Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Spy Case That Made Adam Schiff a Russia Hawk

Jill Lenore: “Nationalism is an abdication of liberalism. It is also the opposite of patriotism. To confuse nationalism with patriotism is to mistake contempt for love and fear for valor.”

Trump trusts Putin more than Russians do

Indeed it is. The signal is this: If I flatter Trump and criticize his opponents, I can launch missiles and advance my nuclear program and he won’t do anything about it. How dangerous when a President can be so easily manipulated.

Reminder that Maggie Haberman's mom, Nancy, is an Executive VP at Rubenstein PR, a firm that represented Fred Trump, Donald Trump and Charles Kushner. This is why Maggie essentially does PR for the Trump family through the @NYtimes now.

"John McCain kept reciting to me names of dictators ... because he knew more than any of us what we were facing as a nation."

Kara Swisher writes, "No other media could get away with spreading anything like this because they lack the immunity protection that Facebook and other tech companies enjoy under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act"

Britain stares down an even worse future as Boris Johnson looms.

Florida enacts a ban on child sex dolls... and Mitch McConnell refuses to bring the bill that does the same to the Senate floo

Colorado Becomes First State To Cap Insulin Costs This is what it means to be a Democrat.

“We need more courage.”

Deutsche Bank "loaned a cumulative total of around $2.5 billion to Trump projects over the past two decades, and the bank continued writing him nine-figure checks even after he defaulted on a $640 million obligation and sued the bank."

the KKK have a rally today in Dayton, Ohio and this is how the businesses are responding..

A young boy saluting his father at his grave

Opinion: The U.S. policy of maximum pressure against Iran has failed

Theresa May is resigning on June 7 and the race to succeed her as prime minister and Conservative Party leader is getting under way

Mike Pence tells West Point grads they are going to war: ‘It will happen’ — maybe even ‘in this hemisphere’

US attorneys general ask federal government to forgive disabled veterans’ student loan debt

"This is really a feature of petty dictators, where you see the power of investigation abilities being used as a political tool against enemies."

America’s growing corruption and costs, crumbling infrastructure and worsening outcomes all suggest that economic development is going the wrong way

What. the hell. is up with his pants?

Trump says debt crisis after presidency OK as 'I won't be here

"Barr seemed unconcerned with the risk posed by a president employing the Justice Department as a mechanism for exacting revenge against a former electoral opponent."

“Facebook Says It Won't Take Down A Doctored Video Of Nancy Pelosi That They Know Is Fake”

Make no mistake about it: Donald Trump and Mike Pence are trying to erase trans people from this country. We won’t let them.

Robots are taking over farms faster than anyone saw coming

Trump is pandering to North Korea while being hosted by one of the countries that is most at risk by the Kim regime’s continued aggressive posturing. Kim also never promised complete, verifiable denuclearization, so it’s unclear what he’s talking about. And he can’t spell Biden

Prosecutors tell witness every day to comply with subpoenas & testify even if they’re worried about retribution from gangs, organized crime & in their professions, because it’s the law & the right thing to do. McGhan, Hicks, Donaldson need to do the same.

When you're flipping channels in Norway, and catch Roger Stone doing a live Arabic-only (live over-dub, can't hear English) interview on Al Jazeera, and you're pretty sure it's probably violating at least one court order.