Sunday, December 22, 2019

Last night at Mar-a-Lago: Rudy Giuliani appeared at a Studio 54-themed party and POTUS and FLOTUS met w/ Eddie Gallagher, Navy SEAL who faced war crimes charges but was pardoned

The House Republican leader is lying to the American people in order to sow distrust. It’s no wonder confidence in our government is so low.

What. The. Fuck.

Trump vs. John Roberts: A 2020 battle for the Supreme Court’s reputation

President Trump: "There's no impeachment."

This is a disgusting lie and you know it. Literally not what the report found.

Next time a Trumper brings up his 63 million votes note that 74 million voted against him. HRC got 66 million while Johnson, McMullin, Stein, etc. got more than 8 million. Trump got just 46% with 54% against him

Matt Gaetz voted against a nearly unanimous bipartisan anti-human trafficking bill. This is unacceptable and deplorable. Our representatives should be working to dismantle and disrupt human trafficking. This should not have to be said

Trump and Republicans jammed through a trillion-dollar giveaway to the top 1% and the wealthiest corporations. It couldn’t be more clear: this tax scam did little to help working families. It must be repealed

Kremlin using intelligence operations, direct action to attack European supply chain, this isn’t really Cold War stuff, this is Hot War stuff

THREAD: GRU operations, directed killings and poisoning have been going on for years now. This is what a weak NATO, weak EU, weak πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ looks like. Russian intel, military, information and business arms working seamlessly to advance Putin’s goals

Opinion: Research on gun violence shouldn’t be about politics. It’s about public health.

A day after the #ChristianityToday op-ed, a Mormon women’s group publishes a letter directed towards the 4 Mormon Senators—Mike Lee, Mitt Romney, Mike Crapo, and Tom Udall—to demand a full and fair trial and uphold their oath of office.

Senior voters take heed! Trump’s comin’ for your Social Security.

This is massive. @CTmagazine, the flagship publication for Trump's base (white evangelicals) has called for him to be removed from office. And it appears that the buzz is so big that it has crashed their website

My exclusive sources say Collins will carefully consider the evidence, listen to the witnesses, and weigh the constitutional issues, before OF COURSE SHE VOTES TO ACQUIT.

Facts: - Jim Jordan Knew - Jim Jordan defended the criminal - Jim Jordan spat in the face of justice - Jim Jordan prioritized his career over the rule of law The sad part is that you don’t know if I’m talking about the sexual assault at OSU or his defense of Trump

How a Poisoning in Bulgaria Exposed Russian Assassins in Europe: For years, members of a secret team, Unit 29155, operated without Western security officials knowing about their activities. But an attack on an arms dealer in Sofia helped blow their cover.

The base is bathed in constant propaganda. They bask in the feeling of belonging. A sad number of people long to be taken care of and will gladly hand over their autonomy to a demagogue who declares, "I alone can fix this."

.@MarthaRaddatz: Some say if you vote to impeach Trump in your deeply red state of Alabama, you basically sign your death warrant. Sen. Doug Jones says "this is a much more serious matter" that shouldn't be discussed in terms of "political consequences."

New York’s dirty laundry: One president and three mayors embarrass their city on the national stage

Trump White House hiding documents revealing officials waved red flags over reasons for withholding Ukraine aid: report

"Russian-backed Syrian forces have gained ground after a week-long renewed assault against the last opposition enclave in Syria’s northwest, the biggest such push in more than 3 months that has prompted a large civilian exodus."

Just-released documents show the White House moved to stop vital military aid to #Ukraine less than two hours after his July 25 call with Ukraine’s President Here’s a White House memo to the Pentagon

Between now and 2044, mega-rich boomers will transfer $30 trillion to their millennial children, creating the largest group of non-working rich since the era of European aristocracy. We need a #wealthTax

Ross Says Tariffs Working Despite U.S. Steel Plant Layoffs

FACT: The call ended at 9:33 a.m. -- and an email calling for aid to be held was sent at 11:04 a.m. Call your Senators at (202) 224-3121 and tell them why they should vote to #RemoveTrump here

If Republican politicians are too cowardly to admit the obvious, maybe we should rethink the primary process. It just encourages extremists.

Now Putin is trying to integrate Belarus with Russia. So tonight a massive crowd turned out to protest Putin and Russia. This fight is worldwide.

