Saturday, June 2, 2018

Will rising borrowing costs affect U.S. agriculture?

ZTE hired former Trump campaign staffer one day after Trump said he'd help company

New internet accounts are Russian ops designed to sway U.S. voters, experts say

Empire state building tower turns orange to recognize gun violence victims

A Palestinian medic was shot dead in Gaza. Now Israel says it will launch a probe.

Trump has spent more visiting Mar-a-Lago than Mueller has on the Russia probe: report

Poll: Candidate supporting President @realDonaldTrump impeachment.

Analysis: North Korea reportedly wants a McDonald’s. That could be a pretty big deal.

In a 20-page confidential memo sent to Mueller and obtained by NYT, Trump’s lawyers contend that Trump cannot illegally obstruct justice because the Constitution empowers him to, "if he wished, terminate the inquiry, or even exercise his power to pardon."

Group of top British MPs call for Russia to be suspended from Interpol after the fiasco in Madrid where the Russians tried for the 6th time to abuse Interpol and have me arrested.

Wait. The media KNEW they were pushing political news about Trump they KNEW to be a lie? Wow. That's basically...treason.

Breaking from GOP orthodoxy, Trump increasingly deciding winners and losers in the economy

Trump EPA taps former chemical industry attorney to oversee contaminated site cleanups

10 days ago: $8M in Bitcoin seized in Israel BECAUSE MONEY LAUNDERING

Dan Wenk, superintendent of Yellowstone National Park, is one of the best minds in the @NatlParkService. He's won praise from colleagues and governors. But the Trump administration wants to reassign him? So he abruptly retired.

Trump allies gang up on Gowdy for his debunking of “Spygate”

Ivanka Trump's fashion line has been rebranded as 'Adrienne Vittadini'

Found: Roseanne Season 2, the Lost Episodes In which our columnist reveals the riveting, pathos-filled episodes of Roseanne that we’ll never get to see, thanks to those globalist snowflakes at ABC.

Trump brings on the death throes of white hegemony

Poverty in the United States is extensive and is deepening under the Trump administration whose policies seem aimed at removing the safety net from millions of poor, while rewarding the rich

Roger Stone: Trump pardoning D'Souza was a "signal" to Mueller

Japan joins U.S. allies in attacking Trump's tariff decision

It’s Time for Trump Voters to Face the Bitter Truth

Media Covered Roseanne Tweet for 8 Hrs While Ignoring Deaths of 4,600 Puerto Ricans

Trump administration refuses to consider that 97% of climate scientists could be right

Why on earth is Trump hosting a North Korean spymaster at the White House?

Bombshell report reveals Trump could be indicted under seal without his knowledge

Lawsuit reveals Deutsche Bank's probe of executives' ties to Russian officials

EXCLUSIVE: Sealed Indictment granted against Donald Trump


Here's how China is buying its way into Europe

“I just want to scream”: Trump's metal tariffs send corporate Canada reeling in disbelief

There is one person other than Trump who’s responsible for undermining our criminal justice system – Paul Ryan.

EU to aim at Trump districts to hit back at U.S. tariffs

As Justice Dept. inspector general moves from Clinton email to Russia and Trump, he risks becoming a political weapon

Trump Orders Action to Stem Coal, Nuclear Plant Shutdowns

Emails reveal Pruitt spent $1,560 on customized, silver fountain pens

S Korean firms buy $100m debt on US residential property part-owned by Kushner Cos.

At least 600 children were taken from their parents last month as part of the administration's crackdown on illegal immigration.

Fmr. Bush Ethics Lawyer Wants Trump Impeached

Melania Trump to skip Camp David trip, marking a 22-day absence

Trump is attacking the intelligence and law enforcement agencies that work for him, in order to discredit the #MuellerInvestigation. His assaults on justice are seen as “dangerous”, “alarming”, “high-stakes”. We could become an autocratic regime.

Could ???

Watch: CNN’s Anderson Cooper burns Trump’s hypocrisy on Roseanne and Samantha Bee to the ground

Trump-Putin Summit reportedly in the works

Pres. Trump is negotiating his way to a potential summit with Vladimir Putin and a confirmed summit with North Korea on June 12. But what will Trump actually accomplish by meeting with these leaders? Our panel says Trump could give up more than he gets out of Putin or Kim Jong-Un.

Eric Greitens resigns governorship with flurry of activity

Rachel Maddow reports on the resignation of Eric Greitens as governor of Missouri, but not before he signed 77 pieces of legislation, five pardons, and four commutations

Manafort legal defense fund set up for discreet payments

Rachel Maddow exposes new details about who is behind a new legal defense fund set up for former Donald Trump campaign adviser Paul Manafort and notes the site's convenience for providing Manafort some incentive to keep the faith while under pressure to flip.

Stock futures, bond yields and the value of the dollar all jumped higher immediately after his tweet.

Russia more brazen with new fake news disinformation operation

Tim Johnson, cybersecurity correspondent for the McClatchy news service, talks with Rachel Maddow about a new fake news website with roots in Russia.

Jason Sullivan, who worked as Roger Stone's social media strategist during the 2016 campaign, came before the grand jury today. Declined to comment after, his lawyer said "he's going to fully comply with all legal requests made to him for information, and he's done nothing wrong"

Charges dropped against inauguration protesters after judge discovers Trump admin prosecutors withheld evidence

John Bolton’s deputy draws ire of Jewish and Muslim groups

Bolton draws from anti-Muslim fringe for NSC chief of staff pick

Dion Nissenbaum, national security reporter for The Wall Street Journal, talks with Rachel Maddow about the radical, anti-Muslim views of Fred Fleitz, hired by Donald Trump NSA John Bolton to serve as NSC chief of staff.

Inside Russia’s social media war on America

Mueller prosecutors oppose Concord Mgmt and Consulting request to examine grand jury instructions, saying the Russian firm charged with funding election trolling operation has not shown the "compelling necessity" to breach grand jury secrecy.

1 big thing: The real threat posed by ZTE's telecom equipment

Clinton blasts Trump immigration policy separating kids from parents: "We have to act"

Joy Reid promoted a conspiracy theory article in 2017 from an anime Nazi news website whose staff openly support Hitler. They accepted her endorsement. Yes, really.

Doesn’t the idiot realize by Kim Jong Un giving him a giant envelope, he makes his hands look even tinier ?

Trump hosts N Korean master spy, cyber army leader in Oval Office

Rachel Maddow reviews the checkered history of Kim Yong-chol, the North Korean master spy who founded the nation's elite global hacker army and also spent a couple of hours in the Oval Office at an impromptu meeting with Donald Trump.

Missouri governor signs "revenge porn" ban hours before leaving office over revenge porn allegations

A federal study found signs that surveillance devices, called IMSI catchers often used by Chinese and Russian intel services, for intercepting cell phone calls and texts were operating near the W.H. and other sensitive locations in the D.C. area last year.

Former CIA chief compares Trump to "corrupt, incompetent" demagogues in scathing op-ed

Senators demand Bolton reconsider eliminating top cyber post

McConnell opposes Trump on tariffs: We must "pull back from the brink" of a trade war

Five charts that show how the US has failed to tackle its inequality gap