Monday, July 6, 2020

McConnell's wife's family business appears on Trump admin's list of companies that received most PPP money

did the taliban militia get a PPP loan too

Attorney Daniel Uhlfelder, who dresses as the Grim Reaper to warn beachgoers to stay home, has sued Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for prematurely opening beaches amid the coronavirus pandemic. He says "there's been a lack of leadership" in the state.

The Daily Beast found at least three Kushner-connected businesses that received PPP loans.

As did several right-wing production outlets: Newsmax Media - $2-5M Daily Caller Inc - $350,000 - $1M Gingrich Productions - $150k - $350k Citizens United - $150k - $350k

The Daily Caller News Foundation took $150,000-$300,000 in PPP loans, and The Daily Caller Inc. took between $350,000 and $1 million in PPP money, according to SBA data.

The U.K. names the first foreign citizens from Russia, Saudi Arabia and North Korea to face sanctions for alleged human rights abuses as it sets out its own version of the U.S. Magnitsky Act

Devin Nunes winery got a PPP loan

The RNC comes out hard against [checks notes] all people being created equal.

Sen. Grassley says he will skip Republican convention due to coronavirus concerns

Kanye West's Yeezy company received between $2 to $5 million through the Paycheck Protection Program. A rep for West did not immediately reply to a request for comment concerning the PPP loan.

Prince Andrew once said that Ghislaine Maxwell was the “key element” in his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein—and now her arrest reportedly has him feeling uneasy.

The Ayn Rand Institute received a PPP loan of between $350K and $1 million

This is bad. ICE just told students here on student visas that if their school is going online-only this fall, the students must depart the United States and cannot remain through the fall semester.

Baker Signs Massachusetts Vote By Mail Bill Into Law

Sucks to be RU. Mr. Maria Butina got a sentence much higher than the pre sentencing report recommendation and was denied COVID- related home confinement in part because the judge saw him arrive “without a mask”. Ouch.

How to mask

Not to be dramatic but American Airlines only cares about money and doesn’t care if you get sick and die.

TRUMP's ad-making firm @WeRJamestown received a PPP loan worth between $350k & $1 million.

Simon & Schuster Hastens Publication of Mary Trump’s Book

Trump’s intel briefer breaks her silence In rare public remarks, the veteran intelligence officer tip-toed around the complexities of her job.

Can we get a baby monitor in her cell or something?

Florida teen dies after conspiracy theorist mom takes her to church ‘COVID party’ and tries to treat her with Trump-approved drug: report

7 years prison for Erickson

"This White House’s goal, after all, is not public safety but to avoid making the president look bad — no matter the cost,"

"This White House’s goal, after all, is not public safety but to avoid making the president look bad — no matter the cost,"

40 lobbyists with ties to Pres. Trump helped clients secure more than $10 billion in federal coronavirus aid, among them five former administration officials whose work potentially violates @POTUS’ own ethics policy, according to a report.

The Dakota Access pipeline must shut down by August 5, district court rules in a stunning defeat for the Trump administration and the oil industry

Mary Trump's spokesperson asks: "What is Donald Trump so afraid of?” “The act by a sitting president to muzzle a private citizen is just the latest in a series of disturbing behaviors which have already destabilized a fractured nation in the face of a global pandemic."

Democrats need to prevent an “October surprise” with Barr using DOJ as a political tool explains @JillWineBanks.

The Supreme Court has ruled it's unconstitutional for the government to permit certain robocalls but ban others based on who's doing the calling and for what purpose

Choose! America ... or Trump! Great ad. Quote Tweet

Simon & Schuster just published the back cover of the book – Trump's niece Mary writes, "Today, Donald is much as he was at three years old: incapable of growing, learning, or evolving, unable to regulate his emotions, moderate his responses, or take in & synthesize information."

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong speaks out on national security law amid reports his book is 'under review' at libraries.

We can’t afford four more years of Donald Trump.

Now: The U.S. Army soldier accused of plotting a mass casualty attack on his own unit with a satanic neo-Nazi cult pleads not guilty to his 6-count indictment.

The president pleaded with Chinese leader Xi Jinping for domestic political help, subordinated national-security issues to his own re-election prospects and ignored Beijing’s human-rights abuses

Looks like SCOTUS has unanimously affirmed the ability of states to punish "faithless electors" -- folks who switch their vote from one presidential candidate to another. Opinion by Justice Kagan

Gallup poll: Trump approval 38% approve 57% disapprove Trump's approval rating dropped among independents, from 39% to 33%, as well as among Democrats, from 5% to 2%.

BREAKING: Supreme Court rules states can require presidential electors to back popular vote winner.

