Monday, August 17, 2020

Lukashenko to striking factory workers: “Until you kill me, there will be no new elections.”

Minsk, Peremen 16 August 2020 via @UmlandAndreas

The CDC issues a new warning about kids and coronavirus as cases among children are “steadily increasing.”

He's not doing what he would have wanted to do this week -- accept the Democratic nomination for president. But Mike Bloomberg is speaking at the convention, and has now pledged $60 million to help House Democrats expand their majority

I can confirm some of the assertions made by Miles in this video. This jives with my experience during the first two years of the Trump Administration.

House sets vote on $25 billion to aid embattled U.S. Postal Service

NEW: A Judge Blocked The Trump Administration's Effort To Roll Back Transgender Healthcare Protections

Washington Post: Senate Intel leaders told DOJ they believed Bannon, Donald Trump Jr and Kushner may have misled panel

‘Anonymous’ should out himself or shut it.

TRUMP: "We are going to win four more years. And then after that we'll go for another four years, because they spied on my campaign. We should get a redo of four years."

No human being living or dead has ever had worse political instincts than Jared Kushner. He makes Marie Antoinette look like FDR.

It is NOT helpful to tell everyone in advance that the election is compromised by the Russians. In fact, that's EXACTLY what the Kremlin wants -- making Americans lose faith in our democracy itself. Also, IT IS NOT TRUE. Don't do this please.

Even before the pandemic, fighting to #ProtectOurCare was the No. 1 issue. This Administration’s sabotage of our postal service and its critical health role has only exacerbated the President’s #coronavirus failure and made the act of voting itself into a health issue as well.

The UNC student newspaper is NOT pulling any punches after school has major COVID-19 outbreak one week after students returned to campus...

Listen to an excerpt of Michelle Obama's convention speech praising presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden: "His life is a testament to getting back up and he is going to channel that same grit and passion to pick us all up. To help us heal and guide us forward."

The US President makes a convincing case for calling it the Trump Virus.

— The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln)

The maker of OxyContin inflicted more than $2.15 trillion in financial damage on the U.S. economy, states say

“PHD’s from crummy colleges” Trump is beyond parody at the point. @realDonaldTrump


Remember, @realdonaldtrump...they're all disloyal to you. Right now, even in the RNC and the campaign, they're laughing about how much money they're making while you go down..

Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich is set to deliver remarks at the Democratic National Convention tonight alongside 3 other Republicans. “You can feel free to cross the aisle and vote for somebody else," he told NPR.

a ransom letter

BREAKING: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill officials are moving all undergraduate in-person classes to remote learning after coronavirus positivity rates rise from 2.8% to 13.6% in opening days of the semester

He’s reading this.. it’s an actual speech.

I hope the Postmaster General comes prepared. I know I will

The U.S. attempt to return children to the classroom this fall has turned into a slow-motion train wreck, with at least 2,400 students and staff either infected with COVID-19 or self-isolating because of exposure.

NEW: Trump's former Homeland Security chief of staff endorses Joe Biden

Stephen Bannon to star in Jethro Tull’s new Aqualung movie.

NEW: Testimonial ad from Trump's Former DHS Chief of Staff @MilesTaylorUSA, declaring his support for Joe Biden and describing Trump's presidency as "terrifying" and "actively doing damage to our security." WATCH & go to for more.


Sen. Ron Wyden said in a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray on Monday that the bureau was improperly providing documents and other information to Republicans, sometimes without even informing Democrats of their existence

Epstein Victim Claims He Showed Her Off to Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago When She Was Only 14 Years Old

Trump boat parade overtakes the Willamette River in Portland, OR and sinks nearby families boat

I dare you to watch without getting a lump in your throat.

Actress Sharon Stone shared her sister's experience with Covid-19 on Instagram and said that people who don't wear masks are to blame

V.F. investigates how the White House planned for an aggressive, coordinated national COVID-19 response that could have brought the pandemic under control. But then it abandoned the plan, in favor of a shambolic 50-state response

US intelligence indicates Iran paid bounties to Taliban for targeting American troops in Afghanistan

When QAnon is "just labeled 'a conspiracy' — which is usually correct in categorizing the quality of its content — this in effect diminishes the scope and scale of the danger," disinformation researcher Molly McKew wrote to @BrianStelter.

These Hong Kong police are the devil

If the Postal Service is unable to function properly, it could "undermine the very electoral system, the most important element of our democracy," legendary journalist Carl Bernstein tells CNN's

The Trump admin has finalized plans to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling, a move that will auction off oil and gas rights in the heart of one of the nation's most iconic wild places — 1.6 million-acres of coastal plain

Trump says no US soldier has been killed in Afghanistan for a long time. Two died there last month

#BREAKING: Lukashenka says Belarus could hold a new presidential election after the country adopts a new constitution.

Trump administration using private security firm to detain migrant children in major hotel chains

New York has had more success living with the pandemic than Massachusetts. What explains the gap?

EXCLUSIVE: Diamond & Silk accuse Fox News brass of a racist double standard, saying they were dropped for asking the same 'questions' about COVID that Fox's white hosts do constantly.

Brutal terrible reality of @sharonstone’s sister’s and brother-in-law in ICU for Covid in Montana. Her grandmother and godmother also died of #COVID19. And nobody in their hospital, not even the nurses, can get tested. No access to Remdesivir either. Incredibly sad all around.

She’s voting for Biden.

I’d still like to know why it’s okay for Steven Mnuchin to funnel $500B in PPP Loan Covid relief to entities of his choice, to himself, Devin Nunes, Elaine Chao, trump hotels, Kushner, Kanye West, Crimestress Ivanka and crooks, but not okay for Americans to get $600 to survive?

Saddle up USA. We go to the Post Office tomorrow