Monday, March 20, 2017

House hearing on Russia's involvement in the 2016 election Watch!

The House intelligence committee is to begin hearings Monday into Russia's role in cybersecurity breaches at the Democratic National Committee, as well as President Donald Trump's unsubstantiated claim that his predecessor had authorized a wiretap of Trump Tower. FBI Director James Comey and Mike Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency, are slated to testify.

NEW VIDEO: After today's hearing, anybody except Donald Trump would be smart enough to resign and flee

Donald Trump’s Management Tips: It’s All The Hunger Games And Shit

Donald Trump has made the lack of journalistic standards on Fox & Friends a national security issue

The House Intelligence Committee delved into Russia's possible role in Pres. Trump's 2016 campaign.

The president’s official Twitter account is spreading falsehoods about the Comey hearing

Vicete Fox to Trump: "You’d be fired" on TV for such low ratings

FBI Director Comey (Kind of) Calls Trump a Liar and Says Trump-Russia Links Still Being Probed

Nunes requesting a Clinton/Russia probe is nonsensical. It also mirrors somethings Trump tweeted minutes earlier

Rep Adam Schiff: "We owe it to the country to find out" about any possible ties between Trump team, Russia

Rep Speier: "Is it of benefit to Mr. Putin to have Rex Tillerson as the Secretary of State?"

Fringe outlets claim NSA documents back up Trump’s false wiretap allegation

FBI and NSA testify that Trump is full of shit

If Democrats were smart, they wouldn’t focus on Gorsuch’s credentials or views. Instead, they’d focus on Trump, and remind America that:

Ex-MI6 spy Christopher Steele is ready to drop the rest of the intel on Trump to the US Senate. Let's rock.

Trevor Noah Destroys Donald Trump and His Supporters On CNN With Van Jones Messy Truth Live

Lawrence: Trump 'most deviant man ever to live in White House'

Lawrence O'Donnell says Donald Trump's lies are finally catching up with him as Republicans break rank and say that there's no evidence to support his claims that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. Eugene Robinson and David Frum discuss.


Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Maybe Had A Couple Tiny Mob Connections, Aren’t You Surprised

Rep Adam Schiff, defending Trump-Russia probe, cites 'direct evidence' of deception

Trump builds the wall with funds cut from the Coast Guard. Think about this, take all the time you need...

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

5 things to watch as Gorsuch gets grilled

Was he chosen by Trump or by Putin? No confirming anyone till that gets figured out.

So Comey who advised Obama to not go public about Russian hacking before election...was hatching his own Clinton attack before the election

“BIGGER Than Watergate,” Says House Intel Committee Member

Taxes spent on 11 golf trips in 8 wks, but the Vacation President wants to gut hunger programs for poor students & seniors

Let them eat cake...

Heartland Hits In The Trump Budget

Another day, another report about Steve Bannon's affection for Nazism

Video: Mike Flynn defends Putin & asks MSNBC to stop mentioning Putin murders journalist

News outlets must stop citing anti-immigrant extremist groups as simply "conservative"

So much bullshit everyday, but we won't be distracted from Trump Russia

Here's how Sarah Silverman took control of her own money and hit Big Oil where it hurts

President Trump's budget would hit tens of thousands of federal workers, experts say

Once in the Shadows, Europe’s Neo-Fascists Are Re-emerging

All eyes on FBI Director James Comey as Russia and wiretap claims swirl

Federal Budget: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Donald Trump's federal budget plan proposes large funding cuts with largely negative consequences. John Oliver examines the troubling priorities of the new administration.