Sunday, November 11, 2018

Jerry Nadler: Matthew Whitaker "should recuse himself" from Mueller probe because he "expressed total hostilities to the investigation" and "if necessary" the Judiciary Committee will "subpoena" him to appear before the committee

The men and women of CA’s fire departments are selfless heroes. We see and appreciate their service every day, but especially today.

With little electricity, no combat pay and a holiday away from home, the 5,600 U.S. troops on the southwest border wait for the migrant caravan

Wisconsin voters cast *54%* of their ballots for Democratic state assembly candidates...and won 36% of the seats.

#Russia's state media complains that Putin and Trump "weren't allowed to communicate," as the seating arrangements were changed at the last minute in order to keep them apart. Putin told Russian media that the two managed to talk nonetheless and their conversation went well.

Elijah Cummings says Democrats want to look at "possible violations" of the emoluments clause while investigating Trump: "We've got to figure out when is he acting on behalf of the American people ... or is he acting on his own behalf?"

An empty Capitol, but Mitch McConnell is receiving visitors. Rupert Murdoch in this case.