Thursday, March 14, 2019

Opinion: The real victims of the college admissions scams are people with disabilities

Beginning to wonder if @SecretaryAcosta abused children himself, instead of just habitually protecting paedophiles. Because it’s one or the other.

An official familiar with the inner workings of the White House said the president’s advisers suspect that he regularly speaks with world leaders on his phone. “We never know who he’s talking to or what he’s agreed to,” the official said

Lindsey Graham: Dont Make Mueller Report Public Without Setting Up Special Counsel to Probe Hillarys Emails

JUST IN: Graham blocks resolution to make Mueller report public after House unanimously passes it

Story: The president of the United States warns his opponents of the possibility of armed pushback, saying it would be "very bad" if his supporters in the military, police and a biker group were provoked into getting "tough"

Opinion: Beto O’Rourke as the anti-Trump? Here are five takeaways from his launch.

Miami Herald Report: Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, and his prosecutor, were warned about failing to disclose victim information in another child sex case.

Court rules families of Sandy Hook shooting victims can sue gunmaker Remington over 2012 attack

BREAKING: House votes to urge DOJ to release publicly the entirety of Mueller’s report, once completed. Naturally, @SenateMajLdr McConnell OPPOSES such a resolution and won’t put it to a vote in the Senate

STORY: A NY appeals court ruled that Trump — or any sitting president, for that matter — is not immune from civil lawsuits in state court. This is the first time an appeals court has weighed in on this, taking on an issue SCOTUS left unresolved in the 90s

NEW: U.S. government now has a condo in Trump Tower. (It was Paul Manafort's.)

A Saudi Cybersecurity Company Tried to Buy Zero Day Exploits from Me

Wow. @EmbajadaEcuUK says Julian Assange and his lawyers have “not shown the country that has welcomed him sufficient respect” that his asylum “cannot be extended indefinitely” and that he must “stop interfering in the internal affairs of other States”.

Ecuadorian Embassy in London just posted this.

Trump to Breitbart on how the left plays tough: "I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump — I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough — until they go to a certain point and then it would be very bad, very bad."

President Trump announces U.S. will be grounding all 737 MAX 8 & 9 JETS. "Any plane currently in the air will go to its destination and be grounded upon landing until further notice," Trump said. "Airlines and pilots have been notified."

Trump wanted his personal pilot to head the FAA. The critical job is still vacant amid Boeing fallout.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler says former acting AG Matt Whitaker didn't deny talking to Trump about Michael Cohen. “He refused to deny it ... this goes to the heart of our investigation, which would be obstruction of justice and abuse of power”

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross will appear before the House Oversight Committee in what promises to be a confrontational hearing about his decision to add a question about citizenship to the U.S. Census

European Parliament has voted against opening trade talks with the United States amid fears over Donald Trump's environmental policies. MEPs voted down a resolution endorsing talks by 223 votes to 198.

I am authorized to make the following statement: If you feel silenced by an NDA and need help from a Congressional committee, please contact, or have your attorney contact, the House Judiciary Committee.

The fall of Paul John Manafort Jr.

BREAKING: European Parliament passes resolution calling for an EU Magnitsky Act with Sergei Magnitsky’s name on it. The vote was 447 in favor and 70 against. Big victory for truth and justice. Big defeat for Putin and his sympathisers

A Saudi Cybersecurity Company Tried to Buy Zero Day Exploits from Me

Analysis: Pardon me? Manafort and other Trump allies’ pro-Trump legal antics come into focus.

Roger Stone may see foreshadowing in judge's Manafort criticism

Whitaker discussed case involving Trump with Trump: Nadler

Samantha Bee: “Well, guess what f*cko, we have been watching your show and we found it’s a revolting trash heap of racist talking points. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist. Oh no, I’m sorry, yes I am.”

The Senate just voted to end U.S. support for Saudi Arabia’s disastrous war in Yemen. The only way to end this conflict is through diplomacy, not American military assistance.

Right-wing provocateur Jacob Wohl faked death threats against himself, then told the police about it. Now his allies are distancing themselves.

New Manafort charges may hold message for 'Individual 1'

NYC charges Manafort with state crimes Trump can't pardon

New filing in United States v. Manafort: Order for Forfeiture of Property

Another legal headache for Facebook: A federal grand jury in New York has subpoenaed records related to the social network’s data-sharing partnerships with other big tech companies

With prison time added, Manafort fixates on 'no collusion mantra'

During White House event, Trump -- echoing Manafort's lawyer's lie -- falsely claims Judge Amy Berman Jackson exonerated him of collusion. "That was proven today -- no collusion. There was no collusion... it was all a big hoax... Today, again, 'no collusion.'"