Thursday, August 20, 2020

Former Trump campaign CEO and White House strategist Steve Bannon, after his arrest today, appearing by video conference in federal court, from courtroom artist Christine Cornell

Even Stephen Bannon’s court sketch is creepy. He looks like he Blue Velvets.

Kris Kobach says Trump endorsed the We Build The Wall scheme & said, “I want the media to know this project has my blessing”.

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon listens during his arraignment hearing for conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering inside Manhattan Federal Court in this courtroom sketch by Jane Rosenberg

The motor yacht Bannon was arrested on, owned by a Chinese billionaire and flying a Cayman Islands flag -- a registry of convenience to help dodge taxes.

Trump today said “nothing happened” when he handed 2/3 of ISIS’s former caliphate in Syria to Erdogan and Putin, leaving our partners to fend for themselves, and displacing 200k people fleeing bands of extremists responsible for war crimes. 1/6

SCOOP: All mail employees are now getting memos telling them not to speak to the press under any circumstances and to be suspicious of any customer who asks "a series of questions"

Alexei Navalny's poisoning again demonstrates that for Putin, assassination is policy—inside and outside of Russia.

Analysis: Bannon’s indictment raises more uneasy questions about William Barr’s SDNY gambit

Germany’s Angela Merkel and French president Emmanuel Macron, have offered “assistance” to Navalny, but refused to comment on speculations into the circumstances leading to his hospitalisation.

Waiting to hear condemnation from the White House and EVERY American politician on the heinous poisoning of Putin’s most prominent adversary @navalny - if we stand for this we are no better than the Kremlin. Putin & his cronies must be held accountable! — Meghan McCain

"Navalny has frequently been jailed and harassed. In March, authorities seized his bank account and those of his wife, son and daughter. Last month, Navalny was forced to close his Foundation because of a lawsuit filed by a close associate of Putin."

Putin fears nothing more than open, honest democracy. Just like the man who is his puppet — Hillary Clinton

Wow. Pompeo accuses the UK, France and Germany of choosing to "side with the Ayatollahs". He has gone to the UN to burn America's bridges.

Another reason to love @kamalaharris , food justice If you understand/love food, food people, culture, history, anthropology of food, if you care about food workers, farmers, and our future, well we finally have a VP candidate who’s talking food issues

New: Two Democrats say a member of the USPS Board of Governors put Louis DeJoy forward as a Postmaster General candidate, outside the hiring process being conducted by a consulting firm, per a letter obtained by CNN

"They're coming to get you ... me, we, we're the wall between the American dream and total insanity and the destruction of the greatest country in the history of the world" -- Trump

Whiskey Steve is just the start @KrisKobach1787

Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords survived a shooting at an event in Arizona at close range. “My recovery is a daily fight, but fighting makes me stronger.”


Why in the world would the President not kick Q’anon supporters’ butts? Nut jobs, rascists, haters have no place in either Party. — Jeb Bush

Trump directed Homeland Security to give $400 million to firm tied to Bannon’s We Build the Wall scheme: report

Top Republican National Security Officials Say They Will Vote for Biden

Falwell’s use of yacht comes under scrutiny

Exclusive—A QAnon supporter in Texas got in her car and went hunting for "pedophiles," chasing strangers on the road. She cornered a 19-year-old, believing they were trafficking children, and attacked them repeatedly.


Opinion | Ann Telnaes: Thieves in the White House

The Senate GOP chose to cover up for a criminal president. What else is there to say?

The idea of a private border wall started with a GoFundMe campaign that rapidly raked in more than $20 million. Now prosecutors are accusing its organizers of defrauding donors and pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars for personal expenses.

Steve Bannon's indictment tops a disastrous week for Donald Trump

NEW: Mark Zuckerberg testified this week at a FTC investigative hearing as part of the agency’s antitrust probe into Facebook.

"Boxes of steaks, fruit and other perishables rotted. Rats dashed across the floor. ...The delays were particularly tragic for live animals, including baby chickens..."

Correction, Schilling hasn't been arrested yet. He is in the Indictment and is on the Advisory Board. Here's the list of those directly involved

He already did. He “cooperated fully” with Bob Mueller’s inquiry, and he testified against Roger stone

A Republican-backed Senate report shows Trump and his backers are Russian dupes

JUST IN: Trump asks Supreme Court to let him block critics on Twitter

I intended to cover the Trump speech at 3 but now it's past 3:20, it still hasn't started, and I have other things to do yet today. It's a very small offense in the grand scheme of Trump's excesses but they way he wastes everyone's time is flat out disrespectful.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and suppose that Bannon’s Trump Wall scammers paid Jr to speak at their event. This will get more awkward.