Four Tampa-area hospitals at maximum ICU capacity

India’s coronavirus epidemic becomes the third biggest in the world, overtaking Russia. The nation now has 697,413 cases, trailing only the U.S. and Brazil

Masha Drokova, former Putin youth leader, was Epstein's publicist, and is now a Cali based venture capitalist. No big deal.

I believe in America, @GOPLeader. If you do as well, rebuke Donald Trump for letting Putin pay the Taliban to burn U.S. Marines alive.

“We allow that freedom to take place” — Mark Meadows has no regrets about Trump’s Tulsa rally

Governor DeSantis' "safe, smart, step-by-step" re-opening plan was anything but safe, smart, and step-by-step.

Trump knew Putin was hunting our soldiers. He did nothing to stop it. He hasn’t condemned it. And @GOP Senators have remained silent. The news cycle may move on, but we won’t forget: Trump and his coward of Senators would rather our soldiers die than upset their boss Putin.

BREAKING: China's ambassador to UK warns that the impact "might be many" if UK U-turns and decides to reject @Huawei from 5G network. He says such a move will damage the UK image as a business-friendly environment and signal it doesn't have independent foreign policy

‼️As we experts warned: if @GovAbbott waited to act until the ICU beds are filled, it’s TOO LATE. Deaths lag ICU admissions, which lag hospitalizations, which lag new #coronavirus cases. The longer @GregAbbott_TX waits, the more who will DIE.

Zuckerberg told employees last Friday that the boycott is more of a reputation and partner issue than an economic one

Statue of abolitionist Frederick Douglass ripped from its base in Rochester park

A secret CDC report obtained by The New York Times shows Black and Latino Americans are three times more likely to get COVID-19—and twice as likely to die from it

Among those who footed a nearly $480,000 bill for VP Pence’s legal defense during the Russia probe were his former chief of staff Jim Atterholt and the owner of the Indiana Pacers Herbert Simon.

It takes confidence in govt for people to accept vaccine(s) rushed to market, in the middle of a pandemic. But Trump can’t even tell the truth about the risks of Covid so it’s unlikely he’ll be trusted about the cure, at a time when we need leadership most

Kansas GOP official apologizes for cartoon comparing mask mandate to the Holocaust

Republican attorneys general group launches race-baiting ad campaign against ‘lawless liberals

Money Line: By attacking us, he's become our biggest financial bundler," Weaver said. "If we were an administration, we'd probably make him ambassador to Slovenia or something, because he's raising so much money for us.

"Trump is acting like a frightened man who realizes that if his opponents keep their heads and avoid rising to his bait, his days are numbered." Exactly right, @EJDionne. Trump's magical powers are spent.

Foreign secretary Dominic Raab is set to unveil a UK #Magnitsky law on Monday against human rights abusers, including #Russian officials allegedly involved in Magnitsky's 2009 death in custody. Statement to parliament at 3.15pm.

Fox News cropped Donald Trump out of a photo it broadcast of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Melania. (Fox News screencap on left; original photo on right

HHS owns patent rights to Remdesivir, and could control the price. Gilead charges $3100 per course; the cost of production is about $10. Might failure to do so be because the Gilead CEO bribed #MoscowMitch to block Senate action?

Russians arrested for harassing a black family and.... possession of illegal fireworks What did we tell you? Illegal firework distribution = active measures by @RusEmbUSA. Least surprising news of the summer.

Prosecutors seek Friday court appearance for Jeffrey Epstein pal

Rush to reopen led to spikes in cases that threaten to overwhelm hospitals in some states, officials say

On July 4th weekend, he called fellow Americans "fascists" and "totalitarians". Those historical metaphors are not only grossly inaccurate - we have no Americans comparable to Hitler and Stalin - but most certainly dark. As a proud patriotic American, I found it very depressing.

Despite claims that Florida traces every case of Covid-19, a CNN investigation found that health authorities in Florida, now the nation's No. 1 hotspot for the virus, often fail to do contact tracing

How the White House #Coronavirus Response Went Wrong Former senior official on Trump response: “It is a catastrophic failure.”

Three years ago, LDF President and Director-Counsel @Sifill_LDF explained definitively on @FaceTheNation why removing Confederate monuments does not erase history. “What we put on monuments…represents what we revere.”

Strong reasons to believe a memo produced by DNI Ratcliffe's office skews the intelligence on the #Russianbounty operation to serve the White House's political interests.

Former Army officer knows his friends are in danger because Trump is their commander-in-chief. "[Russia is] paying Afghan militants to kill our soldiers. To kill my soldiers. To kill my friends. Donald Trump is the opposite of the best president for the military."

