Thursday, April 9, 2020

Sen. Mark Warner: Trump is conducting a "purge" of the Intelligence Community. "What message do you believe this conveys to the American people in terms of the importance of leading and overseeing intelligence in support of our national security?"

Easily one of the best social distancing ads I’ve seen

I spoke with the Postmaster General again today. She could not have been more clear: The Postal Service will collapse without urgent intervention, and it will happen soon. We’ve pleaded with the White House to help. @realDonaldTrump personally directed his staff not to do so

Trump refuses to help our postal service.

Sources say President Trump is preparing to announce a second coronavirus task force solely focused on reopening the economy.

Trump and Republicans are hardening their opposition to Dems' mail-in voting proposals, setting the stage for a major stand-off in the next coronavirus relief package (beyond today's interim bill fight),

"President Donald Trump is treating life-saving medical equipment as emoluments he can dole out as favors to loyalists." h

Americans Are Paying the Price for Trump’s Failures

This psychopath cares more about his television ratings than he does about American lives.

This is holding up well, in a grisly way. Bodies Pile Up and Trumpworld’s Sick Show Rolls On

Don't let Trump rewrite the real history of his two months of deceptions, denials, and delays. He own the deaths and he owns the depression.

Bloomberg: Unaired footage from Trump's 'Celebrity Apprentice' should be handed over to entrepreneurs who claim they were ripped off when Trump and his children repeatedly endorsed a troubled multilevel marketing company on the show, a judge said.

Coronavirus: California fast food workers to strike over workplace safety concerns

Trump calls for U.S. business interests to mine the moon.

Sure, call it Captain Trumps, why not? It fits. — Stephen King

NEW RULES AT THE WHITE HOUSE. The White House Medical Unit is going to conduct a COVID-19 test on all members of the press who plan to participate in today’s task force briefing, including all correspondents and photographers.

Senator Mitch McConnell just blocked a bill that provides money for small businesses, hospitals, testing, and more. Instead of working with House and Senate Democrats, he pulled a political stunt

Sen. Todd Young is calling on the WHO chief to appear before a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee to answer questions about the organization’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic

Also because for reasons that I still don’t know/understand, you aren’t supposed to photograph the doors to the Senate chamber

JUST IN: Fauci: I don't think we should shake hands "ever again"

Mayors have been working hard to help us get through this pandemic, and they’ll have just as big a task to help people through hard times ahead. I spent some time with many of them today to thank them for their efforts, and asked them to keep up the good work. — Barack Obama

At today’s virtual convening of the #COVID19 Local Response Initiative, we were joined by President @BarackObama, who shared the importance of speaking truth, building teams, and looking out for the most vulnerable with city leaders from around the world.

"Trump has placed FEMA in charge of coordinating the administration’s response, but it functions more like the procurement wing of the White House than an emergency management agency leading a crisis response."

”It uses blogging platforms as the soft underbelly of the internet, planting false stories based on forged documents or leaks that never happened,” says Nimmo

#BREAKING Gov. Newsom announces lodging program for CA frontline workers who are exposed to or test positive for COVID-19

Sen. Chris Murphy has introduced a bill that would protect inspectors general from politically motivated firings and set their terms at seven years

Metro: "Doctor who warned Boris Johnson of ‘urgent’ need for PPE dies of coronavirus"

I can't believe I have to say this, but we should be expanding the number of testing sites and surging the number of tests — not reducing them. Testing is key to finding a way out of this crisis

A friend of Mort Drucker’s, cartoonist John Reiner, emails me: “I’m sorry to say that Mort passed away last night. I saw him last Friday-he was having trouble breathing- Was not the Coronavirus as he was quarantined for weeks with no other outside contact....

President Trump isn’t just endangering public health with his bungled response to #COVID19 – he’s also gutting protections for clean air and water.

Pence's office hasn't allowed top health officials to appear on CNN recently, and told CNN it will only allow experts such as Birx or Fauci to join if CNN televises the portion of the White House briefings that includes the VP & other health officials

AG Barr told Fox News Russia investigation began without any basis. That is an objective lie. IG found the investigation was properly predicated. This is how disinformation spreads. We need to call it out.

Spread this video. Make sure everyone is crystal clear. The Trump Admin dumped life-saving #PPE into the commercial market instead of giving it directly to states, creating a bidding war.

