Wednesday, March 21, 2018

At a tech gathering during the 2016 presidential primaries, employees at then little-known firm Cambridge Analytica boasted of an uncanny ability to influence voters on social media

BBC asked Mark Zuckerberg in 2009 if Facebook would ever sell personal user data. His answer? "No! Of course not."

Kaspersky's 'Slingshot' report burned an ISIS-focused intelligence operation

EXCLUSIVE: Mueller probe witness who met Jared Kushner and was 'best friends' with Steve Bannon flees the country after being revealed as a pedophile

How a Witness for Mueller and a Republican Donor Influenced the White House for Gulf Rulers

New tonight: Fox News executives were "rattled" by the leaked note from analyst Ralph Peters, a source told me. Another said, "The thing hit like a bombshell."

Bush, Obama and Clinton may lack your “smarts,” but they didn’t need their staff to tell them DO NOT CONGRATULATE a man who helps North Korea evade sanctions, props up a murderer in Syria, invades his neighbors, and who just used nerve agent in Britain.

We should know more about why Steve Bannon and Cambridge Analytica were testing messaging consistent with Russian propaganda and right-wing opinions of Vladimir Putin as early as 2014. Who were the firm’s clients? Was Putin one of them?

This story asks more questions than it answers-why was the Sessions investigation closed (if it was), why was Comey so certain when he testified Sessions would have to recuse, how could Sessions have been unaware of the investigation when he fired McCabe?

Stormy Daniels' lawyer @MichaelAvenatti: “They have stepped into every trap we have laid in this case in the last 2 weeks. It’s remarkable. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve never had good fortune like this."

Andy McCabe authorized criminal probe of Sessions, sources say

Cambridge university fought academic at centre of Facebook user data scandal

.@Evan_McMullin speaks to @Channel4News: "This is part of the learning curve that the entire country needs to climb in order to defend our democratic process."

JUST IN: Obamas send handwritten note to Parkland students: "You've helped awaken the conscience of the nation"

Science says Mitch McConnell is the most hated politician in America

"After the president's call with Vladimir Putin, there was quite a kerfuffle in the White House about what had just gone down. A sort of OMG moment."

"The Federal Election Commission on Wednesday sent a letter to Nunes’ campaign committee, raising red flags about some particular contributions received in 2017."

Facebook user sues Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, hoping for a class-action case

JUST IN: In memo to US attorneys, AG Sessions directs them to pursue the death penalty for certain drug-related crimes.

Zuckerberg on Cambridge Analytica: 'We have a responsibility to protect your data, and if we can't then we don't deserve to serve you'


Banned Spicy explains what "fratting" is on twitter. Visit Mad Dog PAC for more.

An email written by one of Cambridge Analytica's employees indicates it hoped to capitalize on the Russian hacking of Hillary Clinton and her ally, reports

Ex-CIA Dir. John Brennan: “I think he is afraid of the Russian president. They may have something on him personally... the fact that he has had this fawning attitude toward Mr. Putin... I think continues to say to me that he does have something to fear

The leak about President Trump's warning not to congratulate Putin on his election victory could only have come from a small group of people, each of whom is trusted with sensitive national secrets.

The Seth Rich lawsuit matters much more than the Stormy Daniels case, but is getting very little coverage

Trumps "Executive Time" Tweets today

‘Our future is in jeopardy’: Ex-CIA director believes Russia may be blackmailing Trump

NEW @BW COVER: Facebook is why we need a Digital Protection Agency

Republican North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis and the state’s Republican Party once paid $345,000 to Cambridge Analytica for campaign work

“We had to get Bannon to approve everything at this point. Bannon was Alexander Nix’s boss,” said [Chris] Wylie, who was Cambridge Analytica’s research director. “Alexander Nix didn’t have the authority to spend that much money without approval.”

Whether it's using a firm like Cambridge Analytica or sponsoring a bill that sells our personal information, there's a theme here


D.C. is ready for March for Our Lives protesters, mayor and police chief say

Donald Trump Jr. Pushed ‘Blatantly Illegal’ Project In India, Former Official Says — ‘Trump, Inc.’ Podcast

Breitbart’s readership plunges

Reminder: #FBI has excellent SIGINT proving Trump's collusion with the Kremlin. But they need more to prosecute

U.S. says Russian support for Taliban hurts peace process in Afghanistan

NEWS: Wylie will give an interview about Trump-affiliated Cambridge Analytica's use of Facebook data in 2016 ops to House Intel committee Democrats. First interview coup for panel Dems, who pledged to go it alone as GOP completes repor

Opinion: How Cambridge Analytica poisoned Kenya’s democracy

House reinstates rule that can target fed pay, agency funds

Exclusive: Russia secretly helped Venezuela launch a cryptocurrency to evade U.S. sanctions

Kushner planned Saudi Arabia trip over objections from Mattis & Tillerson. Tillerson complained at Kushner's frequent communications without being briefed. "Who's the Secretary of State here?" Intel officials have wondered what Kushner has said in private.

