Tuesday, October 17, 2017

BREAKING: Russia actually paid US activists to run protests on hot-button social issues on US soil:

Exiled Russian oligarch tells NBC News he is nearly certain Putin tried to collaborate with the Trump campaig

Putin Rival Ties Kushner Meeting to Kremlin Bankers


After 3 wks,15 kitchens, 500+volunteers, today @WCKitchen #ChefsForPuertoRico served 1millionth meal in Puerto Rico!

Trump: "I thought after I won, the media would become much more stable and much more honest. They’ve gone crazy"

Betsy DeVos Is Being Sued By 17 States Over For-Profit College Rules

Senator Concerned By Reports Russian Troll Farm Sent Operatives To The U.S.

US investigators believe that a company owned by Putin’s "chef" financed a “troll factory” that spread fake news

Just in: Sean Spicer spent much of day being interviewed by Robert Mueller's team

This bipartisan legislation is urgently needed to begin repairing damage caused by Trump admin sabotage of marketplaces & ACA.

NEW VIDEO: TV won’t face it. Analysts skirt it. Apologists deny it. We are left to face it: Trump IS F*cking Nuts

WATCH: Fox News’ Shep Smith and Judge Napolitano rip apart Nunes’ ‘sideshow’ Trump dossier investigation

My statement on the Alexander-Murray deal.

Russian troll factory paid US activists to help fund protests during election

Veselnitskaya’s memo seems to be undermining all her protestations of innocence

McCain says he is on the rocks with Mattis and McMaster

How the Russians pretended to be Texans — and Texans believed them

McCain: Trump has not provided enough information on Niger attack

Experts: Trump and Sessions exaggerate threat of MS-13 gang to justify immigration crackdown

JUST IN: Ex-drug company exec is top pick to be new Trump health secretary: report

Nearly a dozen Trump nominees have withdrawn from consideration for administration jobs

What's been happening in countries where heroin is derived?

How many x have we heard this story? Opioids to heroin. WHO trafficks heroin? WHO owns pain clinics?

I've been blessed to spend my life serving something more important than myself, of being a bit player in the story of America — John McCain

Breaking News: Raqqa has been liberated from ISIS, according to a U.S.-backed militia group

Gen. Kelly has asked that his sons death not be politicized. Trump lied out of habit & has now drug Kelly & his wife into the mess.

A reporter confronts Greek prime minister at press conference with Trump over past comments calling him 'evil'

Mueller has interviewed the cybersecurity expert who described being 'recruited to collude with the Russians'


Trump doubles down on slain soldier comments: Obama didn't call John Kelly when son died

Breitbart has started publishing universal joke Dick Morris

Sessions testifies tomorrow at 10am hearing

Sessions testifies tomorrow at 10am hearing

BREAKING: Federal Judge blocks enforcement of new Trump travel ban

Sergey Lavrov: Election probe has nothing on Russia

Just when we thought the GOP budget couldn’t get more harmful: now they’re including Arctic drilling as part of it. No way.

JUST IN: Former Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page subpoenaed by the Senate Intel Committee as part of Russia election meddling probe

Breaking: Alexander and Murray say they've struck bipartisan Obamacare deal

Trump warns McCain he'll 'fight back and it won't be pretty'

McCain: 'I’ve faced far greater challenges' than Trump's threats

Trump is coming for your birth control. Can states stop him?

For long as anyone can remember, Russian directors, coaches, have demanded sex from actresses, ballerinas, students

I'm grateful to Sen John McCain for his lifetime of service to our country. Congratulations, John, on receiving this year's Liberty Medal.

NEW POLL: Majority of Americans say Trump is taking US in wrong direction

Anger grows over Trump’s claims about past presidents and fallen troops

Opinion | Trump's evangelical fans preach the gospel of greed, not peace

Russia probe: Senate asks Mike Flynn's son for documents, testimony

Pennsylvania ObamaCare premiums to surge after Trump ends subsidies

Should we have a federal domestic terrorism law?

The 10 Senate seats most likely to switch parties in 2018: October edition

WATCH OUT: Russia's tactics will evolve

WATCH OUT: Russia's tactics will evolve

‘It’s a mystery’: Reporters tell MSNBC’s Ari Melber the White House refuses to say what Ivanka does

WH claims it doesn't keep Mar-a-Lago visitor logs—but 7 club members, guests say USSS checks the names of visitors.

Trump called the opioid crisis “a national emergency,” but he’s not treating it like one.

Hillary Clinton on Vladimir Putin: "Keep an eye on him, because he's not done"

Donald Trump is quick to attack the media and NFL players, but continues to side with Putin on Russia's attack on our democracy.

Hillary Clinton warns that Trump may start a nuclear war

"Why does the (President) lie so much?"

