Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ex-MI6 officer Christopher Steele, who produced Donald Trump Russian dossier, breaks his silence

Gasp...he has enough dirt on the right people to go public again?

Ex-spy behind Trump dossier reappears from hiding

CIA providing raw intelligence to senators for Trump-Russia probe

Jason Chaffetz: GOP Healthcare Totally Affordable So Long As You Stop Owning Things

Where in the world are you participating in Day Without A Woman on 3/8?

BREAKING: Congress fast-tracks resolution to allow internet providers to sell consumer data without permission

The more scrutiny Paul Ryan's health-care bill is subject to, the more likely it is to die:

Trump pleads for cash at closed donor retreat

NEW VIDEO: There is no longer a president of the United States, only a paranoid Conspiracy-Theory-Peddler-In-Chief

New wave of bomb threats called in to Jewish Centers across the country

Lol are you kidding me? Chaffetz also spent $738 of his campaign donor's money at the Apple Store. Hmm

Fox's Shep Smith calls out GOP for rushing ACA alternative: "You can't wait one week for the CBO to score this?"

Who Hates Trump Care More Than Democrats? Other Republicans, Of Course

Al Franken Grills Trump Nominee On Russia Investigation

Former CIA director: Wikileaks dump could be 'very damaging'

Wikileaks claims their latest document release revealse important CIA hacking secrets. Former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden joins to discuss.


GOPers Names & Numbers of those opposing investigation into Trump - Russia

These four senators "could seriously endanger the chances of anything passing."

Speaker Ryan is an even worst human being than we thought. Stealing from poor & giving to the rich, while sentencing ppl to death

Mitch McConnell Kept Pro-Trump Russia Hacks Secret

"Former agent says 'serious investigation' will find enough evidence to send people to jail"

"Trump's cutting $1 billion from the Coast Guard at a time when it's doing more than ever"

The disappearing Sean Spicer: The White House press secretary has pulled back from his televised briefings

Trump's new travel ban still avoids anywhere he has a business interest. Trump's message to all Muslim nations: Make a deal with Trump and you'll be exempt.

'No impulse control': Trump's focus on the short game

The New York Times' Helene Cooper and Joanna Coles join Morning Joe to discuss Donald Trump's controversial new round of tweets about President Obama and allegations of wire tapping.

Jake Tapper: The people around Trump who are enabling this, ask yourselves, are you really serving the President and the American people?

Why is Trump having a meltdown? Because with Sessions recusal, he is no longer shielded from a real investigation.

Alex Jones urged Donald Trump to use violence against his political opponents

What Republicans will keep, change or discard with the Affordable Care Act

Trump and Graham will meet for lunch Tuesday

Trump has spent almost a quarter of his time as president in Florida: report

God on Trump and treason

Transportation Secretary admits Trump’s infrastructure plan will force taxpayers to pay tolls to corporations

This Diagram Makes Sense Of Trump's Relationship With Putin

Stephen fires up the Figure-It-Out-A-Tron to sift through the facts and illustrate the Trump administration's ties to the Russian leader.

Joe And Mika Officially Dumping Donald Trump Like The Filth He Is

The House GOP Just Finally Revealed Their Secret Bill to Repeal Obamacare

Samuel L. Jackson blasts Carson for describing slaves as “immigrants”: "Ben Carson…I can’t"

President Trump Had A Bad (Or Sick) Weekend At Mar-a-Lago

Stephen chronicles Trump's weekend tweet-a-thon, tempts the President with a shiny travel ban and shares the latest episode of 'Real News Tonight.'

David Letterman breaks silence on Trump, calls him a "stupid son of a bitch":

Trump’s hotel and tower in Azerbaijan has ties to an Iranian terrorist group

Police and Firefighters are nice to have...

Today in Obamacare: The GOP replacement bill is out. Here’s what you need to know.

Gay conversion therapy advocates say they are heartened by election of Pres. Trump, Republican electoral victories

Opinion: Don’t be fooled, President Trump’s new Muslim ban is still illegal

RETWEET: The “age tax” would force Americans age 50-64 to pay thousands of $$$ more for health care. Tell Congress No Age Tax!

Trump risks prosecution for questionable deal

Adam Davidson, staff writer for The New Yorker, talks with Rachel Maddow about the potential that Donald Trump violated anti-corruption laws with an unusual deal in Azerbaijan.


NEW: Russia, Continued. The WH tried to obstruct justice, Republicans enabled it, and they will take the fall

Sketchy Trump deal eyed for potential corruption, ties to Iran

Rachel Maddow describes the reporting published in The New Yorker about a Donald Trump business deal that raises a lot of red flags about potential violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.