Saturday, November 16, 2019

Gracie Anne Muehlberger, 15, and Dominic Blackwell, 14, were the two victims murdered at their Santa Clarita school on Thursday by a fellow student with easy access to a loaded semiautomatic pistol.

Confirmed, Mark Sandy (yellow tie) is here to testify behind closed doors to House committee members in the impeachment inquiry. Door to the scif closed behind him. Now we wait.

On the 10th anniversary of Sergei Magnitsky’s murder by the Putin regime, we’ll neither forgive nor forget. We know who his killers are and they must be brought to justice. Thank you USA, Canada, the UK, and the Baltics for passing Magnitsky Acts. It’s time for the EU to join in

Here's Trump saying last month of Parnas & Fruman, "I don't know them. I don't know about them. I don't know what they do." CNN now reports Trump met privately w/them late last year & tasked them with pressuring the Ukrainian govt to investigate the Bidens

More than 400 pages of internal Chinese documents detail the origins and growth of the indoctrination program in Xinjiang, where a million or more predominately Muslim minorities have been held in a vast network of detention centers

Cobb gained 100k followers plus raised over $250k in contributions in 24 hours. Stefanik has no idea what her partisan hackery unleashed yesterday.

The big takeaway from the Barr speech is that he believes GOP dominance of government and the rule of law are synonymous, because liberals are inherently malign and lawless actors. No need to share power with, or recognize the legitimacy of such opponents.

“Donald Trump is running the U.S. government not like a corrupt politician or a bumbling fool. He is running the U.S. government like a gangster. This is not normal. But if this president is not held accountable, it will be.”

Trump’s 1st call w/ Zelensky raises new questions. (1) contradicts WH readout that said they talked corruption. (2) Trump backtracked on pledge to send “very high level” aide to Z’s inaugural. (3) Trump praised Z’s reputation, later claimed he didn’t know

The search for a G-7 site started with 10 options. Secret service narrowed it down to 4. Then they were told to axe 2 and add a new finalist: @realdonaldtrump ’s own Doral resort.

Chilling- I have similar quotes by fascists Nazis and military juntas as they destroyed democracy with the excuse of law and order.

Me:”The events of today — the ambassador's testimony, Trump's disgusting smears, and the Roger Stone conviction — all point to a man who sought Russia's interference to win in 2016, tried to cheat to win in 2020 and victimized people who stood in his way."

A grifter himself, Trump has filled his administration with people who either lack professional qualifications or ethical standards — and often both. These are people like Mina Chang, the senior State Dept official who brazenly falsified her background.

CNN reporter reads out bombshell revelations from aide

Texas state lawmaker faces felony charge after dropping cocaine-filled envelope at airport

KEEP ASKING: Why did Justice Kennedy retire so abruptly? What role did his son at Deutsche Bank play? Who paid off Brett Kavanaugh’s $92,000 country club fees plus his $200,000 credit card debt plus his $1.2 million mortgage, and purchased themselves a SCOTUS seat?

The RATIO on this bad boy! Thanks to @Ex67T20 for pointing it out

Yesterday, Trump pardoned Edward Gallagher over Pentagon objections: - He shot a girl in a flower-print hijab who was walking with other girls. - Stabbed a wounded teen to death as he was being treated by medics. - Shot an unarmed man in a white robe.

Polls are open in Louisiana. Please vote!

To understand American strategy, the Russians have an interest in spying on American officials who have anything to do with Ukraine policy. That leads us to the impeachment issue

WH Chief of Staff Mulvaney says we should "get over" political influence in foreign policy. Ambassador Yovanovitch: "It's important to keep political influence out of foreign policy, because we all...have common security interests and that needs to be safeguarded and advanced."

As CEO of Gap, Art Peck made more than 1,000x more than his employees, pocketing $20M a year. At the same time, the company’s stock lost more than half of its value during his tenure. Yet he still got a 33% pay raise. America has socialism for the rich, capitalism for the rest.

This sort of deception is absolutely shameful. Stefanik is asking a question out of order in a period reserved for counsel. Schiff is enforcing that rule, not shutting her down. Like every other member, Republican and Democrat, she got 5 full minutes for questions later.

Elise Stefanik revealed herself to be a Jim Jordan in training. Tedra Cobb is her opponent next year. Flip. That. Seat.

TRUMP: "When I owned Miss Universe, Ukraine was always well represented." In fact, he inspected the contestants' dressing room to confirm this.

This is the tweet exemplifies the contempt Trump and his family have for public servants. They have ZERO concept of why people do jobs for anything other than money, self-promotion, or personal gain.

The gifts to Putin just keep on coming.

Bill Barr is the type of bare knuckles lawyer the Church would have hired thirty years ago to cover up sex abuse cases. The bishop would have been someone like Rep. Jim Jordan. Neither of these men belong anywhere near the impeachment inquiry.