The effects of the federal government shutdown of 2018-19 still linger a year later, particularly on the federal workforce.

MSM: We’re not “polarized”.The GOP is executing a White Nationalist agenda under the direction of Vladimir Putin. Standing up to the indefensible isn’t simply a refusal to compromise. It is a civic duty. Stop with the “both sides” bullshit. You’re deploying a weapon of tyranny.

Roger Stone sentencing postponed to Feb. 20, due to financial disclosure statement

Ex-GOP lawmaker admits party members forced to agree with ‘psychologically unfit’ Trump — or consider retirement

NC bases lost millions to the border wall. The new budget doesn’t replace the money.

Mega-church leader Joaquin Garcia arrested for major sex trafficking crime

Trump to headline event for evangelicals after Christianity Today editorial calls for his removal from office

Will Republican politicians spout Russian propaganda on the Sunday morning shows again? The world waits.

Trump feeling cornered may try to distract from his troubles by lashing out at North Korea or petulantly pulling U.S. troops out of the South, or both, while Kim keeps his nukes.

President Trump said he believes Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election because “Putin told me,”

Judge rejects government’s motion to toss suit over missing Trump-Putin meeting notes. Two watchdog groups charge that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo violated the Federal Records Act

It’s clear that John Bolton has a lot to share about Trump’s scheme to extort Ukraine. The American people deserve to know the truth—Congress should hear from Bolton during Trump’s impeachment trial.

This is not getting nearly as much attention as it deserves. It’s a bigger deal than ‘they just said it out loud.’ This kind of an admission should be used in court cases about voter suppression efforts. Free and Fair elections is more than just a sound bite.

If their testimony would exonerate the President, Trump wouldn’t have blocked them from testifying.

Amazing fact: 40% of the Republican members of Congress on the day Trump was inaugurated less than three years ago have either been defeated, retired or announced their retirement

Seems like @RudyGiuliani stopped by Mar-a-Lago last night with his spokesperson Christianne Allen (you can read more about Allen here:

Twitter just suspended over 88,000 accounts tied to a Saudi disinformation campaign

Rush Limbaugh, introducing ⁦ @realDonaldTrump ⁩ at Turning Point USA Student Action Summit: “Climate change is a hoax. Don’t believe it.”

45 is taking another two wk golf vacation—as the taxpayer bill for his hobby sets records 45 has pushed his taxpayer-funded golf tab past $118M on his 26th visit to Mar-a-Lago. The new total is the equivalent of 296 yrs of the $400K presidential salary.

‘I said that he was a con man, and that's what he's turned out to be’: Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg recalled his criticism of President Donald Trump. The House voted on Dec. 18 to impeach the president

After two decades of grassroots efforts by Beijing to win hearts and minds, some supporters of the extradition bill admit being stunned by the hostility of Hong Kongers to Chinese rule. Read how the bill was launched, promoted and ultimately unravelled

WH said Trump’s glow is the result of “good genes”, genes so concentrated, they leave a line of demarcation. Maybe Trump's orange skin has to do w/the fact that he was sued by a makeup artist Jill Harth alleging he sexually harassed her for yrs. & now does his own makeup.

"The witnesses must testify. Call your senators now." This ad from Republicans for the Rule of Law will run over the next two weeks in targeted states.

Poll: Majority (52%) approves of Trump's impeachment (43% disapprove)

Read this perfect email about the perfect call

It’s always a Republican. The House Ethics Committee found Republican Conference chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), the highest-ranking GOP woman, guilty of using taxpayer funds for her re-election campaign.

North Korea has warned the United States it "will be made to pay dearly" for any criticism of the country's human rights record, North Korean state news agency said

Trump says he has a "lot of respect" for Tulsi Gabbard after her "present" impeachment

Can’t stop won’t stop with this one. Speaking to conservative students in Florida today, Trump repeated his usual story about getting a Michigan award that does not exist.

I’ve never been in a courtroom where the accused can unilaterally block witnesses from testifying or prohibit prosecutors from asking witnesses questions. Yet that's what Trump and McConnell are doing. No court would let a trial to proceed this way—and neither should the Senate.