Trump’s personal lawyer: Guilty. Trump’s campaign manager: Guilty. Trump’s deputy campaign manager: Guilty. Trump’s National Security Advisor: Guilty. Trump’s political advisor: Guilty. And now, Trump’s chief strategist: Indicted. A pattern of lies, graft and corruption.

Opinion: Bannon’s indictment confirms that the American right is made up of con artists

Why would @realDonaldTrump enablers like Steve Bannon even start a We Build The Wall fundraising scam? Because @POTUS failed to deliver on his promise to build the wall. And they knew they could take advantage of a desperate Trump and his cult-like supporters

NBC News confirms: Steve Bannon was aboard a 150-foot-long yacht in Long Island Sound, off the coast of Westbrook, Connecticut, when he was arrested.

We Build the Wall's advisory board at one time included pitcher Curt Schilling, Betsy DeVos' brother Erik Prince and Kris Kobach, the former Sec of State of Kansas who led Trump's failed efforts to unearth voter fraud

Seriously. Watch this video - we found mail sorting equipment out in the rain outside a @USPS facility here in Delaware. This is a reminder that President Trump will stop at nothing to make it harder for Americans to vote by mail.

"It seems all but certain that the President hasn’t been indicted simply because he cannot be. Because he’s President. A central element of his desperation is knowing that if he loses the presidency his immunity from the law will disappear too."

Don't forget. @DonaldJTrumpJr ain't allowed to run a charity.

USPS Headquarters Tells Managers Not to Reconnect Mail Sorting Machines, Emails Show "We are not to reconnect any machines that have previously been disconnected."

Yacht owned by Guo Wengui, a Chinese fugitive seeking US asylum. He is a member of Mara Lago. Wengui and Bannon are being investigated on federal and state charges for defrauding investors of $300 million in GTV Media. So the WBTW matter is only part of his problem.

For contrast, this is the mega yacht whose use is at the center of Jerry Falwell Jr.'s current scandal.

Populist icon Steve Bannon was sailing on this mega yacht when he was arrested on charges related to a scheme to defraud donors to the We Build the Wall nonprofit.

BREAKING: The Manhattan District Attorney's office fights to reinstate the indictment against President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, according to court documents filed in the case.

Humiliating Video Emerges of Don Jr. Praising Bannon’s Organization Building the Wall: ‘Private Enterprise at Its Finest!’ More than half of Smart Americans knew the corruption supported by Trump The other half we’re sucked in

This photo is Bannon up close last night - prior to arrest (credit: Jace Sadowsky)

Colombian President Ivan Duque said on Thursday that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's administration is looking to buy Iranian missiles and is handing over weapons made in Russia and Belarus to Colombian armed groups.

Trump criminal enterprise

I’m old enough to remember when The Senate made a criminal referral of Donald Trump Junior, that was two days ago

GRIFT “KOLFAGE, BANNON, BADOLATO, and SHEA devised a scheme to route those payments from We Build the Wall to KOLFAGE indirectly through Non-Profit-1 and a shell company under SHEA’s control, among other avenues. They did so by using fake invoices and sham “vendor” arrangement”

Two indicted white collar felons. Two former political operatives who now have little role in the operations of the GOP. And POTUS and VPOTUS.

NBC's @GeoffRBennett: "Respectfully, sir, it's not just Steve Bannon, it's Roger Stone, it's Michael Flynn, it's Rick Gates, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen. What's it say about your judgment—" Trump: "Well, I have no idea."

After listing the lengthy group of people in Trumpworld who have been accused of federal crimes, a reporter asks what all the lawlessness says about the President's judgment. Trump: "Well, I have no idea."

There’s always a Cambridge Analytica angle! Andrew Badolato, one of the Bannon associates charged w/defrauding donors today, formed a company that in 2018 signed a one-year deal w/Cambridge Analytica, where Bannon served on the board, for $440K

Barack Obama was originally slated to close night three of the DNC, but asked to swap the order and precede Sen. Kamala Harris to symbolically pass the torch to her.

from the Build the Wall website - Kobach and Tancredo with official shots

Now that Steve Bannon and Brian Kolfage have been arrested for stealing MAGAts money, will any of these Trump cultists realize that it's ALL been one big grift?

Trump’s Business Partners Allegedly Involved In Human Trafficking, Mafia Matters, Probable Money Laundering

my brain is melting

Leaders of ‘We Build The Wall’ online fundraising campaign charged with defrauding hundreds of thousands of donors

Curt Schilling, David Clarke, Erik Prince and Kris Kobach are also caught up in this We Build the Wall griftapalooza. This is like Christmas in August.

