Monday, November 2, 2020

#BREAKING: A federal judge in Texas has ruled that about 127,000 ballots cast in Harris County via curbside voting are valid and cannot be thrown out, despite a last-minute lawsuit on behalf of a group of Republican candidates and activists.


“In unguarded moments, Mr. Trump has for weeks told advisers that he expects to face intensifying scrutiny from prosecutors if he loses. He is concerned not only about existing investigations in New York, but the potential for new federal probes as well”


Whatever Trump Says About the Election Results, Reply ‘Fuck You, and Keep Counting’


Let your Catholic friends know, Pope Francis says to VOTE FOR JOE


Threatening federal protectees at an airport seems like a lot of potential federal criminal charges


Leave it to Russia to fan the QAnon flames


Holy shit! Senator Marco Rubio publicly endorses the attack from Trump supporters against Joe Biden's campaign bus in Texas, currently investigated by the FBI.


World Reacts. US Election.“Trump victory would mark a sea change for US relationship with the rest of the world... that Washington has given up its aspirations for global leadership and abandoned any notion of moral purpose on the international stage.”


Wisconsin voters: If you are hospitalized or have COVID-19 symptoms, you can still vote tomorrow. Check out this article for more information.


All eyes on the Murdochs as Fox juggles election news and pro-Trump talk shows


If I have the honor of being elected president, I will take care of your family like I would my own.


Well, looks like something got lit up in Moscow. #Russia


Russian state media is making a final push for Trump by airing excerpts of the so-called “Hunter Biden sex tapes” during primetime, almost daily


Betsy DeVos' ex-chief of staff Josh Venable: "I cannot vote for the Republican nominee for president. For the good of the party I have supported ... but more importantly, for the sake of the country I love, I implore all patriotic Republicans to join me."


GOP Election lawyer: “Trump has failed the test of leadership. His bid for reelection is foundering. And his only solution has been to launch an all-out, multimillion-dollar effort to disenfranchise voters”


America Is About to Choose How Bad the Pandemic Will Get


When Trump Org CFO Allen Weisselberg’s son married in 2004, Trump’s gift: was use of an apartment rent-free, worth hundreds of thousands, other relatives received benefits including son Jack who later joined Trump lender Ladder Capital


Trump finally had a real crisis on his hands—an opportunity to prove he might actually have the ability to act presidential—and he blew i


Why Trump Can’t Afford to Lose


The man who slathers makeup and pays $70,000 for hair care believes wearing a mask is not “manly”


“You could not possibly be positioned more poorly," Dr. Anthony Fauci said of the state of the pandemic in the U.S. as the country heads into winter.


Perhaps the self-styled originalists would accomplish their goal if they actually practiced what they preach, @FareedZakaria writes


The new cover of the @NewYorker, illustrated by Barry Blitt


Woman in NYC is denied her right to vote despite arriving on time & waiting on line


“You can never exaggerate the thug that he is,” Speaker Pelosi said about Trump


When I was a kid, an asthma attack almost killed me. Thanks to my father’s bravery, a rural hospital, and two white nurses who did the right thing, I’m here with you today.


Federal judge orders U.S. Postal Service to use Express Mail to deliver as many ballots as possible by tomorrow


.@JoeBiden, I previously told you about Jaime. This is the last picture I took of her, the day before she was murdered, a victim of gun violence. I look forward to working with you to save lives and standing with you when as President you sign gun safety legislation into law.


The length of the column from the march of Seniors is impressive.


"Belarus opposition leader calls on EU to step up sanctions against regime"


Trump Fans Stranded in the Cold for Hours, Yet Again, After Georgia Rally: Report


William Barr: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver


John Oliver criticizes Trump's coronavirus response and calls attorney general William Barr "dangerous" in supersized 'Last Week Tonight'


While talking about Jared Kushner on @LastWeekTonight, John Oliver referenced this piece from @DanLGolden on how the eventual Trump son-in-law got into Harvard:


Are you there, God? It's me again, Bette. We're scared. We have a fascist in the #WhiteHouse, a racist criminal who hates democracy, denies science & kills our citizens! #ElectionDay is in two days. What if he wins? We won't have a country! Please let #JoeBiden win. Thank you.


President Trump suggested late Sunday at a Florida rally that he may fire Dr. Fauci after Tuesday’s election


The tubby Taliban.


