Wednesday, November 27, 2019

What to tell your white, polite relatives who 'don't do politics at the Thanksgiving table'

“The jump from 2017 to 2018 for the NRA’s officers, directors and highly paid employees included a 57 percent increase for chief executive Wayne LaPierre that boosted his overall compensation to $2.15 million.”

“This will be a special moment for the independence of the judiciary and whether the hyperpartisanship that has infected so much of our culture has also infiltrated the Supreme Court.”

JUST IN: House Judiciary files motion opposing a stay in the McGahn case, saying “the delay from such a stay would impair the House’s ongoing impeachment inquiry.”

"We've now got evidence that, under Boris Johnson, the NHS is on the table and will be up for sale" Jeremy Corbyn reveals documents outlining "secret talks for a deal with Donald Trump after Brexit", saying the election is "now a fight for our NHS"

The wild-eyed theories that have sustained the GOP for several years are now falling like dominoes.

US says Russian troops are destabilizing Libya

Asked why she went to Mar-a-Lago, she said: “I came there to meet president and maybe his family ... and make some other friends, too.”

Trump throws Rudy under the bus with new Ukraine comments

Analysis: The day of Trump’s call with Ukraine’s president, minute-by-minute

๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿผ‍♀️Trump thinks he ran against Obama. The crowd cheering for his statement are just as demented as he is.

Mike Pompeo says he thinks the US and Ukraine should investigate Trump's baseless conspiracy theories about Ukrainian election interference

Paul Erickson pleaded guilty to one charge of wire fraud and one charge of money laundering, both felonies, on Tuesday afternoon in front of U.S. District Judge Karen E. Schreier. Each charge carries a possible maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

Fox News guest nails it: "Why in hell does Tucker Carlson have a job here?"

Pete Buttigieg Called Me. Here's What Happened

According to this testimony, on June 19th there's an e-mail that proves that the order to start questioning the military aid to Ukraine is from the president personally.

A federal judge issued an order Tuesday blocking a Trump administration proclamation that would require immigrants to show proof of health insurance to get a U.S. visa.

Opinion: Pompeo just flirted with Trump’s Ukraine conspiracy theory. This isn’t normal, folks.

A wealthy Venezuelan hosted Giuliani as he pursued Ukraine campaign. Then Giuliani lobbied the Justice Department on his behalf.

Sergii Leshchenko: The true story of Yanukovych’s black ledger

In 1939, there were Americans who cheered the Nazi invasion of Poland

No, the new CNN poll is not good news for Donald Trump on impeachment

"Sandy’s testimony is the first public confirmation that the dispute at the OMB over handling of the Ukraine aid became so intense that it contributed to resignations from the agency."

The Kremlin hates all of us, Dem & Repub alike. They’ll use whatever or whomever they can to cause chaos.They consider us their “main enemy” & always have since the 1917 revolutions. Doesn’t matter that the Soviet Union fell. The same power structures are still at war w the West.

Trump is engaged in serious corruption with Turkey

If Trump withheld aid out of concern with Ukraine corruption, then why did he •Fail to notify Congress about the hold as required by law? •Fail to tell Ukraine about his reason for the hold? •Ignore Pentagon officials who said the hold was illegal?

Cutting off LAF funding is the dumbest thing we could do if we are trying to weaken Hezbollah. As stopping Ukraine aid helped Russia, here the hold empowers Iran to step into the vacuum. And it could lead to the collapse of the country which would be a national security disaster.

NEWS: DOJ, Michael Flynn lawyers jointly ask a federal judge to postpone next month's sentencing for the former Trump national security adviser until after the release of the upcoming DOJ IG report.

There is little that makes me more upset than when Trump and his advisors denigrate judges who rule against them as “Obama Judges.” It is so beyond the pale. It is unAmerican.

Trump had been briefed by White House lawyers about the whistleblower when he released the aid to the Ukraine He was afraid of trouble when he released the aid, because HE KNEW HE'D BEEN CAUGHT

US Justice Dept. Secrecy in McCabe Records Suit Is Challenged

A paper by quant analysts at Robeco could undermine the foundations of the hedge-fund industry

More than 800 filings to seize private property will need to be made in the coming months if the government is going to succeed in building the border wall, officials said.

Trump sounds bad- labored, slurry & maniacal at his FL rally. Stumbles through his Walter Reed trip fantasy. Matt Gaetz looks like he just went on a 3 state killing spree, put a suit on & jumped on stage. Trump, hanging on to the podium, talks a/b DeSantis' muscular body. Normal.

