Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Stephen Moore, whom Trump said he’ll nominate for a seat on the Federal Reserve, owes more than $75,000 in taxes and other penalties to the IRS, Bloomberg reports.

In an exclusive interview with Lester Holt on NBC Nightly News, James Comey discussed Robert Mueller's conclusions. Comey says the whole point of a Special Counsel was to prevent political appointees, like Bill Barr, from making that very decision.

Pompeo gets blasted at House hearing: Trump's budget is 'embarrassing' and you are 'abortion obsessed'

Sen. Lindsey Graham says President Trump has no plans to invoke executive privilege before the Mueller report is released to lawmakers. Graham says he spoke to Trump, who said: "Just release it"

New: Former NSA contractor Hal Martin is expected to plead guilty tomorrow on charges that he stole a massive amount of classified info from the intelligence community, in what officials have described as possibly the largest heist of secrets in history

‘This is a warrant.’ ’No it’s not.’ — This citizen stopped ICE from arresting 2 undocumented immigrants because he knew his rights

When you become a public servant, you are a fiduciary of the public’s trust. You aren’t just an average Joe Citizen. So information that bears upon your loyalty, character, and trustworthiness is relevant to the public, even if you are “innocent” of criminal wrongdoing

Vice President Mike Pence: "At the direction of the President of the United States, it is the stated policy of this administration and the United States of America to return American astronauts to the moon within the next 5 years."

Mike Pompeo declined to say if a two-state solution remains an option for Israelis and Palestinians. Earlier this week, Trump — with Pompeo and Netanyahu at his side — officially recognized Israel's sovereignty over the disputed Golan Heights territory

NEW: Mueller grand jury 'continuing robustly,' prosecutor says

Perspective: "Trump wants to deport me to Liberia — a country where I’ve never lived."

A madam and Mitch McConnells’s wife. Look at that!

Nothin’ says “No ties to Russian hackers” like unveilin’ your election strategy in...Romania.

With the release of new documents, Devin Nunes’s memo on Carter Page has gotten even less credible


George Conway on Mueller’s going out of his way to say that the report does not exonerate the president: “If the report doesn’t exonerate the president, there must be something pretty damning in it about him...”

The real scandal is that Trump "won the presidency with the aid of Russia while concealing his campaign’s ties to Russia, impeding investigation of the Russian attack and kowtowing to Russia’s leader,"

JUST IN: Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz says we can now confirm that there was financial support and so a connection between the New Zealand attacker and identitarian movement in Austria

Pete Buttigieg: DOJ Health care move 'reminds us why we're Democrats'

NRA is operating outside its mission of defending 2A. Shouldn't they lose their tax-exempt status? Between Maria Butina, hiding donors, shady contacts with Russia, now infiltrating Australia to sow discord, there's a lot to question them about.

The NRA is under fire like never before—over its finances, political activity, and long ties with Russian agents.

Meng Hongwei: China to prosecute former Interpol chief

Preet Bharara: "It's clear that Bob Mueller found substantial evidence of obstruction."

Robert Kraft pleads not guilty to soliciting prostitution

Jury trial

An HIV treatment cost taxpayers millions. The government patented it. But a pharma giant is making billions.

It was the first time that DeVos had been called before a Democratic-led panel in the U.S. House to explain President Trump's spending priorities.

A month after a failed summit between Trump and Kim, things are getting murkier

Even in Victory, Trump Shows His Weakness

Barbara Bush made the stunning admission before her death that she no longer considered herself to be a Republican

A Republican state lawmaker begged for forgiveness from Jesus just before the Pennsylvania statehouse swore in its first Muslim woman

Climate change is not a joke and we need partners on the other side of the aisle who will stop denying science and start taking it seriously.

While speaking at Tuesday's Senate Republican lunch, Trump said, "You guys have done a great job on the Green New Deal. But don't kill it too badly, because I want to run on this" in 2020.

Trump campaign planning to spend hundreds of millions on data operations in 2020

So if both the Health and Human Services Secretary and the Attorney General opposed the Trump administration’s crazy move to get the entire ACA held unconstitutional, what stable genius favored it — and why? Because it’s linked to Obama? Sheer cruelty? An impulse to self-destroy?

Cruelty. Served cold, with a dopey look and condescending smile. From one of Trump's incompetent, silver-spoon billionaires. On his behalf. Cruelty.

The GOP is morally bankrupt we know this but we need to continue to point out their projection. RUSSIA AIMED TO DISRUPT OUR ELECTION AND TRUMP DEFENDED PUTIN AT HELSINKI IN FRONT OF THE WORLD

There is no end to the depths of the Trump Administration’s cruelty. Millions of women around the world rely on U.S.-funded health assistance – and millions more will be arbitrarily left without care due to this shameful decision by @SecPompeo.

Maxine Waters says Deutsche Bank is turning over Trump's financial records for House probe

What will an "emboldened" @realDonaldTrump do? — Ted Lieu

In our latest issue of "Do I have to do everything for you?"...if Democrats don't understand how great this issue is for them no one can save them.