Analysis: Each of Trump’s 2016 campaign managers has now faced criminal charges

Look who’s featured on ⁦@BrianKolfage⁩ Build the wall site

NEWS: Steve Bannon was taken into custody by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service this morning and will be presented in federal court later today, spokespeople tell

A federal judge sides with New York state prosecutors who are attempting to get access to the President's accounting records for a grand jury probe

Bannon was taken into custody... by the Post Office There is something very meta about this

Trump has lost his case against Cy Vance in federal district court, trying to block the subpoena. More details to come.

If Bannon only had some serious dirt on a bigger let's see...who could that be?

Two dates, possibly with no connection: August 20: Steve Bannon indicted by SDNY. June 20: Bill Barr forced out Geoffrey Berman as the U.S. Attorney for the SDNY.

Brad Parscale's new Ferrari and yacht could not be immediately reached for comment

All we have accomplished #ForThePeople is possible for America. Who is standing in the way? Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump. We will remember in November when we will elect @JoeBiden President – and rid the country of Trump’s heartless disregard for America's goodness. -NP

BREAKING: A federal judge has thrown out President Trump’s effort to block the Manhattan district attorney from subpoenaing his financial records.

Justice! Steve Bannon, Brian Kolfage, Andrew Badolato, Timothy Shea indicted Leaders of ‘We Build The Wall’ online fundraising campaign charged with defrauding hundreds of thousands of donors Andrew Badolato has a long history w/Bannon & mafia ties

Are all of Donald Trump's campaign managers criminals?

BREAKING: Steve Bannon criminally charged for his role in defrauding hundreds of thousands of donors in connection with an online crowdfunding campaign known as “We Build the Wall” that raised more than $25 million.

Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon arrested on charges of defrauding donors in fundraising scheme

President Trump's ex-political adviser Steve Bannon charged in connection with online fundraising scheme, authorities say.

Looks like it's Steve Bannon's turn in the barrel. This day is amazing already

Breaking on @MSNBC: Steve Bannon has just been indicted by federal prosecutors in Manhattan.

This is stunningly irresponsible

“No one could have seen this coming” - Donald Trump

Senate Intel report reveals Ivanka pushed the Trump campaign to promote hacked emails on WikiLeaks

Trump is trying steal the election to stay out of prison. Think about how some fleeing felons would rather have a shoot-out with the police than be arrested & go to prison. Trump is having a figurative shoot-out with the American people as he desperately tries to avoid prison.

Has Trump congratulated Putin yet?

AP ANALYSIS: A U.S.-brokered deal that saw Israel and the United Arab Emirates begin to open diplomatic ties may end up with Abu Dhabi purchasing American weaponry. President Trump said a deal to sell F-35 stealth fighter jets to the UAE is "under review."

Opinion: Democrats seize the urgency of our moment

A Republican-backed effort to qualify Montana Green Party candidates for the general election has been rejected by the Montana Supreme Court. The ruling is a victory for the Montana Democratic Party.

This is what Trump has done to sabotage the USPS

Last night we saw why I can beat Matt Gaetz. 1 in 5 Republicans voted against Matt in the GOP Primary last night. These are the moderate Republicans who are fed up with his antics and lies. Getting them to vote country over party is how we'll beat Gaetz in November.

Crowd cheers for @BarackObama as his motorcade departs the Museum of the American Revolution.

As an attorney, I'm used to holding bad guys to account. In my latest op-ed, I make the case against Governor DeSantis, whose signature mix of arrogance and ignorance is the reason Florida just passed 10,000 deaths. Please share to get the word out

Awful news about Navalny, who remains in a coma and on a ventilator. Brought to mind Anna Politkovskaya, who was poisoned with tea while flying to Beslan. She wrote about it here

Here is an American president warning that American democracy may not survive his immediate successor

Best wishes to our Estonian sisters and brothers celebrating the Restoration of Independence Day today! Long live #Estonia! 🇱🇹🇪🇪 Palju Õnne! 29 aastat taas vaba Eestit!

Fox & Friends put footage of Trump's praise for the conspiracy cult QAnon into its opening montage, as a generic statement about how he is "saving the world" from Democrats

Spied? Right! If you keep believing that lying carnival barker snake oil salesman and you can’t see the con happening right in front of you on a daily basis, then you are the mark.

NEW from me: “Obama torches Trump like American democracy depends on it”

We, the global citizenry, must rid ourselves of Putin, the syndicate that enables him, & all his own monstrous puppets

President Obama was good, but I'm waiting to hear Kid Rock and Jared from Subway's speeches next week before I decide how to vote.