"Trump lied. He was not self-funding", says GOP Consultant

Judges turn to extreme remedy to block Trump administration

Alex Jones mocked a woman who accused Trump of sexual assault for "really bad acting"

Mick Mulvaney on if the Senate GOP has impeded Trump's agenda: "All I can tell you is so far, the answer’s yes"

How Trump's disdain toward the Iran Deal affects America's credibility among its foreign allies:

Behind Trump, There's Bannon. Behind Bannon, There's the Mercers

There's a hospital ship waiting for sick Puerto Ricans -- but no one knows how to get on it

"Candidate Trump attacked Obama’s executive orders. President Trump loves executive orders."

.@UriLF explains what happens now that Trump hasn't certified the Iran deal

FBI releases early draft of former Director James Comey's July 2016 statement about Hillary Clinton's private server

Trump travel ban 3.0 hearing ends in Maryland without a ruling

‘Complete bull’: Anderson Cooper shoots down ‘blood & soil’ mantra resurrected by Charlottesville white supremacists

There was a time when the NRA was known primarily for promoting gun safety, and not as a political force

Trump has been obsessed with nuclear war for decades

On Obamacare, Donald Trump is sabotaging himself

Read the full text of John McCain's speech at the Liberty Medal award ceremony

Nunes vents anger at Sessions over subpoena, threatens to hold AG, FBI chief in contempt


Corker stands by his criticism of Trump: I didn't just blurt it out

Friends say President Donald Trump has grown frustrated that his greatness is not widely understood

Gregg Popovich is not afraid to have a go at President Trump

Trump could remake judiciary for ‘40 years’ — with controversial picks

Trump targets ISIS in Yemen for first time with strikes on training camps

U.S. tech giants like Facebook, Google and Apple may find their future shaped by Europe

Pres Trump said Mon the Iran deal "is being studied." A short time later, Iranian VP Nahavandian told me renegotiation "is impossible."

Roy Moore just picked up a whole bunch of twitter followers. But they ain't from around here, comrade.

WATCH: Former Vice President Joe Biden presents Liberty Medal to Senator John McCain

Trump White House fed up with the Senate

The Creepily Influential Trumpist Foreign-Policy Think Tank You’ve Never Heard Of

Handgun waiting periods actually do save lives

President Trump plans to interview Janet Yellen as his final decision nears on the Fed chair

Trump on Puerto Rico: "We now actually have military distributing food—something that, really, they shouldn't have to be doing." (via ABC)

Firm that produced infamous Trump-Russia dossier won't comply with House Intel subpoena

Trump’s Benghazi gets worse: His Obama obsession magnifies his disrespect

McCain, in speech, denounces 'spurious nationalism'

Puerto Rico to Trump: ‘We are American citizens’

Puerto Rico’s Sec. of State, Luis Rivera Marín recorded this video, in a dumpster, showing what he says is mishandled aid in Patillas, PR

The Founding Fathers designed impeachment for someone exactly like Donald Trump

Lawrence: Pres. Trump counters 'fake news' with 'fake friends'

President Trump and Mitch McConnell held a press conference to make it seem as if the two leaders get along, but a new report from Politico shows Trump and the White House are blaming all of their legislative issues on the Senate and its Majority Leader: McConnell.

Ex-GOP Rep.: Republic might be 'better off' if Dems take Congress

Former Florida Republican congressman David Jolly says President Trump presents such a clear threat, America "might be better off as a republic" if Democrats take the House in 2018, to act as a check on Trump. Lawrence O'Donnell also discusses with Glenn Thrush.

What Trump really thinks about religion

The president presents himself as pious in public. But according to the New Yorker, he mocks Vice President Mike Pence's religiosity in private.

Pence could face legal jeopardy for role in Trump scandals

Jane Mayer, staff writer for the New Yorker, talks with Rachel Maddow about Mike Pence's key roles in the failure to vet Mike Flynn and the obfuscation of the firing James Comey and the legal jeopardy he could face as a result.

Pence extremism, unpopularity overlooked in Trump's shadow

Jane Mayer, staff writer for the New Yorker, talks with Rachel Maddow about her profile of Mike Pence, including the fact that his religious extremism and incompetence made him unpopular as governor before Donald Trump chose him as a running mate.

Campaign donations bail out Trump and Junior on Russia legal fees

Fredreka Schouten, campaign finance reporter for USA Today, talks with Rachel Maddow about the legal fees for Donald Trump and his son and other members of the Trump campaign are covering the cost of legal fees associated with the Trump Russia investigation.

New reports detail Russia's cyber campaign for Trump

Rachel Maddow shares two new reports that add detail to what is known about how Russia tried to interfere in the U.S. democratic process on Donald Trump's behalf.

Trump ducks failure to address Green Beret deaths with Obama lie

Rachel Maddow notes that not only did Donald Trump fail to duly honor the recent deaths of U.S. Green Berets attacked in Niger, but given the chance, he told a lie about President Obama instead.