"Pence's office has declined to make the nation's top health care officials available to CNN for the last seven days."

“President Donald Trump is falling back on a familiar political strategy as he grapples with the coronavirus pandemic: deflect, deny and direct blame elsewhere.” — Nancy Pelosi

Outcry over racial data grows as virus slams black Americans

Dr. King said “of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and inhuman.” We still struggle with that today. But this is a problem that we can overcome, if we choose to.

New research indicates that the coronavirus began to circulate in the New York area by mid-February, weeks before the first confirmed case, and that travelers brought in the virus mainly from Europe, not Asia.

Last night, a federal judge in NY rejected an effort by Trump, his company, and his family to force a fraud lawsuit re: their involvement with a multilevel marketing company into arbitration, a largely non-public, privately-operated justice system

President Obama warned us and @realDonaldTrump ignored him. This is the #trumpVirus.

The CDC has traced Chicago's coronavirus outbreak to just *two* family gatherings. The new case study, one of the most detailed looks at how covid-19 moves through communities, shows how just one person can set off a chain reaction of infections.

Nearly a third of American renters did not pay their rent this month, according to data from the National Multifamily Housing Council, a trade association for the apartment industry.

US rocked by 6.6 million more initial unemployment claims, bringing total since the coronavirus crisis began to 16.8 million

Warnings multiply against Easter holiday travel, gatherings (from @AP)

Some local officials are disappointed the federal government will end funding for coronavirus testing sites this Friday. In a few places those sites will close as a result. This as criticism continues that not enough testing is available.

“I couldn’t have done it any better,” Trump said. Yea, we know.

“Switzerland’s top court rejected AG Michael Lauber’s bid to rejoin investigations of corruption in soccer, refusing to overturn a lower court’s ruling that his closed-door meetings with FIFA’s head had raised the appearance of bias.”

More than 400 coronavirus cases are linked to one jail in Chicago, local officials say, making the Cook County Jail the largest known source of infections in the US outside of medical facilities

Maine Woman and Her Sled Dog Team Deliver Food, Essentials to Neighbors

Who Gets a Ventilator? As Pandemic Grows, Mass. Doctors Weigh How To Ration Care

NEW from The Lincoln Project: @realDonaldTrump says his own impeachment “distracted” him from responding to #Coronavirus. But he was never distracted. He just didn’t care.

California woman arrested for licking nearly $2G in grocery store items.

Should A.G Barr be arrested

Ok @WCKitchen #ChefsForAmerica will make it happen — Josรฉ Andrรฉs

Some stores have begun taking employees' temperatures to keep sick workers home. But that doesn't keep employees safe from sick customers. That's why a number of stores are considering taking customers' temperatures before they enter

Trump voters. “...sound­ing the alarm over the un­cer­tainty for rural hos­pi­tals that serve mil­lions of Amer­i­cans...these small rural h

Not sure who the leader of the country is right now but it is not Donald Trump

Quinnipiac poll: Do you approve of the way Dr. Anthony Fauci is handling the response to the coronavirus? Yes 78% No 7%

The president of Liberty University said arrest warrants are out for journalists from The New York Times and ProPublica after both outlets published stories critical of his decision to partially reopen the school's campus amid the coronavirus crisis

Photocopies of the arrest warrants charge that two reporters committed misdemeanor trespassing on the college campus while working on their articles

Stormy Daniels got $130,000 for getting screwed by Trump how come we only get $1200?

Wondering if we'll ever see that.

Australian police take 'black box' off cruise ship, which disembarked hundreds of passengers infected with the coronavirus in Sydney, as part of a homicide investigation into the country’s deadliest infection source

Received this message on a shipment of ventilators from Governor @GavinNewsom and the people of California. Have faith – we will beat this if we all work together.

Breaking News: The virus came to the New York area mainly from Europe, not Asia, genetic analysis shows, arriving weeks before the first confirmed case

If we come together, we will defeat Donald Trump. And when we do that, we will not only do the hard work of rebuilding this nation — we will transform it. — Joe Biden

Did you dig into this at all? Which law enforcement agency has the warrants? What judge issued them? What’s the underlying legal basis for issuance of the warrants? What is the probable cause for arrest?

