Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Idiot Trump will strip $160M from West Point as part of a costly plan to build parts of the president’s long-promised border wall without congressional approval, according to Pentagon records.

Sen. Kennedy is presented with a graph showing mass shootings increased from 53 to 309 over nearly identical periods before/after assault weapon ban and he responds with "correlation is not causation" and then....seems to compare Muslims to guns?

Reporter: That map you showed us today, it looked like it almost had like a #Sharpie on it.@realDonaldTrump: I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.

Turns out Steve King is a white suprematist who drinks pee.

If there's one thing I've learned while serving our country, it's how important it is to always have each other's backs. Help make a difference for my fellow veteran, @McCreadyForNC, in #NC09, no matter where you are. →

EXCLUSIVE: Document reveals the FBI is tracking border protest groups as extremist organizations

BREAKING: Wisconsin Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner on WISN says he won't run for re-election, after representing his Republican district for more than 40 years.

Question: “Should climate change be taught in schools?” Juliรกn Castro: “Yes, I believe that it should. In fact, I believe that it’s essential”

He personally altered it? Himself? "After facing ridicule for suggesting over the weekend that Hurricane Dorian might strike Alabama, Donald Trump showed reporters a map on Wednesday that he personally altered to help prove his point."

BBC News - Wild geese change routes to cope with climate change

SCOOP: Roger Stone’s “wingman” and close aide Andrew Miller—who spent a year battling Mueller in court—has been subpoenaed to testify against Stone, as a government witness, at his November 5 trial. This time, he plans to comply.

"Shortly before #Epstein was found dead in federal prison, a fed court unsealed vast trove of files implicating heads of state, elected officials & other elite figures in the wealthy financier’s sex-trafficking web"

Rep. Flores becomes latest Texas Republican to retire

Infowars’ Sandy Hook appeal goes down in flames as judge orders Alex Jones to ‘pay all costs

Interesting letter to Judge Berman by a Fordham Law Professor who wanted to correct the record in the #JeffreyEpstein case.

The US Embassy published the route of the rally, urging Americans to avoid the area for their safety. As for real election interference, Mueller identified dozens of US political rallies organized by the Russian troll farm (IRA), which was later indicted

Just in: House Judiciary has served a subpoena on DHS for documents relating to Trump's alleged offers to pardon officials who carry out illegal immigration policies.

Thank you Ireland.

After suffering another resounding defeat in Parliament, a defiant Boris Johnson said he refuses to seek a Brexit delay and called for a snap election

If this Netanyahu quote is accurate, it’s a very strange thing to say out loud: “In the last 30 yrs...I developed a certain ability to influence public opinion, & that is the most important thing: the ability to sway public opinion in the US against Iran.”

"After days of claiming without evidence that Alabama was projected to be hit by Hurricane Dorian, President Donald Trump displayed an apparently doctored map in the Oval Office on Wednesday that showed Alabama to be within the storm's path."

DEVELOPING: Juror just said leaving DC federal court that members of the jury were “deeply disturbed” by Craig’s behavior but could not find reason to find him guilty of lying to the Justice Depatment about his work for Ukraine with Paul Manafort.

In case you missed my write-up of this morning's hearing.

A racist Prime Minister finally held to account for his racism, and so powerfully, too, by @TanDhesi. Everyone needs to see this.

Miriam Lord: How Mike Pence shat on the new carpet in Ireland’s spare room

BREAKING Jury finds Gregory B. Craig not guilty of lying to Justice Dept., deliberating less than five hours before acquitting him of concealing media contacts in 2012 related to his law firm's work for Ukraine.

New: Former White House counsel Greg Craig was acquitted by a federal jury on Wednesday on a felony false-statement charge, a major vindication for one of the most prominent lawyers in Washington.

EXCLUSIVE: Far-right smear merchant Jacob Wohl wanted on felony arrest warrant

Rep. Rick Tillis, facing scrutiny for role in anonymous Twitter account, resigns House leadership post

BREAKING: jury has reached a verdict on USA v Craig. Attorneys arriving now.

New filing in Guiffre v. Maxwell: Letter

Aaaaaaand there it is. The whole point of the negotiation with the "Taliban".

Winston Churchill’s grandson to be expelled from Conservative Party for voting against Boris Johnson on Brexit

Senator Michael Lee will meet with Konstantin Kosachev in #Russia on September 6 "at the U.S. senator’s initiative." Lee wants to discuss "trade and military relations, [and] religious liberty." Kosachev is under U.S. sanctions for election interference and other malign activity.

