Sunday, December 15, 2019

There were 14 impeachment managers in the Clinton trial (including Graham & Chabot). If Democrats stick with the same number now, they can easily spare one spot for Amash. He’s made a strong and clear case for impeachment already, and politically speaking it’d be shrewd.

Remember this?

This is what Democray looks like. ✊🏾 This Tuesday we'll head to every congressional office & public square to declare that Nobody Is Above the Law especially @realDonaldTrump. Find an event near you right now

Trump is trying to slash protections for more than 9 million acres of national parks. Trees that are more than 1,000 years old will be razed. These are the kinds of actions that can never be undone -- and it will barely make the news.

Perspective: Chris Wallace wants journalists to push for the truth. But Fox News often traffics in propaganda.

On Friday, Trump said his poll numbers were going "through the roof."

BREAKING: On the last day of the ACA, the website is down. Hundreds of thousands can’t enroll. The Trump Administration should extend the deadline or so many will get hurt.

In 2016, Trump invited Russia to interfere in our elections and then obstructed the investigation into his misconduct. In 2019, Trump abused his power to again obtain foreign election interference, and obstructed Congress’s investigation. This is a clear pattern of misconduct.

Support for impeachment climbs to 54 percent in Fox News poll after Trump pitches fit over previous poll

Minnesota's Angie Craig decides she'll vote to impeach.

You’ll remember Pam Bondi as the Florida ag who decided not to prosecute the Trump University case after receiving a donation from Trump

Pam Bondi admitting they’re coordinating with Mitch McConnell to rig the Senate trial

My grandparents are holocaust survivors. Watching the resurgence of neo nazis in Colorado and throughout the country has been truly enraging. So no, im not going to be scared and I’m not going to be silent. My latest for the @denverpost:

Fox News in TOTAL MELTDOWN after Angela Merkel crowned world's most powerful woman over Ivanka Trump

No this is not a joke. After killing dozens of journalists for exposing the crimes of the Putin regime, the Russian government tweets out their recognition of Remembrance Day of journalists killed in the line of duty.

It would be great if John Roberts struck the votes of Graham, McConnell and all else who admit they decided in advance

The misconduct continues: Just two months ago, Trump on the White House lawn requested China and Ukraine investigate the Bidens. Just this week, Rudy Giuliani went to the White House to brief Trump after his trip to Ukraine. This is an ongoing threat to our democracy.

The Navy made Harvey Milk resign for being gay. Now they’re building a ship named after him

Pam Bondi says on Fox News Sunday that the pressure of impeachment is weighing on President Trump. "Is this difficult? Of course it is."

If a FOX news poll is at 54% for impeachment, isn't that like 90% everywhere else?

Even more hilarious is that Netanyahu has an official account on the Russian-designed social media app, Telegram.

Mitch McConnell’s plan for a limited impeachment trial shows weakness of Trump’s defenses - The Washington Post

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, who in March warned against putting the country through "the trauma of a failed impeachment," does not consider the possibility of Trump's acquittal to be a failure for House Democrats

"Kavanaugh, you'd better vote to let me hide my criminal financial records or I will release YOURS and reveal how your serious debt was paid off!"

.@RandPaul just said that Trump will be impeached this week because “people don’t like Trump.” No. Trump will be impeached this week because he pressured a foreign government to sabotage our elections. Shame on you Rand Paul. Shame on you.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said that President Trump “is openly seeking foreign interference in the 2020 elections”

The last remaining pro-Trump holdout on the Democratic side of the House is ⁦@collinpeterson⁩ from Minnesota. Let him know what you think. MN Democrat Collin Peterson says he won’t vote for impeachment ‘unless they come up with something’

Two more Republicans in purple districts will also vote NO on impeachment, but will be retiring after their current term: Will Hurd Peter King

So far three GOP Senators (McConnell, Lindsey, and Johnson) have DQed themselves to be jurors in Trump's trial, the first two on stated bias, the latter on conflict. Wondering if 2 more GOPers want to step up to discredit their majority?