Barack knows the weight and power of the presidency because he’s lived it. The job requires empathy, discipline, and an understanding of complex issues. @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris are more than ready. They can meet this moment. Let’s do our part: Text VOTE to 30330.

Cracking up at this guy somberly laying to rest his Goodyear sign.

Barack Obama: "I did hope, for the sake of our country, that Donald Trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously; that he might come to feel the weight of the office and discover some reverence for the democracy that had been placed in his care. But he never did."


If every person that leaves this administration is a disgruntled employee, that says more about you as an employer than the employee.

Obama should talk on TV every night until the election

A Maine farmer went to pick up 800 baby chicks from the U.S. Postal Service. They were all dead. The USPS has been delivering chicks since 1918, but now...

102 years of safe delivery. Then came Trump

The U.S. President validating a dangerous, lunatic fringe conspiracy theory movement before the eyes of the world, because they happen to support him

A common response to Trump's lying is "well, they all lie." I think it's important to note how asymmetrical the lying is. You have hours of numerous Democrats speaking with no objectively false claims. It's rare to get ten minutes falseness-free from this president.

the president's rebuttal to obama's argument that he is fundamentally unserious and incapable of doing his job

Scary—Russian opposition leader Navalny is hospitalized after suspected poisoning. ...what happens when you live under an authoritarian regime.

The Democratic Convention had Gabby Giffords and students and families impacted by gun violence. Next week the Republican Convention will feature the St. Louis couple who pointed their guns at protesters. Choosing who to vote for is not a tough decision.

Amb. Susan Rice on Russian interference: "This is worse in many ways than 2016 because the Russians are more experienced, the folks on the Trump campaign are more experienced, and this time Congress is in on the act."

You seem mad, bro

Funny, you know what I’m hearing a lot of? Republicans voting for Joe Biden.

Here is a reminder of QAnon’s track record, this is the first “drop” that shows all the “insider knowledge.” Let’s be clear, Complete BS. Whoever wrote this does not “love our country” they seek to mislead and destroy it, @realDonaldTrump

Trump claims again, this morning, about former DHS chief of staff Miles Taylor: "I never met him."

I might be a little biased, but I think @DrBiden gave the best speech in convention history last night. Check it out along with other highlights from night two of the #DemConvention:

Watch Sen. Kamala Harris' full speech at the 2020 DNC

It’s 75 days until the election. Michiganders, you can now request your Absentee Ballot. Apply for yours here:

Think of it, Thomas Jefferson once held the same office as the person tweeting this inane gif.

VP acceptance speeches are a good way of setting the tone for your presidency, right Mike?

That I am here tonight is a testament to the dedication of generations before me. Women and men who believed so fiercely in the ​promise​ of equality, liberty, and justice for all. They ​organized​, marched​, and ​fought​—not just for their ​vote​, but for a ​seat​ at the table.

.@MollyJongFast on Night 3 of the #DemConvention: "As a woman who has lived through the four years of misogyny and sexism known as Trumpism, for me, there was nothing more gratifying than watching Kamala Harris speak."

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted a GIF of Lisa Simpson sobbing and ripping up papers during House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s speech at the #DemConvention

Hong Kong installed more "Multi-functional Smart Lampposts" around us, which is initiated public privacy concerns. The "smart lamp post" became protest target last year, because they suspected the lamp perform a facial recognition function, which the government denied.

One thing to watch in light of the Navalny news, Hong Kong laws, and cyber attacks on Iran: what are leaders doing / will they do because they think Trump will lose and this is their time.

The U.S. is suspending or terminating three agreements with Hong Kong's government linked to extraditions and payments derived from shipping

Reporter: "Is the President saying if he doesn't win this election that he will not accept the results unless he wins?" Kayleigh McEnany: "The President has always said he'll see what happens and make a determination in the aftermath."

Estela, an 11 year old whose mother was deported: "Mr. President, my mom is the wife of a proud American Marine and a mother of two American children. We are American families. We need a president who will bring people together, not tear them apart. Sincerely, Estela."

BREAKING: Alexei Navalny, the prominent Russian anti-corruption activist and outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin, was reportedly “poisoned with a toxin” and rushed in an unconscious state to the hospital on Wednesday night, according to his press secretary

Putin and Merkel discussed Belarus. The Kremlin's readout says: "The Russian side emphasized that any attempts of outside interference in Belarus's internal affairs leading to a further escalation of the crisis would be unacceptable."

Watch Barack Obama’s full speech at the 2020 DNC

" I know a predator when I see one.” .@KamalaHarris