Monday, April 16, 2018

NEXT: A new Playboy model just revealed her affair with Trump and she has photos to prove it

.@Comey: “A person who sees moral equivalence in Charlottesville, who talks about and treats women like they're pieces of meat, who lies constantly about matters big and small...that person's not fit to be president of the United States, on moral grounds.”

New York Times, Washington Post win Pulitzers for Trump-Russia coverage

New York Times, Washington Post win Pulitzers for Trump-Russia coverage

Basically Every Time Hannity Has Defended Michael Cohen on His Show Since the FBI Raid

The legal battle over the documents the FBI seized from President Trump's personal attorney last week led to a surprising revelation about Michael Cohen's list of clients.

"By any standards of any normal newsroom, the Cohen-Hannity relationship is a glaring conflict of interest. Fox is not a normal newsroom. And Hannity's viewers are not typical news viewers..."

"For years, Mr. Cohen has acted like he is above the law," Stormy Daniels says amid legal battle over Michael Cohen's seized materials.

Shep Smith: "Hannity's producers are working to contact him...a lot of people here know his number, so we'll get on that in just a second."

On Fox News, Juan Williams weighs in on Hannity: "The question for me is why Sean didn't disclose this earlier."

An important point: Comey says "collusion" is not the issue. The real question, he points out, is whether Trump associates were aiding and abetting the Russian attack on the 2016 election.

Judge denies Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's request for temporary restraining order

Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti: "Depending on what is contained within those documents, I think there is significant danger to the president. The president trusted Mr. Cohen as his fixer for years...and I think the chickens are about to come home to roost."

Sean Hannity spent last week ranting about the Cohen raid. He didn’t mention he’s Cohen’s client.

The @CommonsCMS committee just published audio tapes of Cambridge Analytica and LeaveEU directors discussing 'clever' Nazi propaganda tactics... yep, Nazis...

"Michael Cohen is radioactive, and anybody that was associated with him in the last 20 to 30 years should be very, very concerned. What we witnessed earlier in the hearing with the disclosure relating to Sean Hannity proved my point."

Knock knock RU about to get shell-shocked. We reported July 20 2017 on Sean Hannity and Fox News. First on #patribotics

Trump has arrived at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, per pool.

"I have occasionally had brief discussions with him about legal questions about which I wanted his input and perspective." Fox News host Sean Hannity responds to news that he is Michael Cohen's third mystery client

Hannity Tweets Denial

Watch Fox News report on Michael Cohen representing Sean Hannity

UPDATE: Hannity's radio show, scheduled to start at 3PM is a train wreck. First 10 mins was music and clips of the Comey interview. Then Hannity came on and said they'd continue to play the Comey interview while he though about whether to say something

Now why would @seanhannity have a Russian mob & Kremlin connected lawyer who’s under criminal investigation, and fail to mention it while covering (aka propagandizing) Cohen’s FBI raid? You know, considering Cohen doesn’t do much (if any) legal work.

BREAKING: Michael Cohen's previously unnamed third client is Sean Hannity.

Michael Cohen's previously unnamed third client is SEAN HANNITY.

Breaking: Trump puts the brake on new Russian sanctions, reversing Haley’s announcement

Here is our Opposition (just filed) to Mr. Cohen’s attempt to delay our case based on his intention to plead the Fifth Amendment.

Media surround @StormyDaniels walking to courthouse

US, UK warn of Russian hackers targeting millions of routers

Pres. Trump's personal attorney arrives at New York City courthouse for hearing over FBI search of his files

The #GOPTaxScam opened the door for a deluge of corporate buybacks that benefit CEOs and shareholders, NOT the average worker. WATCH

Panelist responds: "Let's not terrify the Europeans." State TV host adds: "Let's stick to terrifying the Americans."

NEW: The lawyer for @StormyDaniels says that if President Trump or Michael Cohen want to delay her civil suit because of the FBI raids, they need to say how the criminal investigation overlaps with her civil lawsuit.