It's about time! New York federal prosecutors are looking into potential financial wrongdoing by President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee and Ivanka Trump’s involvement in price negotiations for space rental in the Trump International Hotel in D.C

Rep. Adam Schiff: "I don't think any of us have any question that had Barack Obama engaged in the activity ... every one of these Republicans would be voting to impeach him." "I hope to hell ... if it were Barack Obama, I would vote to impeach him."

Comey getting grilled and understandably so. Trump avoids these interviews for a reason.

Jeremy Corbyn makes surprise appearance in New Hampshire...

.@gstephanopoulos: "We know that the Republicans are targeting 31 Democrats from Trump districts. Are you confident you have the majority to impeach the president?" House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff: "I am confident."

The U.S. secretly expelled two Chinese diplomats who breached a military base, the first apparent ouster of suspected Chinese spies since 1987

The President of the United States, who cares deeply about corruption, is at the luxury hotel he still profits from, speaking with wealthy donors who are buying access to powerful politicians while personally enriching him

There’s still time for Christmas delivery-orders for West Coast need to be made today. East Coast deadline is Tuesday

Help fund billboards @ Mad Dog Pac

"Republican voters overwhelmingly oppose impeachment...Haven't you failed your own test?" "I don't think so," Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler says, adding that Pres. Trump "poses a continuing threat to our national security." h

Matt Bevin, Formerly Our Nation’s Trumpiest Governor, Has Created a Real Mess for Himself

When I post pictures of military cemeteries I want you to see the real cost of war. Each of those markers is someone who served our country. Rows upon rows of brave Americans who sacrificed everything for something other than themselves. They served to protect our principles.

A remarkable thing @TuckerCarlson told @elainaplott about why he is the way he is in this moment: “I’ve made a complete break mentally with the world I used to live in.”

Jerry Nadler says on ABC that Jeff Van Drew is “reacting” to polling in his district saying “he can’t get renominated” as a Democrat

According to the WH: Scientists purposely lie to us. So do professors, writers, journalists, historians, doctors, scholars and anyone who questions @realDonaldTrump . Only the former reality TV star who lies for a living tells us the truth. Tis’ The season...

The answer to Jared and Ivanka’s billionaire DC landlord destroying the Boundary Waters with a sulfide mine is NO. ‘Not a Peep From Ivanka': Trump's Daughter Called Out After Her Landlord's Mining Lease Renewal Threatens Environment

This is disgusting. The graveyards of Russia are littered with dead journalists, murdered by the mafia state. If truth is to mean anything in our age, we must not get weary of calling out the lies, the disinformation. This is what 2020 will be about

Watching @GretaThunberg apologizing to the people who are launch a bad faith attack on her is heartbreaking. These conservatives hate Greta because they either don’t believe in climate change or don’t care. They will find anything to be enraged about.

Uh huh. Tulsi hangin out with Mike Huckabee. Know who else hangs out with Mike Huckabee? Indicted pair, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. In fact they were all on a trip together to Israel along with the Chief Rabbi of Kyiv.

Stefanik voters turning on GOP lawmaker after she threw away her credibility to defend Trump

Until recently, Democratic leaders saw New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew as one of the few Democrats who could win in a pro-Trump district. Now he's expected to switch parties.

This is serious? They kill journalists and then remember them?

Who’s bankrolling Devin Nunes numerous lawsuits?

This will throw @senatemajldr world into chaos that can be enhanced by impeaching and trying @TheJusticeDept Bill Barr for a number of high crimes. It will be must see TV viewing and will drive Trump’s and the @SenateGOP #2020 campaign buses into a ditch.

Opinion: The CIA tortured prisoners. Americans should know the whole truth.

Never forget that Donald Trump’s plan all along was to steal yet another election by illegally using foreign assistance to meddle in our constitutional republic, which is supposed to be based on free and fair elections.

For those morons insisting that the symbol used by the Army and Navy students were just OK symbols, a childish prank, or a 4chan meme, kiss my wrinkled old #okboomer ass. I understand context, you racist fucks.

ABC News had the goods on Jeffrey Epstein years ago — and killed the story

The passage of the bill, which Trump has said he will sign, comes as the FBI continues to investigate the shooting at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida, which was carried out by a Saudi national.

