lie to save face on earlier statement. Why is Giuliani pushing this drug?

BREAKING: Marco Rubio is the interim Senate Intelligence Committee chairman, McConnell announces.

Wait, so you're telling me that @realDonaldTrump can get hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil) because he "feels" it will help him while, meanwhile, SLE patients like me were told to RATION our prescriptions because of the shortage that he induced??

She’s sparking the girther-movement. I think we should force @realDonaldTrump on a scale, for America! We’ll also need a copy of his long form KFC certificate.

A 49-year-old man has fallen out of a sixth-floor window of a Moscow hospital for coronavirus patients and died, Russian media reports.

Opinion: The best case scenario isn’t all that good

Now that everyone took the bait and gave the entire news cycle over to Trump supposedly taking hydroxychloroquine (which I do NOT believe) can we get back to covering the real story he is trying to distract us from? 90,000 DEAD. Unprecedented unemployment. No national testing.

Inbox: Trump Campaign Announces Launch of 'Truth Over Facts' Investigative Website So I guess the war on facts has a name now.

"The state of Arizona's reasoning for not naming nursing homes where seniors are dying after contracting COVID-19 is truly astounding."h

MAGA Fan Peter Thiel Has Had It With Trump’s COVID Response

14-year-old Jack McMorrow says he is “living proof that you do” need to worry about coronavirus even if you are young. He is recovering from a frightening new coronavirus syndrome which he said felt like “straight-up fire” in his veins.

Police in Glynn County, Georgia, attempted to use a Taser on Ahmaud Arbery during an incident in 2017, according to a police report and police body camera video

My @guardian piece on Covid's "long tail" has clocked up 4.2m views. I've had messages from around the world from people suffering with protracted (and weird) symptoms

The Trump administration is rushing to deport migrant children who face unbelievable risk in their home countries.

"If we are to harvest British fruit and vegetables this year, we need an army of people to help." The Prince of Wales has shared a message in support of the #PickForBritain campaign.

Trump extends assault on oversight by firing inspectors general

Coronavirus policies losing sight of sound scientific guidance

White House coronavirus policy still motivated by debunked model