Trump says voting by mail is bad. US troops do it all the time | Task & Purpose. (Our military vote by mail out of state routinely. PAPER BALLOTS ARE THE MOST SECURE MODE OF VOTING.)

Bernie’s Toast, and Trump is Screwed. Here’s How Biden Wins

"Never Biden" = a vote for Trump "I'm voting Green Party" = a vote for Trump "Write in Bernie" = a vote for Trump "Meh I'll stay home" = a vote for Trump If you're a Trump voter, own it. But don't dress it up as a protest.

NEW: Dems got comfortable with the $2T coronavirus bill because it included multiple layers of protection against abuse/waste. But weeks later, none of the oversight mechanisms are functional while 100s of billions of dollars are starting to flow.

NEW: Obama anxious to become active player in campaign against Trump

Diamond and Silk’s Twitter account locked for breaking coronavirus misinformation rules

Dr. Fauci: There’s no evidence the anti-malaria drug pushed by Trump works against virus. But despite a lack of scientific evidence, Fox News & Republican controlled states are pushing the drug — solely to feed Trump’s ego. How could America sink so low?

"Wall Street didn't build this country. Ordinary hard working people built this country."

Jill Stein is not a Democrat, and holds little sway over real Democrats. She’s Green Party. Comrade Jill ran against the Democrats in 2016 after sucking up to Putin with Mike Flynn in Moscow, then refused to provide documents to investigators. Tell her & cohorts to pound sand.

"It is imperative that Sen. Bernie Sanders do a better job in 2020 leading his supporters to back Joe Biden in November than he did in getting out the vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016."

BREAKING: Sen. Kelly Loeffler will liquidate individual stock shares after coronavirus trade furor

Most Americans, including a majority of Republicans, want the government to require mail-in ballots for the presidential election if the coronavirus outbreak still threatens the public, a Reuters/Ipsos poll found.

Reminder: We are in a damn pandemic.

Arkansas Gov Asa Hutchinson not only won't issue a stay at home order for his state, he is blocking all cities and counties in the state from issuing their own. Arkansas closing in on 1000 cases today. Maybe the idea is just to see how high it can

A total of 2,107 people have been killed by the novel coronavirus in Germany, after 246 new deaths were reported in the past 24 hours

Sign in a California liquor store leaves customers in no doubt whatsoever what is required of them.

This Is Trump’s Fault

White House aides still have confidence in Trump's new chief of staff, Mark Meadows, and are trying to work with him. But morale has dipped quite a bit. "Someone should address it before this powder keg completely ignites," one aide told me.

Dr. Vin Gupta on Trump now promoting zinc: "The comments about zinc were mystifying. There's no evidence I've seen in the literature suggesting zinc, in addition to hydroxychloroquine, would be helpful."

The chaos and the attempt to suppress the vote in Wisconsin should be a wake-up call for everyone. Congress needs to act immediately—and I’ll fight to ensure that, in the next coronavirus relief package, we include steps to keep voters safe and strengthen our democracy.

New Zealand reported a decline in new coronavirus cases for the fourth consecutive day. For other countries, those positive signs might be a reason to lift restrictions. Instead, the country is tightening them.

Some of Ingraham's New York team are now being quarantined for #COVID19 , two sources tell me. Latest instance of Fox and Murdochs saying one thing, doing another.

Intelligence report warned of coronavirus crisis as early as November (ABC News). NCMI says no “product” existed in November 2019.

Bill O'Reilly is a Fucking ghoul

We're the pink line at the top there. We don't just have the highest number of cases in total, we have the highest number of *new* cases each day, by far. New today from From FT's data visualization shop

All of the Las Vegas hotels have donated food and rooms for emergency personnel in Las Vegas except for one: The Trump International Hotel Las Vegas.

I ask... YET AGAIN... can anyone really say with CERTAINTY that we haven't all already died in a global pandemic and this is hell?

Success is when we keep the death toll to the minimum possible. Trump has already failed that test.

Aunt Jemima and Auntie Ruckus strike again.

The account has since been suspended.