As a majority of Tennesseans call for gun safety legislation in the wake of slaughter after slaughter, Tennessee’s @GovBillLee turns a deaf ear, instead makes a video holding one. We get it Gov, You don’t care that people are terrified. Congratulations, enjoy that NRA support.

THIS. HHS inspector gen report on separated kids: - The process increased trauma - Some kids thought their parents had abandoned them - Separated kids sometimes isolated themselves, even refusing to eat - HHS was not prepared for this level of trauma

#MoscowMitch is even killing Republican bills to protect the homeland from Putin’s interference in America’s democracy. All of the president’s intel chiefs have said that Russia’s cyber war is an ongoing threat to American democracy. Why do you protect Putin instead of us?

Finland tells @financialtimes EU must step up efforts to improve Russia ties, as European states quietly swing behind Macron-led effort to re-engage with Moscow, despite misgivings

Amazing story: the US State Department offered a multi-million dollar bribe to the captain of an Iranian oil tanker if he would divert the ship to a country where the US could seize it

U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman is on ๐Ÿ”ฅ here as he excoriates white nationalism and Nazism. His remarks (as he was announcing charges) got lost due to all the huge news this weekend, but they deserve to be heard in full. Key quotes in the thread

Trump says trade deal gets tougher for China if he wins in 2020

Two pontoons at the Nyonoksa nuclear disaster site has been left uncovered and without warning sign. Video around the area

USDA Slashes U.S. Corn, Soybean Export Estimates To China

China will will continues to buy oil from the Saudis and Iranians..but will reduce dependency on the US because the US is seen as an unreliable partner!

China will invest $280bn developing Iran's oil, gas and petrochemicals sectors + $120bn in upgrading Iran's transport and manufacturing infrastructure. Up to 5,000 Chinese security personnel on the ground in Iran to protect Chinese projects.

After latest shooting, Trump pushes Facebook ads "straight from the NRA playbook"

Boris Johnson’s plan to suspend UK Parliament ahead of Brexit deadline is lawful, judge in Scotland rules

New: Former Gov. Steve Beshear's administration was warned multiple times that its rural broadband bet wouldn’t get certain federal funds. Meet the officials and conflicted consultants who didn’t listen and doomed the plan.

VP Pence is scheduled to meet with Johnson on Thursday in London, as the PM faces a political crucible.

Eyewitnesses in Philadelphia tried to stop a police shooting. They couldn’t.

Bahamian prime minister describes devastation after Dorian

Pence is staying in Trump’s golf resort in Ireland this week. Back home, his PAC has been using Trump hotels at a prolific rate

Congressional hearing will take another look at ‘Individual 1’

Luxury and bank stocks rally following a report Hong Kong's leader Carrie Lam plans to formally withdraw the extradition bill that has caused months of protests

Russia grants visa to Sen. Mike Lee after rebuffing other senators. Hmmmm.

Trump promised Mexico would pay for his wall. He didn't say military families would pay. Or the cadets at West Point. Or that we'd pay in military readiness. No, he promised taxpayers would never pay the bill for his xenophobic vanity project. Promises made. Promises broken.

Melania Trump's Bio Now Says She 'Paused Her Studies' at College

'It’s a mafia, a garbage gang, criminals'

But right now, the Trump Administration is hurting farmers & lying to Americans by abusing hardship waivers intended to help small refineries. Instead, these waivers are going to large oil companies, making them exempt from using the required biofuel levels. That’s unacceptable.

.@WashingtonPost is running a full-page editorial in Wednesday's paper. It's a message to @senatemajldr: "When the Senate returns from its Labor Day recess, it must act on guns."

I'm intrigued. What's the FBI investigating that's got him so rattled?

WATCH: Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam to announce withdrawal of extradition bill - source.

The question remains: how did Epstein get these bogus deals in the first place? Follow the money...Albuquerque Journal

Curved walls and hiding places for schoolchildren to hide from the man whose gun we won’t take away. What the fuck is wrong with us?

“The only acceptable debate is how to deal with it."

Opinion: Why is the Russian meddling in 2016 such a big secret? I’m not allowed to say.

"It goes without saying that neither Trump nor McConnell is losing any sleep over a gutted FEC,"