President Trump is again twisting facts when it comes to former FBI director James Comey's disclosure of Clinton investigation, an Associated Press fact check finds

Trump accuses China and Russia of devaluing their currencies

Democratic senators are asking for what they say is the 5th time that CIA Director Mike Pompeo declassify information related to the background of his nominated replacement, Gina Haspel

.@USGAO: “EPA violated section 710 when it failed to notify the appropriations committees prior to obligating in excess of $5,000 for the installation of a soundproof privacy booth for the office of the Administrator during the period of his appointment.”

BREAKING: Senior Russian diplomat says chemical weapons watchdog cannot access site of attack near Damascus without a U.N. permit

On pressure Comey felt because of FBI leaks if he didn’t announce he was re-opening Clinton investigation just before the election:

We filed a criminal complaint against Cambridge Analytica. Here’s how the group is connected to Donald Trump:

This is a significant WAPO scoop. Must Read. Trump started swearing and yelling at staffers when he saw that the US was being portrayed as being the toughest on Russia with respect to the expulsion of Russian intel officers.

Sounds like someones in big trouble with the boss man.

#Russia's state TV discusses @WSJ report that Trump's original plan included strikes on Russian air defenses in #Syria. Alexander Losev (member of Russian Council on Foreign & Defense Policy), says that in that case, 500 million Europeans wld have been reduced to radioactive ash

Carl Icahn sells Tropicana casinos in $1.85 billion deal

Someone needs lawyer money ?

Ex-Dem lawmaker: I wasn’t planning to read Comey book until I saw Trump’s "pants-wetting Twitter meltdown"

Go. Fight. Win. Please help fund our Rohrabacher billboard.

Michael Cohen "has suggested to people close to him that perhaps he should act as his own attorney, because he may be the most apt person to defend himself."

Remarkable story - Trump unaware of what his admin doing with regards to Russia, seeking not to ‘lead’ Response, consistent w/ Comey comments that Trump team not concerned about Russia threat in Jan 2017

.@Franklin_Graham: “I just appreciate that we have a man in office that understands the power of prayer and the need for prayer.”

Trump’s U.S. businesses have received at least $15,100,000 in revenue from political groups and federal agencies since 2015, according to a new report obtained by McClatchy.

Comey says he believes the source of the Steele ‘dossier’ to be 'credible'

With so much talk of leaks this week, here's a timely reminder that this tweet was one of the most impactful leaks in the past couple years. It came from Congress. I don't think it was ever investigated.

Inside the GOP’s late push to stop Trump ‘It’s too little, too late,’ says a Republican official.

Rudy Giuliani, Jim Kallstrom, and their allies in the NY office of the FBI need to be held to account.

Trump might survive firing Rosenstein or even Mueller. The reason: Fox

For Putin and Trump, the worst is yet to come

I'm sorry for my miscommunication yesterday I said that we should all walk out of wherever you are on 4/20 that was a mistake on my end and is no longer the case. This is what the Columbine community would like to see on 4/20.

"I don't think anybody, when they're communicating with their attorney, wants the government to be looking at it": a former federal prosecutor reacts to President Trump's lawyers arguing against the FBI search of personal attorney Michael Cohen

James Comey said firing Robert Mueller would be "the most serious attack yet on the rule of law." Highlights from the ABC interview

Opinion: Trump’s Syria strike was meant to project strength. It did the opposite.

ICE cold: How a loyal Obama bureaucrat became the face of Trump's deportation force

A hedge-fund manager is working to flip the House and/or Senate because "Republicans in Congress have failed to hold the president accountable."

Lots of Money for lots of sexual affairs with lots of women

Rusal extends worst week on record amid uncertainty over the Russian aluminum producer’s future following U.S. sanctions

Just How Dangerous Is Donald Trump?

In promoting highly dubious fiscal plans, turning his back on bipartisan initiatives, enabling Trump, and championing a costly and inequitable tax-reform bill, Paul Ryan let down the country. But he failed by his own lights, too.

Facebook’s next big headache: Europe

Comey: Not an overstatement to say it’s a dangerous time for our country

Here's #Trump's 2017 New Years appearance with Joseph "Joey No Socks" Cinque – an associate of the Gambino crime family boss, John "Teflon Don" Gotti. Joey stole art for a living, was arrested for fraud and larceny, and is a felon. It's not "like the mob": it is.