So Lindsey Graham inviting Rudy Giuliani in to put all his fresh *Biden proofs* in prime time begs the question: if Trump’s acquittal in the Senate trial is foregone, will R’s be able to use it as one big Trump 2020 campaign commercial?

GRAHAM: "I am trying to give a pretty clear signal I have made up my mind. I'm not trying to pretend to be a fair juror here... I will do everything I can to make it die quickly."

The closest thing to a coup is coming from the White House, not Democrats

Just want to confirm that Trump saying Jews are not American and the military holding up white power symbols in the same week is not reminiscent of anything in history we should be worried about?

Well I’d like to hear from John Bolton- can we trade?

The Senate is supposed to render “impartial justice” in an impeachment trial. Mitch McConnell is letting Trump plan his own trial


Melania's 'Einstein Visa' Was Based on Her Having a College Degree — Which She Lied About Having

If the Senate GOP want witnesses & call Hunter Biden then Dems should call Jared Kushner as a witness After all Jared Kushner dined next to the President of Ukraine at a dinner hosted by Gordon Sondland 7 weeks before the phone call at the center of Impeachment. Seems relevant

“The FBI on Saturday arrested a pawnshop owner on a weapons charge after investigators said they found a note with his phone number and business address on one of the gunmen in the deadly shooting at a kosher grocery in Jersey City last week.”

Just days after agreement on a pact to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement, Mexico objected Saturday to legislation introduced in the U.S. Congress as part of an eventual ratification of the deal.

UK PM Johnson cannot keep Scotland in union against its will: Sturgeon

“I solemnly swear that in all things appertaining to the trial of the impeachment of President Trump, now pending, I will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws: So help me God.” The oath that every Senator will take, that Graham has already broken.

As Mr. Dershowitz reenters the headlines, a lil reminder: “ABC News anchor Amy Robach brought up Alan Dershowitz, a famously litigious lawyer, as a reason for her silencing.”

When you look at Putin's history you can clearly see the pain and suffering he has caused

A WARNING The first schisms in the Roman republic before its later collapse are eerily similar: political norms fell apart; senators took disingenuous positions; corruption; an election was rigged; voters connected with an autocrat’s repugnant rhetoric

Republicans are making a concerted effort to mislead. “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” is pointedly NOT about statutory crimes. In fact, the Constitution doesn’t provide for impeachment for ordinary crimes; they must be “high.” Impeachable wrongdoing must relate to abuse of office.

WATCH: Saturday Night Live airs Christmas special — that’s just one giant dig at the Electoral College

Georgia mayor facing recall over charges of racism resigns from office: report

They’ve done their fiery auditions, now Collins, Jordan, Ratcliffe, and Alan Dershowitz await the announcements: did they get a big part?

I'm sure Kellyanne isn't blatantly flashing a white power sign at a presser... I'm certain it's just a coincidental gesture caught on camera at an awkward moment. I mean... they wouldn't be THAT brazen about it, reich? Reich?

'A far cry from what science tells us is needed' - Lengthy UN climate talks end in compromise, and recrimination

“I know many of them don’t want the president to be impeached, but I’ve got a duty far greater than just getting to the next election.” @LindseyGrahamSC

The Orthodox Church of #Ukraine is marking one year since its break from #Russia’s church hierarchy

“Mafia scion Giovani Gambino, an heir of the Gambino crime family, thinks Giuliani would quickly flip on colleagues if they started to turn on him - much like he did when he went after the most notorious crime families as a federal prosecutor.”

It is not normal for the president to wear campaign merch at what should be a nonpartisan event

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, anti-impeachment Democrat, expected to switch parties after Trump meeting

In other words: "When I am sworn in as a juror, I will lie."

So will @LindseyGrahamSC lie when he takes the impeachment oath all senators must take to be “impartial”?