BREAKING: Swedish public Television SVT makes dramatic new discovery of Russian money laundering at SEB Bank. Their discovery includes a trove of new data showing hundreds of millions coming from the Magnitsky affair.

Last month, for the first time on record, the US admitted zero refugees. New international student enrollment is way down. Skilled-worker visa denials have skyrocketed. So yes, tell me again how Trump only wants to reduce “illegal” immigration.

Trump, 11/26: “No, I didn’t direct” Giuliani to work on Ukraine. Trump, 7/25 to the president of Ukraine: “Mr. Giuliani is a highly respected man. I would like him to call you. I will ask him to call you along with the Attorney General. Rudy very much knows what's happening.”

Dear Trump supporters, I’ve seen your future

TRUMP ALLOWED PORK PRODUCERS TO INSPECT THEIR OWN INSTEAD OF THE USDA Half-million pounds of pork products recalled after anonymous tip

"A newly released trove of documents shows that the State Department misled top lawmakers about why U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was removed from her post in May, undercutting the department's official narrative."

Bolton's lawyer claiming that the court's ruling in McGahn's case does not apply to officials who advise on national security. Also below: THREE TIMES the court said the ruling applies to officials who advise on national security.

BREAKING: According to Russian media sources, Cyprus revokes citizenship of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska

I don’t know what’s more disturbing trumps lying psychobabble word salad or the supporters that believe anything he says and blindly cheer him on. His base is a special kind of stupid.

If @DevinNunes was a smart man he would resign from congress and get the fuck out of dodge. But he’s not. He’s going to learn a very important lesson on not messing with the constitution.

JUST IN: House Judiciary announces first impeachment hearing for next Wednesday, titled “Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment.” Witness panel will feature constitutional scholars. Trump’s lawyers will be able to participate & ask questions.

Contained in @realDonaldTrump’s 2020 budget were $1.5 trillion in cuts to Medicaid over the next 10 years; 845 billion reduction to Medicare spending over the next decade; & a roughly $26 billion decrease in Social Security over the next 10 years.

Well turns out Andrew Yang is backed by the Federalist Society which is the group that installed Brett Kavanaugh seriously there is a Facebook page that just posted about their support for him

“The reality is that Tucker and Laura Ingraham and so many others over there continue to toss out ridiculous theories while simultaneously never being called out for their blatant racism and discrimination,” @MrMikeBlake tells The Daily Beast.

Lt. Col. Vindman would have protected the children and athletes who 'Gym' Jordan ignored

#Georgian police about to attack demonstrators at 5 am while they are not even blocking road, merely standing on sidewalks. Dangerous path for #Georgia. #Ivanishvili throwing the country into turmoil

Dershowitz: “Of course the President's not the king. The President's far more powerful than the king. The President has the power that kings have never had. And the Framers wanted it that way." This insults the entire point of the American founding.

General contradicts President Trump: ISIS isn't defeated and 'we don't have an end date'

Scott is reporting that Tom Bowers killed himself last week. Bowers was said to have been an interest of the Feds, as he possessed docs of Deutsche Bank’s wealthiest clients. No suggestions yet about whether his suicide was related to the Feds’ inquiry.

Opinion: Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be fraught. There’s plenty Americans agree on.

Over the next few days, fierce winds from New Mexico to New York could cause power outages and even ground the famous balloons in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Here's what to expect across the country:

Prosecutors and Michael Flynn's lawyers want to suspend Flynn's long-awaited sentencing hearing in December because they won't be fully prepared for it until the DOJ IG's report regarding FBI surveillance as part of its early Russia probe is published

Opinion: Conan the dog was supposed to bring us together. But the White House messed that up, too.

He’s the most dangerous politician of my lifetime. He’s helped transform the GOP into a cult, worshiping at the altar of authoritarianism. He’s damaged our country in ways that may take a generation to undo. Guess who? Hint: It's not Trump.

John Bolton spent more than $1 million with Cambridge Analytica, a company that used online quizzes to hoover up people's personal data.

Mueller investigation did not follow the money on Trump: book

'Presidents are not kings': judge says Trump can't block subpoena

Weissmann: There is no counternarrative to Trump's Ukraine scheme

House committee cites 'pattern of abuse' at OMB over Ukraine aid

Transcript shows OMB resignations over Trump hold on Ukraine aid

House Judiciary Committee Sets Dec. 4 Impeachment Hearing