Donald Trump’s COVID-19 response has been the greatest failure of presidential leadership in our nation’s history.


Just in—El Paso County is having to set up another 4th mobile morgue at the medical examiner’s office due to overwhelming surge of #COVID19 deaths. ➡️ When was their earlier 3rd mobile morgue unit? ***just yesterday***.


The Russian ruble tumbled past 80 against the dollar, its weakest level since March as tighter lockdowns in Europe threatened oil demand


FiveThirtyEight average two days out: 2016 election: Clinton +2.8 Hillary Clinton 45.0% Donald Trump 42.2% 2020 election: Biden +8.6 Joe Biden 52.0% Donald Trump 43.4%


Are you sick of all the chaos that @realDonaldTrump has caused? Restore law and order by firing @POTUS. Vote. If you are voting by mail, don’t mail your ballot. Bring it to a drop box or polling location. And don’t forget the stupid secrecy envelope.


The White House on lockdown: A federal law enforcement source tells NBC that beginning tomorrow, crews will build a “non-scalable” fence to secure the WH complex, Ellipse and Lafayette Square. 250 National Guardsmen have been put on standby, reporting to Metro Police officials.


The crowd at Trump's Florida rally last night started to yell: "Fire Fauci! Fire Fauci! Fire Fauci! Fire Fauci! Fire Fauci! " Trump responds with: "Don't tell anybody, but let me wait until a little bit after the election..."


Call 866-OUR-VOTE if your access to a voting site is blocked Tuesday


Trump’s war on student visas raises election stakes for colleges


Check the people who funded both. The similarities might be quite compelling.


Repeat after me: Trump does NOT get to declare who’s victorious after the election. OUR VOTES do.#CountEveryVote


President Trump has survived one impeachment, 26 accusations of sexual misconduct, and an estimated 4,000 lawsuits. That run of good luck may end, perhaps brutally, if he loses the election.


Have you voted yet??? I'm proud to be a part of this initiative that opens up over 70 sports arena for socially-distanced voting. If you haven't voted already, bring a friend & find your local arena:


Speaker Pelosi says that all three Supreme Court justices appointed by Trump should recuse themselves from cases tied to potential election disputes because they have a conflict of interest. "I don't trust the Supreme Court one bit."


Constitutional-law expert Mark Tushnet has proposed a bipartisan commission to investigate the many ways the DOJ shattered norms under Trump. He spoke with @MrJDWalsh about what its aim would be, and whether it would be feasible in such a divided country


He. Does. Not. Care. About. You. Yes, this is the THIRD FUCKING TIME he's done this *this week*


8th Hong Kong democrat arrested following chaotic legislative meeting, as lawmakers decry ‘political oppression’


Seven pro-democracy politicians face charges after a skirmish in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council earlier this year


Let the silence of George W. Bush, Jeb Bush and the entire Bush clan finally close the book on the fantasy that the Bushes possess even a drop of genuine leadership or moral courage.


Herman Cain's Daughter Opens Up About His COVID Death and the Public Reaction: 'It Was One of the Worst Times' "We're still trying to make heads and tails of what happened," she said


Dear @realDonaldTrump: Where is the vaccine?


What the next US president does or doesn't do over the next four years will have a profound impact on the whether the world is able to avert the worst effects of climate change, scientists, policy makers and activists say.


Dear Donald...


Fans of BTS and K-pop are beating QAnon and MAGA supporters at their own game: In the past few months, K-pop fans have hijacked QAnon and MAGA hashtags and have led get-out-the-vote efforts against the president


BREAKING: Federal Court enters order in NAACP case against Postal Service adopting procedures to ensure mailed ballots are delivered by deadlines imposed by states. Requires use of express mail network, all ballots to be postmarked & plants to clear all ballots for delivery.


Trump's Scottish businesses have received around £250,000 from his own government, but the bill may be much higher. My @TheScotsman analysis on what we know, and what we don't, about the tensions between the US president's public office & private firms:


Powerful message: “New Jersey will never get anywhere under President Trump”


President Trump before getting on stage in NC laid out his election legal strategy: flood the zone with lawsuits in places like PA and NV on election night. He said, “We're gonna go in, the night of, as soon as that election's over, we're going in with our lawyers.”


A false and deceptively edited video of Joe Biden making it appear the Democratic presidential nominee forgot what state he was in was viewed more than one million times on Twitter over the weekend.