Sunday, December 13, 2020

Grim milestone. More than 300,000 Americans are now dead from #COVID19. Donald Trump will forever be remembered for his TOTAL FAILURE to protect American lives


Difficult for companies to boast about their modern slavery statements and ERG credentials while employing members of a party which is enslaving #Uyghurs


I hate that it says NEWS under her mouth while she’s talking.


I Served in Congress Longer Than Anyone. Here’s How to Fix It.


"The outgoing Trump administration will have killed more prisoners since July than any other administration has done in a full year since 1896," writes Kali Halloway.


EU urges China to free those detained for reporting after Bloomberg employee Haze Fan held


Relatives of a dozen Hong Kong residents who have been detained in mainland China for more than 3 1/2 months have made a plea to be informed of the timing of any trials and whether they can attend


Multiple people stabbed after thousands gather for pro-Trump demonstrations in Washington


The EU is set to call for a ban of electricity imports from Belarus, which powered up a new nuclear reactor after a string of accidents during construction and attempts to conceal them


Fox News poll: Most US voters don't want Trump to run in 2024 and 42% say he is 'one of the worst presidents' ever


David Perdue opposes stimulus checks for Georgians because David Perdue doesn't care about Georgians. For David to care about you, you have to buy a meeting. A $7,500 corporate PAC check buys four — plus access to his home, and a retreat on a private island.


ALERT: Kelly Loeffler just posed for a photo with Chester Doles, a former KKK leader who runs the white supremacist American Patriots USA. In 1993, Doles nearly beat a Black man to death. In 2017, he marched in Charlottesville. This is who @KLoeffler is proudly appealing to.


“The surge of COVID-19 cases in Mississippi has left no intensive care unit beds available across the state and prompted the need for restrictions...”


I asked White House about Proud Boys leader being there today. Response from spokesman Judd Deere: “He was on a public WH Christmas tour. He did not have a meeting with the President nor did the WH invite him.”


I believe the kids refer to this sort of thing as a sausage fest


BREAKING: Charley Pride, the son of sharecroppers in Mississippi who became one of country music’s biggest stars and the first Black member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, has died at 86


Prosecutors from the Manhattan D.A.'s office have interviewed employees of Deutsche Bank and insurance broker Aon as part of their investigation of the Trump Organization


Wisconsin Supreme Court judge tells Trump attorney his phony lawsuit "smacks of racism"



Best trolling I’ve seen in a long time. Well done, #Canada


.@mehdirhasan: Sen. McConnell’s Covid-19 inaction shows he’s willing to inflict pain and suffering on millions of Americans.