The calm before Stormy

Tons of food went to waste in Puerto Rico as stores’ pleas to FEMA went unanswered

Putin and Trump hanging together outside Nunes office in Clovis!

Does Trump want a trade war? What you need to know about Smoot-Hawley tariffs and the 1930s

After bashing FBI -- Trump celebrates their work catching Austin bomber

"The dark arts have arrived in full force online. And they need to be ferreted out."@RepAdamSchiff

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Director Christopher Wray responds to questions about the Russia investigation and whether he threatened to resign over being urged to fire people.

Trump's campaign strategy firm literally tested Nazism on their focus groups and decided it was a winning message

Police say Austin bombing suspect was a 24-year-old white male, and they believe he was responsible for all the bombings that have taken place since March 2

Another Manchurian Citizen

Analytica I am being used as scapegoat – academic who mined Facebook data

Ohio HB 565, introduced Monday, makes abortion punishable by life in prison, or even the death penalty. No exceptions for rape, incest, or to protect the health of the woman.

BREAKING: American Nazi wins Republican primary in Illinois' Third Congressional District. No, really. A real American right wing, white supremacist, white nationalist NAZI.

WhatsApp cofounder Brian Acton has a message for Facebook users: Delete Facebook

Political appointees at Trump Health Dept led cancelation of teen pregnancy prevention program

Austin bombings suspect dead: Report

EPA head's Italy work trip cost taxpayers $120,000

House Judiciary Chair expected to issue DOJ subpoena over Clinton emails as soon as this week

Speaker Paul Ryan says he's "received assurances" that the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller "is not even under consideration"

Feinstein demands hearings after shocking exposé of Trump data firm

U.S. Federal Reserve likely to raise interest rates at its first policy meeting under Chairman Jerome Powell

Judge rules FEC wrongly dismissed complaint against Ryan-linked group that failed to report millions

I am a white racialist. I am appalled by the crude conduct of Mr.Burt Minor (Rep party chairman) in his meeting with Erica Harold (bi-racial Rep candidate IL Attorney Gen). There is no room for this.Make way for intelligent white racialists who know and respect the FACTS of race

New documents show nearly $68,000 in recent premium flights, hotel stays for EPA chief Scott Pruitt

The most important thing you can do today. CALL!

Facebook Forces NYT to Quietly Delete Unflattering Reference to Sheryl Sandberg

All hands on deck. Every single House and Senate member must make a statement NOW that a Mueller firing will not be tolerated. Make it clear that if Trump does this on a Thursday, Mike Pence becomes president on Friday.

We are begging the president not to fire the special counsel. Don't create a constitutional crisis. Congress cannot preempt such a firing. Our only constitutional remedy is after the fact, through impeachment. No one wants that outcome. Mr. President, please don't go there.

Cambridge Analytica say @Channel4News secret filming revelations are the reason it has suspended chief executive Alexander Nix.

In a heated exchange with the attorney for Stormy Daniels, the attorney for Michael Cohen pledged his client would collect “every single penny” of $20 million due him for violating a non-disclosure agreement

#BREAKING: Neo-Nazi wins GOP congressional primary

Asked by @kasie about what message it sends for Pres Trump to call Putin to congratulate him, MCCONNELL: "Calling him wouldn't have been high on my list."

Conservative strategist Stephen K. Bannon oversaw Cambridge Analytica’s collection of Facebook data, according to former employee

Supreme Court halts execution of man suffering from condition that could cause pain during execution

Facebook is confronting a crisis of public trust "that is going to destroy the company," Mark Zuckerberg's former mentor, the venture capitalist Roger McNamee

'Incendiary device' triggers alarm amid Austin bomb anxiety

Gabe Gutierrez, NBC News correspondent, reports the latest details from Austin where an incendiary device at a Goodwill store caused concern that another bomb had exploded in a disturbing, developing series.

Senate intel moves to secure elections despite Trump indifference

Senator Mark Warner, top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, talks with Rachel Maddow about the bipartisan effort in the Senate to establish basic defenses against further Russian intrusion into U.S. elections.

Warner: 'A lot more stories to be told' from Cambridge Analytica

Carol Leonnig, National Reporter for The Washington Post, talks with Rachel Maddow about new reporting that Donald Trump's advisers explicitly told him not to congratulate Vladimir Putin and to condemn the poisoning of two people in the UK. Trump did the opposite.

Against advice, Trump congratulates Putin on sham election win...

Carol Leonnig, National Reporter for The Washington Post, talks with Rachel Maddow about new reporting that Donald Trump's advisers explicitly told him not to congratulate Vladimir Putin and to condemn the poisoning of two people in the UK. Trump did the opposite