A Chinese coal industry group halts publication of a daily consumption index that was widely used as a real-time indicator of the nation’s economic health

BREAKING: #IPAC New Zealand Co-Chairs Simon O'Connor MP and Louisa Wall MP call upon @jacindaardern to confirm that there will be no extradition to #HongKong from #NewZealand

On Segregated Suburbs, Trump Says the Quiet Part Out Loud - Targeting HUD’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule, the__ said on Twitter that enforcing housing desegregation would have a “devastating impact.”

Pauline Hanson will no longer be appearing on @TheTodayShow following her comments this morning

As Trump gaslights America about coronavirus, Republicans face a critical choice

"There's no doubt ... that when we reopened, people started socializing as if the virus didn't exist." Officials say states like Arizona and Texas reopened too quickly after soaring Covid-19 cases

Coronavirus is skyrocketing in Republican-leaning Sunbelt and interior states, spelling potential trouble for Donald Trump's re-election bid

Johnson to pull Huawei out of 5G network

Lupe Guillen gives an emotional speech about her sister Vanessa's disappearance from Ft. Hood. Vanessa had confided in family members about experiencing sexual harassment at the base.


New: After months of asserting pregnant women were not at high risk for the coronavirus, the CDC recently released a study with sobering findings for expectant mothers. Experts say the data gaps are almost as worrisome as the results.

Coronavirus wreaks havoc on America’s psyche

Do you think he will be fired the same way as Florissa Fuentes, a Latina SVU detective from Massachusetts who was fired for sharing “Black Lives Matter” on her personal Instagram while she was off-duty?

A banner supporting a pastor imprisoned in China ripped in half. DNA samples taken from people found to be carrying independence flags. Parents worrying the neighbors will hear their kids singing the protest anthem. Our story on the new Hong Kong:

This moving photo of Hong Kong protesters holding up blank signs—now that their messages are illegal—is a stark reminder that the movement there isn't over, even w/the National Security Law imposing severe constraints. Photo by Lam Yik Fei for the NYT:

It starts with: "you cannot express those ideas" Then it moves on to: "you cannot even think those ideas" Then: "you cannot even *know* those ideas" This is why they're removing pro-democracy books from HK libraries. To "de-program" minds.

"The numbers of American sick and dead are a source of wonder and marvel all over the world. They also inspire fear and anxiety,"

BREAKING: UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to announce implementation of U.K. Magnitsky Act today. First group of sanctions will be applied to Sergei Magnitsky’s killers. Huge milestone in our 10 campaign for justice.

The W.H.O. is resisting mounting evidence of what many scientists have said for months: The virus lingers in the air indoors, and can infect people.

The coronavirus caught hospitals flat-footed. Now, worried about a resurgence and future infectious diseases, they want to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

President Trump is "clearly flirting with disaster" by holding rallies and not wearing a mask, a health expert warns

Unpacking the National Intelligence Council’s Memo on Russian Bounty Operation

Israel launches a surveillance satellite able to spy on Iran’s nuclear and military activities

Authorities are preparing to close the border between Australia's two largest states, as Melbourne, the country's second-largest city, recorded 127 new cases, its highest-ever daily increase in infections.

MIT has designed a robot that is capable of disinfecting the floor of a 4,000-square foot warehouse in only half an hour, and it could one day be used to clean your local grocery store or school.

Our nation was founded on a simple idea: We're all created equal. We've never lived up to it — but we've never stopped trying. This Independence Day, let's not just celebrate those words, let's commit to finally fulfill them — Joe Biden

For the first time in six years, two US Navy aircraft carriers are in the South China Sea, the latest show of military might from Washington as it pushes back against China's sweeping claim to much of the contested region

"Senior U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska ruled Wednesday that Giuffre's lawyers had come into possession of the documents improperly, noting that the protective order could only be enforced during the civil lawsuit proceedings which had already been settled."

Reminder that Trump is responsible for the desecration of several national monuments, including an Indigenous burial site within the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

Sounds like she’s cooperating. She could help take down a lot of important people on both sides of the aisle. Hope she doesn’t get suicided.

Also notable in the letter: Ghislaine Maxwell has another criminal defense counsel, Christian Everdell, who formerly served as an SDNY prosecutor in the complex frauds, cybercrime and money laundering unit.

It's the American Virus now, big boy.— Stephen King

Broadway actor Nick Cordero died on Sunday after battling complications from COVID-19 for several months. He was 41.

Sure did, Mr. Putin — that those working at our embassy in Moscow care about human rights. Bravo! Молодец!