Monday, April 15, 2019

Notre Dame is one of the world’s great treasures, and we’re thinking of the people of France in your time of grief. It’s in our nature to mourn when we see history lost – but it’s also in our nature to rebuild for tomorrow, as strong as we can.

.@NotreDameParis has stood as a beating heart of religion & culture for centuries, inspiring all who have visited her. The footage of today’s fire is nothing short of heartbreaking. To the people of Paris & France: know that America stands with you.

Ave Maria

Opinion: Congress cannot afford to ignore Netanyahu’s embrace of the far right

The Assange affidavit has been unsealed

New: In a joint letter, Schiff and Nunes on 3/27 said Mueller "must" brief their committee and turn over all the materials it found and produced

Fire at Paris’ Notre Dame cathedral was started by accident and is related to ongoing work, according to France 2, citing police. Either way it is terrible and a hideous blow to the symbolic heart of the city

...Beware fascists and far right figures spreading blame for the Notre Dame fire, calling it the "end of Europe" or "end of the West" or whatever bull shit. They'll turn it into a symbol and a narrative, even before we know what caused the fire.

Horrible #NotreDame

Footage on this live feed is nuts. Close up shot of the fire spreading through the roof.

Notre Dame, Paris, is on fire and it feels like the end of the world.

Kavanaugh clerked under Anthony Kennedy, whose son worked for Deutsche Bank, the money laundering bank that always gave trump loans.

With Sanctions Lifted-McConnell takes the payoff.

Rusal — Oleg Deripaska's company that was recently granted sanctions relief by Treasury — plans to invest $200 million in a Kentucky rolling mill that would be the largest new aluminum plant built in the U.S. in nearly four decades.

This is an incredible document

For @realDonaldTrump, the hour of judgement has arrived for him and his rancid team of traitors. To @Russia; prepare your oligarchs for their Red Notices. And to Putin; when we come for you, we will have Russian accents.

Here's your #TaxDay reminder that the GOP tax law is working exactly as intended.

Neal Katyal: "Whatever Trump may have thought when he claimed total exoneration two weeks ago, subsequent events strongly suggest that claim will fall flat on its face ... he created massive public pressure for the full report to be released."

As the nation waits for Attorney General Bill Barr to release a redacted version of the Mueller report, the special counsel is back at his office in Washington this morning

BREAKING: Mueller report to be released on Thursday

SCOOP: Trump’s attorneys are warning of possible legal action if accounting firm Mazars USA complies w/ the House Oversight Committee’s imminent subpoena for Trump’s financial records. Letter obtained by Politico urges Mazars outside counsel not to comply

I think it's safe to say you know very little about SUCCESSFUL branding.

Millennial Trump supporters are breaking with their party over climate change

Trump's pick for the Fed, Stephen Moore: "Capitalism is a lot more important than democracy. I'm not even a big believer in democracy." Kind of puts things into perspective for today's GOP.

.@senatemajldr hoped to carve out a legacy independent of the president. Then @realDonaldTrump made him his wingman. “It’s not anything you want to define who you are... But [he is] stuck with him. It’s too bad,” says Harry Reid of McConnell/Trump

Ecuadorian president says Assange tried to use embassy as base for spying

Ha! It’s been a tough time for Vladimir Putin. According to the official Kremlin disclosure his income dropped from €257k in 2017 to €119k in 2018.

Former Clinton White House press secretary @joelockhart's plan for reading the Mueller report is novel: “I plan to take my lawn chair and a cooler of beer and read at the end of Ken Starr’s driveway,” he wrote in an email.

Reminder from Stone indictment: “After the 7/22/16 release of stolen DNC emails by [Wikileaks] a Sr. Trump Camp. official was directed to contact Stone about any additional releases “ & “other damaging information...regarding the Clinton Campaign.” Who was it & why not charged?

EXCLUSIVE: ICE is now aided by "enhanced" spy powers

This tax day, some truck drivers are unhappy with Trump

You can't make this up, tweeps: Company of sanctioned Russian oligarch & election interferer DERIPASKA -- granted unexplained sanctions relief by Treasury --announces it will build totally pointless aluminum plant in Kentucky, home of McConnell+Rand Paul

It's the last day to file your 2018 taxes before getting into hot water with the IRS. If you’ve procrastinated, here's what you need to know.

New: For many people, filing for bankruptcy is actually a luxury that’s out of reach. A new report outlines how Congress can make it more accessible.

It's clear that Republicans in the House are not serious about lowering prescription drug prices.

Trump claimed Oakland’s mayor doesn’t want released immigrants. Her response: We welcome all.