This is the week we know, with increasing certainty, that we are entering the last phase of the Trump Presidency. This doesn’t feel like a prophecy; it feels like a simple statement of the apparent truth


Robert Mercer got a new badge. The sheriff got a new Dodge Ram

Russian journalist who covered Wagner Group mercenary deaths in Syria dies after "falling from balcony"

Last week the U.S. bombed Syria, but not much changed. Heres what you need to know

"Last Week Tonight" host shows how big business pays very little.


Trump asks federal judge to block authorities from reviewing materials seized during Cohen raid

How Comey learned he’d been fired; the surreal aspect of watching his own airplane take off on national news after being humiliated by the White House; his final landing sitting up in the cockpit with the FBI pilots; and, of course, the coffee cup of wine...

Man pictured with Michael Cohen group accused of racist threat in 1998

Report: Cohen Killed Donald Trump Jr.–Aubrey O’Day Affair Story

Pence's new top national security adviser lasts just 2 days on the job after being falsely accused of being a "never Trump" Republican.

G.O.P. Pollster Withdraws From Role Advising Both Pence and Haley

James Comey book details: How the death of infant son shaped him as a leader

Around 2013, Michael Cohen succeeded in killing an Us Weekly story about an affair between Don Jr. and a “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant. In talks w/the magazine, Cohen “became so irate that they muted the call while he spoke.

SCOOP: Trump erupted at staffers after the US announced the expulsion of 60 Russian officials. He said they misled him about the size of the purge. The moment follows a pattern of his staff pushing tough Russia policies on him that he later fumes over

Comey: Trump may be compromised by Russia

Few politicians are talking about removing the president — but two TV shows are

COMEY on his firing: [John Kelly] was very upset. He was very emotional and said he had seen the news and that he intended to resign because he wouldn't work for people who would treat someone like me in such a dishonorable way and that he was going to quit.

FEMA’s plan underestimated Puerto Rican hurricane

Another white collar lawyer turns down Trump

#Russia's state TV: Propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov claims that "#Syria strikes and #Skripal poisoning are part of the same Anglo-Saxon provocation," alleges that both were "staged." The screen reads: "Chemical circus."

Here's the full transcript from tonight's interview with James Comey.

‘Rip Him Apart’: Trump Glued to James Comey Book Blitz as Feud Escalates

Partisan tensions rise as bill to protect Mueller from Trump is delayed

Ruble slides as Russia awaits fresh U.S. sanctions over Syria

Tennessee Republican Rep. John Duncan may have spent $100,000 in campaign funds on personal expenses, including a trip to a luxury resort.

Led by Fox News, pro-Trump media fuels false narrative to accuse Facebook of censorship

What are the Russians doing in the oval office?

Comey "can be a showboat, as the president has said. But it's also true that he speaks from a deep ethical place, and he's saying some things that he thinks the country NEEDS to say and needs to HEAR,"

Comey admits his family all “passionate[ly]” supported Clinton, family friends worked for Hillary

James Comey describes Oval Office meeting in which he says Trump asked him to back off of Michael Flynn: "It's certainly some evidence of obstruction of justice."

James Comey detailed his dinner with Trump where Trump lied about his inauguration crowd size, and Comey realized that Trump is a liar

Comey calls Trump unfit for office.

Michael Cohen used the same Delaware LLC to handle Elliott Broidy’s Playboy model payoff as he used for the Stormy Daniels payoff, WSJ reports.

Dick's Sporting Goods is not playing around. Instead of returning the assault-rifles it pulled from their shelves back to the manufacturer, they have chosen to destroy them all and their ability to take countless lives instead. Amazing.

New filing in In the Matter of Search Warrants Executed on April 9, 2018: Letter Motion

Comey: Trump Wouldn't Shut Up About The Inauguration Crowd Size To Me, Either

Trump's lawyers argue against FBI search of Michael Cohen's records in new filing