Tuesday, June 26, 2018

"He couldn’t be more ignorant. He's a supernova of ignorance ....He scapegoats minority populations & affixes blame to them for every problem the country faces ..."

MSNBC put together video of Trump calling for a Muslim ban, smearing Muslims as "terrorists," and saying things like "we have to check the mosques" and "I think Islam hates us." SCOTUS ruled none of that matters.

BREAKING: Judge Ellis DENIES Paul Manafort's motion to dismiss his Virginia indictment. This was his challenge in the Virginia case to Mueller's appointment.

"This must bring us together as a country and power us forward as a nation. And we will, mark my words, we will win," @RepJoeKennedy (D-MA) said following the Supreme Court ruling upholding President Trump's travel ban.

Mueller says Putin associate Yevgeny Prigozhin should be barred from seeing evidence unless he appears in court to defend himself

“I imagine that Neil Gorsuch has in every instance ruled the way Mitch McConnell wanted him to."

BREAKING: SCOTUS has upheld Trump’s Muslim ban. This is not the first time the Court has been wrong, or has allowed official racism and xenophobia to continue rather than standing up to it.

Someone who has defended treason against the United States, pines for the days of slavery and advocated for banning our brave transgender troops from serving is not fit to lead the VA.

The profound ripple effects of Mitch McConnell’s Garland gambit

Exclusive: Pope urges press freedom, cites case of jailed Reuters reporters

Trump said this in front of a bunch of lawmakers sitting around the table at the WH. They know this business about 5000 judges is false. Not one of them will tell him this is not true.

GOP lawmaker: Trump admin phone number for migrant family reunification didn’t work

Republicans brace for immigration failure

Poll: Trump's approval rating plummets

NEW: The Trump Administration has targeted the elimination of pre-existing condition protections through the courts.

Trump’s trade war with China could cost Iowa farmers hundreds of millions of dollars, but Republicans in the state without hesitation remain behind him

Reality Winner to enter guilty plea over espionage charge for leaking classified NSA documents to The Intercept.

Trump warns Harley-Davidson of "big tax" for moving production outside US over tariffs:

The free press is what ensures our freedom. Trump is trying to undermine the free press because they can hold him accountable when he violates our rights.

It’s no secret the Kremlin has long dreamt of a US civil war. Below are examples of Russian trolls fomenting division. Watch out for agitators trying to rile people up at the #FamiliesBelongTogether protests. They need a violent spectacle. Don’t give it to them.

Mueller Poised to Zero In on Trump-Russia Collusion Allegations

Torture is a mortal sin! Christian communities must commit themselves to helping victims of torture. — Pope Francis

Two women are demanding investigations into their allegations of sexual abuse at an immigration detention center be reopened and that the facility be audited for compliance with federal law.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders adopts the mantle of grievance

The conservative bloc under Chief Justice John Roberts has made it plain that concerns about race discrimination simply do not carry the weight of earlier eras.

"Factory workers and farmers are slowly learning that President Trump’s fanatical protectionism — plus Congress’s economic absenteeism — has left them painfully unprotected" & increasingly battered.

If by “freedom” @FoxNews means over 300,000 American lives lost over the last 10 years then yes, freedom is staining America’s streets.

I went through basic training at Ft McClellan next to a chemical company that contaminated our water. They likely caused thousands of vets, including me, to get cancer.@realDonaldTrump this isn’t a PR nightmare. It’s an actual nightmare. Fix it. Now

The Law Did Not Create This Crisis, but Lawyers Will Help End It

Loyalty to Trump demands a lack of character

Voters head to the polls in 7 states: What to watch

11 curious quotes from Trump tonight. What's the best way to cover a speech like this? What should journos tell readers/viewers about it?

Pompeo defends Trump agenda in face of global anger over tariffs, migrants

No you haven’t. You fired DIRFBI Comey over the #KremlinGate probe, and you + treasonous gaggle have committed numerous acts of Obstruction of Justice to interfere with it. Facts matter.

Singapore scare highlights U.S. anxiety over mystery injuries

The biggest risk to the robust economy, many analysts say, is Trump himself.

But remember - we’re supposed to feel sorry because an ornery white lady couldn’t eat at her restaurant of choice

"Trump Supporters Boo A CNN Reporter, Then Ask Him For Selfies"

Most active shooters get their guns legally—including at least 40 percent who obtain weapons “specifically for the purpose of perpetrating the attack."

Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi, the latest Republican martyr to resent being judged by the content of their character, instead of the color of their skin, primly declares: “I'm not going to be bullied.” She can, however, be bribed.

"We need int'l cooperation & effective law enforcement responses to stop organized crime networks & drug traffickers, with full respect for human rights and in accordance with int'l standards & norms."

How China Got Sri Lanka to Cough Up a Port

Supreme Court won’t hear North Carolina partisan redistricting case for now

IMPORTANT: this is a really big step forward! The UK Electoral Commission has come out agreeing that we need urgent reforms to protect our democracy from evolving threats online. The cheating that happened in the Brexit referendum must never be repeated.

Hillary Clinton says US citizens could lose right to due process under Trump

Sean Spicer Developing TV Talk Show

Trump's can’t get re-elected with his approval at 41 percent but how that many people approve of his presidency shows how uneducated USA voters have become. Democracy demands education. Putin to the rescue?

MJ Hegar - Doors

"Any person who seizes or detains and threatens…to continue to detain another person in order to compel a third party…to do…any act as an explicit or implicit condition for the release of the hostage commits the offence of taking of hostages"

We Have a Crisis of Democracy, Not Manners

A child fired a loaded gun he found in a couch at IKEA

Something strange is happening. Federal workers hit by the OPM hack — according to all public reports a Chinese espionage operation — are getting their identities stolen and we don’t know why or how. I’m pressing OPM and the Justice Department for answers.

Source: Trump told Sanders to open briefing with ‘Red Hen’ incident

In a stunning op-ed, the CEO of facial recognition company Kairos argues that the technology’s bias and capacity for abuse make it too dangerous for govt use. Kairos will refuse to sell its technology to governments.

Meet Putin’s top influencers behind Russia’s election attack on America

Asylum seekers fleeing extreme violence and poverty are being told by our government they can have their kids back if they voluntarily deport themselves. This is unconscionable.

SOCTUS mainly upholds Texas's gerrymander, which a lower court had found to be racially discriminatory. A 5-4 decision, with Gorsuch in the majority and authored by Alito.

I have put the head of HHS on notice that when he testifies before Congress tomorrow, I plan to ask him a series of questions regarding his agency’s efforts to reunite 2,300 children who separated from their parents and I expect answers.

Trump tweet blurt ruins legal defense of his own border policy

Rachel Maddow points out that Donald Trump's tweeted criticism of due process for migrants will surely come back to haunt any legal defense of his administration's defense of his immigration policy.

NYC using health professionals, lawyers to help separated kids

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio talks with Rachel Maddow about what New York City is doing to help children separated from their family members by Donald Trump's "zero tolerance" border policy.

Dallas US Attorney announces indictment of 57 members and associates of White Supremacist gangs in kidnapping and drug conspiracies. 42 arrested last week. 9 already in custody. 6 at large. One person kidnapped & tortured. Over 500g Methamphetamine.

Mayor de Blasio: Some kids are too young to even know their parent's name.

‘Get the f*ck out of here’: Trump supporter attacks Jim Acosta and revs up the crowd against CNN in South Carolina

NOAA’s Research Just Shifted from Climate Change to “Empowering the Economy” and “National Security”

Trump freezes funding for Palestinian aid: report