Sunday, September 10, 2017

Here are tips on how to donate safely to Irma relief — and how to report instances of price gouging and fraud.

Irma Clearwater Live Stream Sunday at 7:20pm.


Priebus, McGahn hire lawyer amid Mueller probe: report

Donald Trump Jr. Makes Offensive Tweet During Irma Emergency Announcement

Stephen Miller’s power grows at White House — despite Trump gatekeeper Kelly’s attempts to shut him out: report

ALERT: Water surrounding Tampa Bay is very low due to the storm. It is dangerous to be walking out there.

Mental note...need education reform badly in FL.

NEW: Mexican ambassador: We have to take Trump's tweets attacking us seriously

Pope Francis: We must defend the rights of immigrants

Why Russian operatives buying American political ads on Facebook is such a big deal

Clinton: Trump's inauguration speech was "a cry from the white nationalist gut"

.Mark Zuckerberg has lawyered up and remains silent for a reason - guilt feelings. What's he hiding?

Advertencia urgente sobre el rápido aumento del agua en la costa suroeste de Florida. Aléjate del agua.

WATCH LIVE on @Twitter: @ABC News Special Report: #Irma moving up west coast of Florida.

Ways To Help As Florida Is Dealt 'Catastrophic' Blow From Irma

REPORT: Donald Trump Jr. Blames Russian Meeting on Hillary Clinton

We cannot emphasize enough how rapid and dangerous the water rise will be AFTER the center of Irma passes a given location in SW Florida.

Epstein, Trump, Dershowitz, underage sex

Local numbers for emergency services and info for U.S. citizens abroad in areas affected by #HurricaneIrma

#BREAKING Hurricane Irma downgraded to Category 3 as it slowly moves north up Florida

Mar-A-Lago Has A Flood Insurance Policy Through The Federal Government

John McCain: Every Life Has to End One Way or Another

Trump picks former energy industry attorney as top EPA air pollution official

JUST IN: Fast-moving tornado reported at Fort Lauderdale International Airport, per @NWSMiami.

The friendly neighborhood Russian spies living in America: Report

Our Views: Congress has a mandate to protect Dreamers

Another Sanctimonious GOP Congressman Caught in an Affair

"For those in Naples, they need to be in their safe place,"

Five things revealed by Congress' Trump-Russia investigations

No, Donald Trump Is Not a Moderate Now

New details emerge about the Kushners' troubled finances and overseas fundraising efforts

Deutsche Bank $7.2 Billion settlement

Rubio on #Irma: Multiple major metropolitan areas being impacted in third largest state in the US....I'm not sure there's a precedent for it

Investigators search Ukrainian offices of Russia's Yandex

“What’s the Deal With Breitbart News and Yandex? Israel? Nothing?”

Teenage girl, 16, who Anthony Weiner sexted reveals her face for the first time as he awaits sentencing and says she was 'disgusted' by his lewd comments and selfies

Crane collapses in Miami during Hurricane Irma.

May 2016: Russian intel officer bragged that GRU was getting ready to pay HRC back for Putin, cause chaos

Wikileaks couriers

Eerie scene in Key Largo, Florida as ocean recedes amid Hurricane #Irma, leaving boat sitting on dry land

Nestled in House Spending Bill: Campaign Finance Deregulation

The U.S. Forest Service will exhaust its funding this week, and unlike Hurricane Harvey, FEMA won’t pitch in

White House just announced a new batch of US attorney nominees. Of the 42 total nominees so far, one is a woman

"Trump’s hostile takeover of the GOP is almost complete"

Dreamer allowed back into the US to sue Trump admin for unlawful deportation

WARNING: Amidst our other disasters, Trump and the GOP still want to gut Medicaid by September 30 | Eclectablog

Paul Ryan spinning it

Wonder if Trump still thinks Climate Change is a hoax?

JUST IN: President Trump approves Puerto Rico disaster declaration

That is one more powerful hurricane folks!

This guy broadcasting #Irma live from Marathon Florida. Crazy winds.

Clearwater Beach - Florida live cam

Make sure you stay informed when the storm hits & the power goes out. - Tips to extended your phone's battery life

FL Gov. Scott as Irma approaches: "Every person in this state is important to us. I'm going to do everything I can to protect every citizen"

To clarify, DO NOT shoot weapons @ #Irma. You won't make it turn around & it will have very dangerous side effects

Avisos de tornado en el sur de la Florida mezclados con mucha lluvia: importante no estar en la calle.

Huracán #Irma pierde velocidad y aumenta la posibilidad de que se intensifique.

Shelter space still available for evacuating residents. See news release for information: — Pinellas County EM

BREAKING: Hurricane #Irma's center shifts west to gain more strength, aims for St. Petersburg, not Tampa

Presentadores en Telemundo 51 sin energía eléctrica en plena transmisión en vivo.

Florida Keys taking the full brunt of Irma. Sustained winds of 130 mph not far off.

More than 50,000 people are seeking refuge at over 300 shelters throughout Florida ahead of Hurricane #Irma

Mayor George Neugent of Monroe County, FL joins @CBSThisMorning by phone from Marathon, FL

There may be 15 ft of storm surge in Naples: "You're talking about structures, homes that could literally float away here,"

At least 11 shelters in Fort Myers, Fl are at capacity ahead of Hurricane Irma hitting the state

Key West HS; (MM 2) Shelter of Last Resort. No services available. Go there if you feel unsafe.