He admits it's a #FakeTrumpEmergency. Hear him say it: "I *didn’t need* to do this, but I’d rather do it much faster."

We have proof that Russian interfered with our election, we have a President who was identified as #IndividualOne in a felony case, and we have a #SpecialCounsel report that didn’t exonerate him of criminal conduct. This is very serious. We need all the facts

Dozens of progressive groups ask lawmakers to investigate "sham" Kavanaugh confirmation process

Memo to Pretty Much Everybody: As we wait for Mueller report, it’s a good idea to keep in mind the distinctions between “no evidence” and legal standards of proof —-> Pin this to your home screen:

Some of the most profitable corporations in America, including Amazon, Chevron, and Eli Lily, have found ways to pay nothing in federal taxes. Here's how they get away with

When gun-toting militants set up shop, this Arizona community got fed up and came together.

HRC points out that like Nixon, Trump now has an AG that will do his bidding and then says: “But it didn’t save [Nixon], because the information that had been collected was made available to the Congress, to the courts, and eventually to the public.”

Barr gave Trump over three weeks for a phony victory lap. Now he’s given the White House at least a 72 hour head start on the press to release their spin the moment the Mueller Report drops. Any “Barr is an honorable man” advocates left out there?

Pete Buttigieg: "I come from that generation that grew up with school shootings as the norm, the generation that produced the bulk of the troops in the post 9/11 conflicts, the generation that is going to be on the business end of climate change."

“They used my empty lot as an address.” Here’s what we found when we investigated the Chinese businessman linked in court statements to the Mar-a-Lago intruder

Seattle isn’t afraid of immigrants, Mr. Trump

The government has been vastly exaggerating the number of criminals arriving at the US-Mexico border. That's because criminals are nearly *three times* as likely to be caught by Customs and Border Protection officers at the US-Canada border.

Pleased to have had a candid discussion with @jeremycorbyn today about the direction of Brexit, Northern Ireland, NATO, acting boldly on climate, protecting human rights, and the necessity of forcefully confronting anti-Semitism & Islamophobia.

Rep. Eric Swalwell: "It's not just that [President Trump] acts on Russia's behalf... he also acts like Russia's leader."

Dear @PressSec Sarah Sanders: How about sending us the tax returns of @POTUS as required by law. If we are not smart enough to understand them, we will send them back. Pinky promise. I am smart enough to understand @realDonaldTrump is gutting preexisting conditions coverage.

WH lawyer Emmet Flood issued an ethics waiver in Nov (not previously reported) to DOJ criminal division head Brian Benczkowski to oversee role of Goldman Sachs in 1MDB case, even though his former colleague & friend Mark Filip joined Goldman's defense team

Bibi Netanyahu has had, until now, a record of relative caution, avoiding reckless ventures and unwinnable wars. But his latest election-and the influence of a Trump—may change that.

Nunes claims Comey takin’ notes on his meetings with Trump is “spying.” It’s clear Nunes never “spied” on his teachers in school.

But for over 100 days, Trump, Pence, McConnell and Kevin McCarthy have also been fighting stop the people’s agenda and return Washington to complete Republican control. We need to solidify our strength now. We cannot lose hope!

I am pleased to represent @mcclatchy & @FresnoBee in this baseless defamation suit filed by @DevinNunes. As @cforman observes, it is telling that Nunes filed his case in Virginia, when the Superior Court of California is two blocks away from the Bee’s office in Fresno.

Barr briefing the White House on the contents of the Mueller report as he makes decisions on what to redact — all while withholding it from the American people

This is depressing. @BernieSanders is being advised by Rob Malley, the guy who initiated behind-the-scenes contacts with Assad, and used his functionary Nir Rosen to pseudonymously promote the Assad-approved policy of local surrenders

Sarah Sanders says Congress wouldn't understand Trump's taxes. But 10 members are accountants

We deserve better than a president who stokes hate and division in an attempt to divide us.

There’s an old saying. When the law is on your side, pound the law. When the facts are on your side, pound the facts. If neither the facts or law are on your side, pound the table. And then there’s whatever this is.

We cannot fail to live up to the example set for us by our Founders.

Nancy Pelosi: "All we need to do is see the Mueller report."

Why focus on describing the President when he does it so well for us each and every day.

The White House has prepared a 200 page rebuttal to the Mueller report. If the Mueller Report is a “complete and total exoneration”, why would you need to rebut it? Mark it down. Even the redacted report will show ample evidence of collusion and obstruction.

The White House has been briefed on the Mueller report and "there is significant concern on the president's team about what will be in this report," and "what worries them most is what Don McGahn told the special counsel,"