They own him: Trump touts Putin speaking out against his impeachment

Trump froze Ukraine aid 90 minutes after speaking to Zelensky — and budget office told Pentagon to keep quiet

The federal court system will feel Trump’s influence for decades to come

A new poll from Politico and Morning Consult shows a majority of respondents supporting the Trump's impeachment

Trump Administration Withheld Ukraine Military Aid 91 Minutes After Phone Call: Docs

I don’t care whether you’re an undocumented immigrant, an asylum seeker, or born in the US. Forcing people to choose between being reunited with their kids and risking arrest sets a new standard for cruelty. This idea is Stephen Miller’s. The responsibility is Trump's.

Breaking: “The President has asked about this funding release." Documents show mechanics of withholding aid to Ukraine

Newly released emails offer more details in timeline of pause to Ukraine aid

In one of the emails, the White House instructs DoD to hold the aid

Michael Duffy wrote 2 emails the day of Trump’s call with Zelensky suspending aid to Ukraine based on direction he received. GOP wants to cover up Duffy’s testimony, which @SenSchumer has called for at the Senate impeachment trial.

In response to a court order, the Trump administration releases #UkraineDocs to @PublicIntegrity in a Friday night news dump before Christmas and Chanukah.

Deaths in custody. Sexual violence. Hunger strikes. What we uncovered inside ICE facilities across the US

Trump’s mean streak spares no one — living or dead

2017 House Republicans voted to repeal ACA. Mr. Trott...stood behind the president’s desk when Mr. Trump pulled out a sheet of paper. “He already had a list of 20 people who had voted against him two hours earlier”

Remember when White Nationalist Stephen Miller colored in his hairline with a Sharpie and some lint? That’s how stupid he thinks you are.

.@AmbJohnBolton I was your hand-picked senior adviser at State and USUN. You are dodging. The constant is what you know about Ukraine. The variable is how you present the information. The only logical conclusion is that you are placing profits over patriotism to sell books.

So this is the guy @senatemajldr Moscow Mitch supported for re-election as Governor or Kentucky

How many times does this have to be said? HE IS LYING. VA CHOICE WAS SIGNED INTO LAW BY BARACK OBAMA IN 2014.

“Gabbard missed 88.7% of the 141 House votes taken in the past three months.”

A watchdog group obtained emails in a FOIA lawsuit. Trump's administration produced them at the last possible moment under the court order, late on the Friday night before Christmas. Let's make sure word gets out Trump derailed aid to Ukraine shortly after he spoke with Zelensky.

It is incredible to me that an elected state senator being charged with domestic terrorism and involvement with the "Patriot Movement" (often meaning the white power movement) isn't even national news in many outlets.

Think about this - in his call to Pres. Zelensky, Trump NAMED BILL BARR AS ONE OF HIS CO-CONSPIRATORS. Trump has been impeached for a dirty deal that Trump expressly said included Bill Barr. The next AG will need to investigate and, if the evidence dictates, prosecute Bill Barr.

I’ve always felt the case for impeachment and removal is just as conservative as it is liberal. This fabulous analysis by @rameshponnuru explains why. Four Tests for Impeachment

Trump touts Putin speaking out against his impeachment

Trump told Michigan at his rally that Steel was making a comeback because of him. They would have been out of business without him. Two days later Michigan Steel plant closes costing 15,000 jobs. The economy is not what he will have you believe

Trump administration opposing Lindsey Graham’s Russia sanctions bill after meeting with Kremlin official

Evidence keeps piling up. Trump was directly involved, aid was formally withheld right after the call, AND they knew it was wrong so they kept it a secret. I've asked GAO to look into this. On top of abuse of power, I think it's a direct violation of the Impoundment Control Act.

A new report concluded that Washington state Rep. Matt Shea was involved in training young people to fight a "holy war." He created a pamphlet that advocated replacing the government with a theocracy and "the killing of all males who do not agree."

Trump made 99 false claims over the last two weeks, including 22 at his Pennsylvania rally and 16 while sitting beside the head of NATO.

President Trump rallied a crowd of young supporters with a colorful airing of grievances Saturday night

Kellyanne Conway has violated the Hatch Act a lot. The government hasn’t taken disciplinary action yet so we’re suing them to make sure they do.

Mad Dog is heading to Florida. Mar-A-Lago to be clear. We're building a rig on a Boston Whaler. Registered. To be moored at M-A-L. It has a message. It's perfection. We need your help funding

The Inevitability of Donald Trump’s Impeachment

It's not a joke. He's said it too many times.