Here is how Florida Gov. Rick Scott escalated potential for catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Irma

Florida opened dozens more shelters as Hurricane Irma reached the state. As more shelters opened, more filled

.@arobach in Miami as #Irma approaches: "It's pretty incredible the winds we are experiencing right could just hear the howling."

WATCH: “We could hear what sounded like the roof beginning to peel off. It did not." @Miguelnbc on spending the night in Florida City

Parts of Florida also had tornado warnings as Irma gets closer. At least one confirmed tornado in Fort Lauderdale

“Here it comes… Irma is here”: @BillWeirCNN reporting live from Key Largo, Florida as Hurricane Irma closes in

Irma puts a bull’s-eye on Tampa

The last major hurricane to make landfall in the Tampa Bay area was in 1921. @JeffGlor reports from St. Pete Beach, Florida.

7-Eleven gives out free water in Florida after thousands of reports of price-gouging

UPDATE: Eye of Irma is abut 30 miles away from the Florida Keys with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph

In Hurricane #Irma’s path with a weak phone connection? Stay up to date with the text-only version of our website

SPECIAL REPORT: Hurricane Irma is closing in on the Florida Keys & the state is bracing for a potential catastrophe

LIVE NOW: @ABC News Special Report: Hurricane #Irma is nearing Florida and has strengthened to a Category 4 storm

This is what Miami Beach looked like Saturday night as the strong outer bands from Hurricane Irma moved onshore


Hurricane Irma live updates: Eye will land soon, with South Florida under flood warning

Sunday: Irma reintensifies into Category 4; western shift heightens Tampa Bay's storm surge risk

These hurricane tips could save your life

Hurricane Irma heads for Florida, with 6.5 million under evacuation orders

#Irma update: More than 170,000 customers in Florida are without power.

5 am 9/10 advisory from #Irma to bring life threatening storm surge and winds to FL today and tonight!

As Hurricane Irma approaches Florida, here's a glimpse at some of the destruction the storm left behind in Cuba

NPR reporters would like to talk to those people riding out Hurricane Irma across Florida. Tell us your story

National Weather Service to those left in the Florida Keys: "The Worst Is Yet To Come" Irma's eye now 40 miles from Key West

All readers have free access to NYT's coverage of Hurricane Irma. We hope our reporting can help people stay safe.

5 AM Sun #Irma update: Winds 130 mph. Moving NW 8 mph. Forecast cone shifts slightly west but wind/tornado threat still for ALL #CFL

Broward County tornado warnings. Stay in middle of house, wear helmet, wrap yourself in protection

#Irma's eye closing in on Key West & vicinity. Less than 20 miles southeast. 5:06 EDT

The worst is yet to come for #Keys. Intense eyewall winds arrive ~7AM.

We created an #Irma rumor control page to help you verify what’s true and what’s not. Visit it here


JUST IN: Hurricane Irma's eyewall is expected to reach Florida Keys between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m, says NWS

Here's the 5am stats and track from the National Hurricane Center. More on Sunrise!

"Paul Ryan predicted in January that tax reform, Obamacare repeal and a border wall would all be done by now."

The politics of barbecue and the legacy of a white supremacist

President Trump’s War on Science

ISIS supporters call for the poisoning of food in grocery stores across the U.S. and Europe

What's Trump's strategy behind rescinding DACA? Listen to the latest episode of "Can He Do That?" f

GOP Miami mayor to Trump: You have to talk about climate change

This nominee for U.S. attorney could fire special counsel Robert Mueller

Colin Kaepernick is now (and may forever be) known for a simple, silent gesture

Trump faith adviser: I regret saying God "lifted up" Trump to the presidency

House Democrats walked out of their committee after GOP reps shut down debate on the Russia investigation

$84,700 will get you a Trump Tower II apartment with a gold-tiled bathtub -- and your kid citizenship

Oct 1 2012: Zuckerberg met with Medvedev near Moscow & discussed a "plan for a Facebook research centre in Russia."

We’re in an information war with Russia. It’s time we started acting like it.

How Washington lobbyists fought flood insurance reform


Technology brought us fake news — and it will help us kill it

Next Stop for the Steve Bannon Insurgency: China

For NATO, September 11 changed everything too, it was the first time ever Article 5 was invoked

The Trump administration’s brief in the Supreme Court's anti-gay baker case is cynical, dishonest, and embarrassing.

Trump review leans toward proposing mini-nuke

I just published “How To Protect Yourself From The Equifax Hack” — Eric Schneiderman

President's closest ally thinks John Kelly doesn't like Trump, report claims

Confidence in Putin’s handling of world affairs is generally low, but in many nations he is more trusted than Trump

Amid tension, Trump and Turkey's Erdogan agree to strengthen ties

NPR looked at the registered address of Rinat Akhmetshin's supposed 'adoption charity' and found no one works there.

More White, More Male, More Jesus: CIA Employees Fear Pompeo Is Quietly Killing the Agency’s Diversity Mandate

Mueller to intvw WH staffers about #obstruction. Here's why @VP Pence should be worried

George Clooney: "Steve Bannon is a failed f-cking screenwriter"

Russian Billionaire Yuri Milner [investor in Kushner's Cadre] owns 7% stake in Facebook → $550M investment