West Point and Annapolis officials are trying to determine the motives of service academy students who flashed hand signs on national television that in certain contexts are associated with “white power"

Wait, @realDonaldTrump didn’t commit crimes? That’s the new @HouseGOP defense? How about the highest crime against the Constitution? Oh, you want statutory crimes (that he won’t let his DOJ charge him for?) — our Articles of Impeachment lay those out, too. See below

Many on the internet are rightfully upset re what appears to be both Cadets & Midshipmen flashing white power signs. I guarantee both USMA & USNA will investigate & discipline if appropriate. If true, there are always some who find ways to tarnish reputations of organizations

Sure hope both Service Academies rapidly get out results of their investigation into this. Reserve judgment until then. IF it was intended as a White Power symbol they should be terminated.

A former United States Attorney referring to a legitimate constitutional process as a coup. We should ask why, yet the answer is obvious. He’s a criminal, too. Further, if acquittal is such a sure thing in the Senate, why push this coup narrative? They’re all drowning.

By NOT sending Impeachment to the Senate, Nancy Pelosi will: • Neuter Trump & McConnell • Anger Trump — thus, he'll make tactical errors • Prevent Trump from using any sham acquittal as a tool for his re-election • Allow time for more discovery & Trump's taxes to be exposed

Soon to be ex cadets

Lindsey Graham has just made the Senate Judiciary Committee the laughing stock of DC

Thursday’s U.K. election gave Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon a “mandate” for another independence referendum

The New Jersey congressman who is switching parties from d to r just recently endorsed Cory booker for president. Good luck running in a gop primary.

Analysis: What we learned from the Afghanistan Papers

Donald Trump is guilty of abusing his office. What does it mean for America that the Senate will absolve him?

Congress is giving up its status as a coequal branch of government. All because they’re afraid of a mean presidential tweet. Bravery, thine name is not the Republican Party.

Scuffles break out as Adam Schiff speaks at Armenian town hall

Watch @Montel_Williams tell us why EVERYONE needs to know what's in The Mueller Report! Thank you Montel for reading for "America Reads The Mueller Report" and for being fierce!

Wow. @JohnDingell was a WWII veteran who served in Congress for 59 years, longer than anyone in history. He earned the honors he was given, but @realDonaldTrump seems to think a funeral for a veteran / longtime Congressman is a political favor for which he is owed something. SAD!

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy savages Jeff Van Drew over “cynical and desperate” plans to become a Republican, saying he chose his “political career over our Constitution ... Congressman Van Drew is now willing to enable Donald Trump just to try to salvage his own election.”

What’s ironic about Trump being POTUS that those who elected him do not realize is he could not pass a federal civil service exam, not pass the vetting process for a high level appointment, never pass a confirmation hearing for any cabinet or other post. HE’S TOTALLY UNQUALIFIED.

A growing roster of national and regional newspapers say the Senate should take up convincing accusations against Trump of “high crimes and misdemeanors”

Anti-impeachment Democrat Jeff Van Drew meets with Trump to discuss party switch

Only TV is real to him

President Trump on Saturday lit into Fox News’ decision to interview two of his politico foes — James Comey and Rep. Adam Schiff — as an attempt to be “politically correct”

Trumps America #ArmyNavyGame a bunch of cadets throwing up the white power symbol on national television. Hopefully they will face disciplinary action

European countries frustrated by inaction on climate change are taking a lesson from President Trump’s trade wars — and threatening carbon tariffs on laggards like the United States

Mitch McConnell doesn’t get to set the rules. All eyes on vulnerable GOP Senators: Collins Ernst Gardner McSally Sullivan Tillis Plus moderates like Romney.

A lot of people have been asking why Americans aren't taking to the streets. Tuesday is your chance. There will be impeachment protests all over the country.

.@maddow looks at Pam Bondi's uncomfortable interaction with Trump's fraudulent charity and her awkward proximity to elements of the criminal investigation tied to Trump's impeachment, even as she's meant to be working on Trump's impeachment defense.

Ukraine prosecutor clears Joe Biden and son Hunter of wrongdoing

That's enough to buy out Fox News @MikeBloomberg. You could use your money to reprogram the 100 million Americans who have been brainwashed to support Trump even if he were to shoot someone on 5th Avenue.