Imagine if the Starr Report had been provided only to President Clinton's Attorney General, Janet Reno, who then read it privately and published a 4-page letter based on her private reading stating her conclusion that President Clinton committed no crimes.

Barr could end up in prison over this. Just like Watergate

The op-ed that got Stephen Moore his Fed nomination is based on two major falsehoods.

He’s Trump’s Point Man on Iran—and Under Investigation

The obstruction of justice issue, however, is too important to be dismissed by a Trump-appointed AG with a predetermined view on Presidential accountability to the rule of law. We need to see the Report.

Exclusive: Barbara Bush blamed Donald Trump for her heart attack. From @SusanPage book "The Matriarch"

Eunice Shriver. A great American. A great legacy. Have they no shame?

Maria gonna be gunning for em.

From The Post's Editorial Board: The Trump administration has turned bigotry into policy in Puerto Rico

‘Undoubtedly there is collusion’ - Adam Schiff

"No order without Russia." Headline in Russian government paper of interview with Henry Kissinger.

How the NRA Paved the Way for Mass Shootings


Trump Suggests Obama Was Involved In Robert Mueller’s Investigation The president’s claim echoes his earlier accusations of wiretapping.

Now, with enough conservative judges in place that will take their side, Republicans are hoping they'll finally be able to take away health care coverage from literally tens of millions of Americans. They figured out how to do it!

Airstrike by Saudi-led coalition said to hit Yemeni hospital, killing 7, including 4 children

Reporter: Your administration is making very clear that you think the ACA is invalid..What's your message to Americans? Trump: Let me just tell you exactly what my message is: The Republican Party will soon be known as the "Party of Healthcare"

AIPAC: Netanyahu attacked Democrats singling out one Muslim member of Congress while ignoring the many anti-Semitic remarks by Republicans and Trump's single-handed enabling of American White Nationalism/Nazis. Netanyahu is leading the charge on turning off Democrats to Israel

Sater hearing delayed re A lawsuit filed today with its claim that Sater, a longtime associate of Trump’s, sought to use money stolen from a bank in Kazakhstan to help develop Trump Tower Moscow.

North Carolina’s 20-week abortion ban is unconstitutional, a federal judge rules

We've seen US life expectancy decline for three straight years for the first time since WWI, all during a period of sustained growth

It's simply amazing that news orgs are reporting with a straight face that Trump and Republicans are "on offense" over the Mueller report's findings -- even as Republicans are blocking those findings from getting released.

The Unparalleled Cruelty of @realDonaldTrump

Puerto Rico’s governor says Trump won’t meet about Hurricane Maria recovery

Show us the Mueller report, not the Barr opinion.

For the last 18+ months, Sean Hannity warned that Robert Mueller and his "band of Trump-hating minions" were Deep State actors working to undermine the president. Tonight: "Mueller Report Sends Shock Waves Through Deep State"

Puerto Rico Governor @ricardorossello calls Trump's comments "below the dignity of a sitting President of the United States" adding "Mr. President: Enough with the insults and demeaning mischaracterizations. We are not your political adversaries; we are your citizens."

Democrats mobilize as Trump tries to take insurance from millions

Activists raise voices for public release of Mueller report

I don't like politicians who lie about their wealth, cheat on all 3 wives, bathe in cruelty, rant about women w/ tape on their mouths, hire felons, brag about prostitutes to boy scouts, harbor Chinese sex traffickers, pal around w/ Jeffrey Epstein, & launder money for the mob.

"The release of the full report and the underlying evidence and documents is urgently needed by our committees to perform their duties under the Constitution"

Members have a decision to make: will they protect survivors of stalking & domestic abuse? Or are they willing to allow their convicted stalkers & abusers to have access to firearms?

84% of Americans want Mueller's report to be made public: poll

James Comey says he is confused by Mueller's decision on obstruction. “The entire rationale for a special counsel is to make sure the politicals aren't making the key charging decisions," Comey told an audience in Charlotte.

Barr imposition defeats non-political purpose of Mueller report

Some Mueller cases transferred, others remain a 'mystery'

Trump seeks to take health care from tens of millions via courts

Trump took $18 million dollars away from the Special Olympics and gave $100 million to his own daughter. Ivanka's pet project earmarked to receive $100 million... despite not existing yet.

BREAKING: Deutsche Bank has agreed to turn over Trump’s financial records to Congress

The U.S. Department of Justice was in court today to defend the right of the president to block people on Twitter, arguing that while he tweets in an official capacity he blocks people in a personal capacity.

“It's clear that Bob Mueller found substantial evidence of obstruction,” says @PreetBharara

In Romania, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale shared his plans to use 1.6 million volunteers in a data-driven, large-scale ground game operation to win in 2020.

NEW: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has proposed cutting $51 million from Autism programs and completely eliminating funding for Special Olympics educational programs.

NEWS: The NRA will issue a key vote AGAINST the Violence Against Women Act over “red flag” gun provisions Democrats added This comes at the request of House GOP, who wanted political cover to vote against the bill