Federal Support Ends For Coronavirus Testing Sites As Pandemic Peak Nears

Barr says he’s disappointed about partisanship during the pandemic because the President has acted statesmanlike and worked with all the governors while dealing with gotcha questions from the media. He goes on to accuse the media of leading a jihad against Hydroxychloroquine

Trump desperately tries to shift blame from his deadly blunders. First, it was the media, then Democratic governors, China, Obama. Now it’s the World Health Organization he’s blaming. He’s pointing fingers while Americans are dying.

'What keeps you most up at night in the biodefense world?' Pandemic flu, of course. I think everyone in this room probably shares that concern." ~HHS Secretary Azar, 4/17/2019 “I would view it as something that just surprised the whole world.” ~Trump, 3/19/20

“Travelers are already bringing the virus back into Asian countries that have controlled domestic spread, leading to new restrictions in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan.”

Whoops China

President Trump is using part of the WH briefing on coronavirus as a sort of campaign event by riffing on Democratic politics and Bernie Sanders dropping out. "It does amaze me that President Obama hasn't supported Sleepy Joe," he says. "He knows something that you don't know."

“You cannot expect us to ossify inequality in access to capital as we try to fight the #coronavirus.” - @SpeakerPelosi urges GOP to ‘come to the table’ and continue talks on small-business funds

The White House was warned repeatedly in November & December 2019 that the US military's National Center for Medical Intelligence concluded the outbreak in China could be a “cataclysmic event”. “I would view it as something that surprised the whole world.” ~Trump, 3/19/20

Thread: “The White House is taking cues from Fox News and conservative lawmakers as it sets forth a possible plan to cut U.S. aid to the World Health Organization over its initial fumbling on the #COVID-19 #pandemic.”

“Trump officials are also moving forward with rollbacks for toxic ash and mercury emissions from coal plants, and changes to how climate change is considered in environmental reviews for highways and pipelines.”

Trump offers no proof for his false claims that mail in voting is fraudulent. He only says: "There's evidence being compiled." @MSNBC cuts into the briefing, fact checks this, and says that there's no evidence of widespread voter fraud like Trump claims.

Utah, a deeply red state, already has a universal vote-by-mail system

The coronavirus is not Donald Trump's fault, but the slow and chaotic response to it is. He's the commander in chief — it's time he steps up, takes responsibility, and does his job.

Astonishing. Indefensible. And it just never gets better. 3 months in, and still. “Unfortunately, states really are on their own.” “3 months into the epidemic, the Trump administration has yet to devise a national strategy to test Americans for COVID19.”

If it's good enough for Trump, it's good enough for the people he works for—the rest of us.— Hillary Clinton

Barr says he’s disappointed about partisanship during the pandemic because the President has acted statesmanlike and worked with all the governors while dealing with gotcha questions from the media. He goes on to accuse the media of leading a jihad against Hydroxychloroquine

Breaking News: Linda Tripp, whose secretly recorded tapes of Monica Lewinsky helped lead to President Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998, has died at 70

Trump didn’t ask Ukraine to announce a bogus investigation into Bernie or Harris or Warren or Booker. Trump was afraid of Biden. That’s why he attempted to unlawfully bribe Zelensky to provide false dirt on Biden. Trump’s days in office are numbered. And . . . #JusticeIsComing

The founder of Trump University, who committed tax fraud and who voted by mail, says Americans shouldn’t vote by mail, which is “horrible” and “corrupt.” Instead, they should take an unproven drug.

Barr is not stupid which only underscores what a malevolent ideologue he is to say this as if he believes it.

"The disease is not a great leveler": BBC host Emily Maitlis hailed for "powerful" coronavirus speech

10th Logistics Brigade sent protective gear, medicines, medical equipment & fresh food for Easter to their teams in Afghanistan, Italy and Romania. During the challenges of #COVID19 our #NATO Allies are helping each other celebrate & reminding us that we are #StrongerTogether.

Sen. Klobuchar: ‘No one in America is going to tolerate this’

CDC report reveals racial disparities in coronavirus cases

Rep. Porter, Sara Nelson propose idea to keep more workers employed

Rep. Porter endorses Joe Biden for president

Carville on Wisconsin election: GOP will literally kill people to stay in power

Newsom: California has deal for 200 million masks per month

Data shows shocking racial disparity in coronavirus cases

Outside of the spotlight, coronavirus spreads through rural America

Frontline medical workers take mortal risks to answer impossible call