Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Holy shit. Trump wants to deport refugees from the VIETNAM WAR

Claiming North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat or that the Saudi crown prince is not accountable for a murder may bolster Trump’s false narrative, but in the end, it erodes our standing in the world"

FBI head of counterintelligence Bill Priestap: Chinese efforts to supplant the US as the "world's sole superpower" "the most severe counterintelligence threat facing our country today"

Quit over-analyzing this president. He isn't a typical politician. Send the crime beat reporters.

.@BarackObama released Iranian assets that were frozen. @realDonaldTrump wants $5B taxpayer dollars for a vanity wall as his @SenateGOP comrades say they can’t afford $1.1B over 10 years for benefits for Vietnam War Navy Vets.

Sen. James Inhofe Bought Defense Stock Days After Pushing For Record Pentagon Spending—Then Dumped It When Asked About It

This statement from the Special Counsel’s office today should concern the President: Michael Cohen “has provided our office with credible and reliable information about core Russia-related issues under investigation and within the purview of the Special Counsel's Office.”

Good day to revisit the issue of the National Enquirer in supermarkets across America on Election Day 2016

Fox News' Judge Napolitano pulled no punches, saying we now know that Trump "committed a felony"

Defying Trump and McConnell, Senate votes 60-37 to start debating measure to end US backing for the Saudi-led war in Yemen. 11 Republicans joined all Democrats in support.

Lisa Korbatov, who introduced Broidy to a Nigerian American dealmaker, was involved in a murky 2008 real estate deal w/Trump

.@RepAdamSchiff tells @CNN that the House Intel Committee is already in touch with Cohen’s lawyer about bringing him in to testify, potentially before he begins his prison sentence in March.

No longer just Cohen versus Trump. AMI, the parent company of the National Enquirer, backs Cohen on the record. We now have multiple witnesses saying Trump committed a felony to secure his election.

BREAKING: Senate votes 50-49 to overthrow new Treasury Dept policy that no longer requires some 501(c) tax-exempt nonprofits—including politically active "dark money" groups—to disclose donor names & addresses (which already were not public under prior IRS policy) in tax returns.

JUST IN: U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May survived a crucial no-confidence vote this evening, avoiding the prospect of a bitter leadership contest within her own party.

THREAD RE INDICTING PRESIDENT. Trump’s defenses to campaign finance vio crumbling rapidly, partic after AMI admission. I predict the only thing he has left is idea sitting President cant be indicted. This thread fleshes out aspects of that, expands on NYT

Former Acting Solicitor General of United States.