Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Alt Nat Park Ser: RT demopinions: Watch on #Periscope: Oceti Sakowin Camp eviction day.

Today's deadline for Dakota Access Pipeline protesters to pack up & go home is the latest plot point on our timeline

Is Steve Bannon going against the wishes of Trump?

Andrea Mitchell Reports 2/22/17
Rick Stengel, former Undersecretary of State, and Christine Wormuth, former Undersecretary of Defense, comment on the current status of Donald Trump's secretaries and appointments. Duration: 6:49

WATCH: Dakota Access pipeline protesters brace for a showdown. More here

Americans get creative in search for "missing" Republican members of Congress

NEW VIDEO: Intelligence Community leaks have already destroyed Michael Flynn. Does Trump realize he's next?

One Republican, Susan Collins, would be willing to subpoena Trump's taxes

Pres Trump doesn't have legal authority to unilaterally transform state police officers into federal immigration enforcement agents

Rep. Keith Ellison discusses how he predicted Trump would win.

Top aide of French far-right candidate Marine Le Pen charged in probe into money spent on Parliament jobs

The Trump admin says it's going to deport non-Mexicans to Mexico Except Mexican officials call it a "non-starter"

"Poll: Donald Trump is losing his war with the media"

CIA analyst quits over Trump disregard for intelligence. WATCH

White House says GOP town hall backlash is a "hybrid" of real concern and "manufactured" anger. your own peril.

A blog that gained notoriety for publishing false rumors is now accredited to cover the White House.

CPAC, Simon & Schuster learn the hard way that Breitbart is the worst

Joe Scarborough: There Are Some Lines Trump Can't Cross

The President has been known to push the envelope but, according to Joe, Americans must stand up to him when necessary.

Joe Scarborough Says The GOP Will Be Judged For The Next Fifty Years

The 'Morning Joe' host says the actions of Americans, especially Republican Senators, will be scrutinized for decades to come.

Mike Pence

Fox News Lady Teaches Trump Idiot Stephen Miller About Weird ‘Checks And Balances’ Thing

Police surround Standing Rock camps in push to evict remaining activists

Report: Sessions and Trump forced DeVos to rescind trans school protections:


Deceptive Editing And Actors: Tucker Carlson’s Underhanded Practices Exposed

Russia accuses Western media, including The New York Times, Bloomberg and NBC, of spreading fake news

Watch Mitch McConnell Give No Shits and Laugh At Angry Constituents.

He had his agenda and everyone else can go screw. The enabler of our Russian culled President. May he face a firing squad one day

Jeff Sessions is in charge of enforcing the Violence Against Women Act, and people are scared

Anti-Defamation League's New York headquarters receives bomb threat

Army Corps of Engineers on the WRONG side of history, morality DAPL the New "Wounded Knee"

We have deployed legal observers to Standing Rock to monitor today's evacuation.

Dakota Access Pipeline expected "complete and ready to flow oil" in as soon as two weeks, developer says.

Le Pen aides taken into French police custody

As if Bannon didn't know about Milo. Prob partakes himself....

Gall darned Putin

Salon sat down with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse to talk about President Trump and the future of politics

Color us shocked: EPA Chief Was Arm in Arm With Industry

GOP is pretty evil getting their henchmen in the land of the best and brightest, we get this.

As some DAPL protesters burn down camp to leave, others say they will defy evacuation deadline

CPAC's chairman denounced the “alt-right” but will still be hosting a panel that will feature Stephen Bannon

Trump's New Order Just Left These Military Families Without Child Care

Success in Business

Is the “deep state” a threat to Donald Trump — or to democracy?

Investigation underway to identify people who placed banner reading "refugees welcome" at base of Statue of Liberty

Land of the free! Home of the brave! O Canada!

MaddowBlog: Trump's lawyer responds to Russia questions with evolving answers

LOL the Trumps are the fucking griftiest

New Randy Rainbow - A Verse From the Book Of Moron

A federal judge temporarily blocked Texas from cutting off Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood

Steve King Has Terrific Plan To Give All Public Schools’ Money To The Duggar Family!

As deadline to evacuate the Standing Rock campsite looms, some Dakota Access Pipeline protesters vow to stay put

In an open letter to President Trump, 65 writers and artists urged him to reconsider his visa ban

Appeals court: The Second Amendment doesn’t protect the right to assault weapons.

Getting used to a president who has turned America’s word into junk is not easy. Europeans are reeling.

Many Republicans chose not to hold town halls, wary of protests that might greet them. Others gamely faced the music

"The task for many of us now is not to resist Trump. It’s to figure out how to replace him."

Could President Trump really deport millions of unauthorized immigrants?

Trump's new security advisor differs from him on Russia, other key issues

Trump did not graduate top of his class

"You work for us!" Lawmakers holding town halls in their districts face tough questions from constituents

The White House's connections to newly infamous pedophilia advocate Milo Yiannopoulos:

Alex Jones says he and Trump talk on the phone

Scott Pruitt went after critics and his own staff in his first speech to the EPA

Speaking Truth to Hair.

How Can Any Christian Support Trump?

Ivanka's Tax Dodge

TheResistance successfully trolls Trump. We tend to be creative with our answers. Take the survey again here:

A most enjoyable survey with lots of room to extol.

The True Meaning Of HUD

214 people have been indicted on felony rioting charges in connection with Inauguration Day protests in Washington

For some Mar-a-Lago neighbors, Trump's visits mean lost revenue

Dave Brat's new life

Judge Blocks Medicaid Cuts to Planned Parenthood in Texas

The executions Justice Sotomayor calls "horrifying deaths"

NEW: 1st, "Enemy of the People!" Tonight, attacks peaceful political protest. The suicide of a presidency: