Monday, May 13, 2019

"This is an expensive way to educate the president about Economics 101. He knows nothing. He has shown repeatedly his ignorance and here we are again." -- Dr. Jeffrey Sachs

The Pentagon will pull money from ballistic missile and surveillance plane programs in order to fund Trump's border wall, WaPo reports.

Russia jamming Ukrainian radio stations in northern Crimea

The Constitution is clear: Congress appropriates funds, not the president. We’ve sent a letter to the Defense Department opposing the transfer of $1.5 billion for President Trump’s unnecessary border wall. Campaign promises shouldn’t be put ahead of the needs of our military.

Netanyahu planning to pass in the new Knesset law preventing the High Court from blocking any government or Knesset decision; there thereby allowing Knesset to confer upon him immunity from prosecution. Devastating scoop

Kushner has been talking up his immigration plan with the aid of a PowerPoint presentation, which detractors have derided as laughably simplistic.

In early April, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi urged Trump to back a Libyan warlord leading an offensive against Libya's UN and US-backed govt. A week later, Trump called the warlord to offer support

How much pain is Trump going to inflict on those who elected him?

The Dow is now down nearly 600 points on the news of new tariffs from China.

US does not join agreement signed by 187 countries

Trump admin moves ahead with plan that could leave 55,000 kids homeless

This is a really weird non-attack, attack.


MORE: Swedish prosecutor says circumstances now allow for an extradition to Sweden from Britain, says new interview with Julian Assange should be held

Julian #Assange's Swedish lawyer says Swedish prosecutors have decided to reopen an investigation into a rape allegation against Assange.

JUST IN: Swedish prosecutor says to reopen preliminary investigation into rape allegation against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

The biggest sovereign debt default of all time was arguably Russia’s repudiation of debt in 1918, after the Bolshevik revolution

Larry Kudlow admitted on Sunday that American companies and consumers would have to pay for new tariffs on Chinese goods—undercutting the president, who has repeatedly claimed that China would somehow be paying for the new penalties directly

Perspective: How anti-immigrant policies thwart scientific discovery

Nearly 128,000 have never emerged, and are presumed to be either dead or still in custody, according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights

Mitch McConnell is smart, crafty, and amoral. What he really cares about is Mitch. He knows Trump is a dangerous nincompoop, but MM has an election to win next year, and Kentucky is Trump country. His plan is to outlast Trump, and he probably will.

The Senate Intelligence chairman has no plans to withdraw the subpoena for the president’s son

Pete Buttigieg speaks at HRC gala: "The horror show in Washington is mesmerizing. It is the nature of grotesque things that you can't look away. So it holds our attention in a kind of trance, but we can't get caught up in."

The President's failure to keep records of his meetings with foreign leaders like Putin is not just a law violation, it's also a problem for accountability and history. This @PostOpinions editorial is about the lawsuit @CREWcrew, NSA, and SHAFR brought.

Giuliani’s Ukraine trip—canceled or not—all the more suspicious given potentially politically motivated ousting of US Amb to Ukraine. Right wing pols shouldn’t be running State Dept, & seeking dirt from foreign officials. Scrutiny & congressional oversight needed.

Goldman says the costs of Trump's tariffs have fallen 'entirely' on US businesses and households

The President is directly going after his own FBI Director:

The liberal firebrand drew nods and even a few cheers on a trip through rural West Virginia

Remembering these are all official statements of the President of the United States.

Garland Exposes AG Barr Disturbing Connections

Sen. Kamala Harris: "On this issue of the need for gun safety laws, we're not at any loss for good ideas. People have been having good ideas for decades on this issue. What we're at a loss is for people in Congress to have the courage to do something."

Opinion: If judicial nominees don’t support "Brown v. Board," they don’t support the rule of law

Caterpillar was accused of tax evasion using offshore banking - in the billions. A week before the police raid, Barr was counsel and Trump was with Caterpillar's CEO.

Oil is caught between the specter of a full-blown U.S.-China trade war damping demand and a supply backdrop ripe with potential risks

A Swedish prosecutor will announce Monday whether or not she plans to re-open a preliminary investigation into rape charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Europe’s far-right politicians are reportedly using Russia’s tactics to spread disinformation and fear before a crucial May vote

'It's time to rise up,' Venezuelan general tells military officers in video

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens says President Trump is "exercising powers that do not really belong to him"

Far-right, anti-gay Arizona pastor becomes first-ever person banned from Ireland under exclusion powers

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Cost U.S. More than Defense Budget: IMF Report

Thread by Attorney George Conway, Kellyanne's Husband.