Nothing to see here, except a TOTAL #conspiracy against the United States led by @realDonaldTrump

New Jeffrey Epstein accuser says she was lured by the promise of modeling work

Bill Barr is unfit to hold this job and has destroyed independence of the AG. This isn’t theocratic rule and never will be. Bill Barr is stuck in the 1940’s. Ridiculous. The “left” in this case? Is common decency. Everything trump touches dies. Everything.

‘Building the idiocracy’: Conservative reveals the strategy Trump defenders use to confuse GOP voters

AP sources: Jail guards at time of Epstein death reject deal

When New York's Taxi and Limousine commission forced Uber to hand over platform-level data, they found that 96% of the City's 80,00 drivers were making less than its minimum wage. When wages were brought up, $225m a month went back into the local economy.

Yesterday Yovanovich Tweets Holmes/"loves your ass"/"So he's gonna do the investigation?""He's gonna do it"/Kardashians/loud-talker Meadows: Overhearing call isn't "firsthand" Roger Stone guilty X7 "When I owned Miss Universe" Hannukah party Trump appeals to SCOTUS Barr speech

“A federal judge in Florida ordered the state Friday to change the way candidates are listed on election ballots — a decision that Democrats in the crucial swing state say will FINALLY TAKE AWAY AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE REPUBLICANS HAVE ENJOYED FOR YEARS.”

BREAKING: Inaction by the UK and its allies in the wake of Russia’s 2016 US electoral interference may have emboldened Moscow to graver acts, including the fatal Novichok poisonings in Salisbury, members of the ISC were told.

Barr is wrong. By his criminal actions, Trump undermines his supporters.

Fox News anchors say Trump's tweet raises the possibility of witness tampering

A timeline of former Dallas Rep. Pete Sessions’ involvement in the Ukraine scandal As the impeachment inquiry engulfs Donald Trump presidency, former North Texas Congressman Pete Sessions’ name keeps surfacing

I realize there's a lot of news, and it is exhausting, but one item from the other day is important, and shouldn't be pushed aside. Trump's speechwriter's emails reveal he is pulling ideas from Neo-Nazi websites. America's enemy was and is Nazism. Stephen Miller has got to go.

Transcript Shows WH Made Up Details of Trump’s Zelensky Call The readout released Friday doesn’t even mention the word “corruption.”

DAV, VSOs call on VA Secretary to add 4 illnesses to list of Agent Orange presumptive conditions. This is a very big deal and it impacts hundreds of thousands of veterans. The Trump administration is blocking this.

In America we protect whistleblowers whether they are in government, at your company, or at your child's school. Why? Because whistleblowers bring to light fraud, waste & abuse of power. America is a better place because we encourage & protect whistleblowers.

New lawsuit further alleges Ohio US Rep. Jim Jordan knew of former Ohio State doctor's abuse

Scotland Yard is investigating complaints of electoral fraud after accusations that the ruling Conservative party offered enticements to Brexit Party candidates not to run for some seats

This is a text between a parent and a student during the Saugus High School shooting in Santa Clarita. We don’t have to live like this. Our children shouldn’t die like this. Text ACT to 644-33. Every voice and vote matters.

Video shows a Tucson sheriff's deputy tackling then pinning a Black teenager with no arms or legs to the ground with his full body weight, after an adult at the group home where the teenager lives, called the police because he knocked over a trash can.

“The call was recounted to House impeachment investigators by David Holmes, the political counselor at the US Embassy in Ukraine, during a closed-door hearing on Friday, adding direct knowledge about Trump’s conduct to the case Dems are bldg against him.”

In the midst of the vicious smear campaign that ultimately succeeded in getting her removed from her post, Ambassador Yovanovitch sought advice from Ambassador Sondland about what to do. His advice? Tweet something in support of President Trump in order to save her job.

I’m concerned about allegations that Rudy Giuliani attempted to go into business with Parnas & Fruman, who were indicted for illegally giving contributions to a pro-Trump superPAC, & the same individuals who led the smear campaign to oust Amb. Yovanovitch

On the very day that Yovanovitch was told she needed to leave Ukraine, paving the way for Trump's scheme, She was honoring a Ukrainian activist who was brutally murdered for her anti-corruption work. It is evident that Trump had no real interest in ending Ukraine corruption.

This fellow is blowing a ram’s horn outside White House and praying for a presidential pardon of Roger Stone.

"Voters will deliver another verdict on whether a moderate Democrat can survive in a red Trump state when they go to the polls in Louisiana’s run-off race for governor," writes

I’ve always been proud to have worked for #AmbassadorYovanovitch but especially today! #BravoMasha #FSProud “Such conduct undermines the U.S., exposes our friends, and widens the playing field for autocrats like [Russian] President [Vladimir] Putin.”

Remember that Pete Sessions father, William Sessions, was former director of FBI but ended up representing the powerful Russian mobster Semion Mogilevich

THREAD: As glorious as today was for people who love the United States of America & the rule of law and detest Trump & all that he stands for…as cathartic as it was to watch the strutting ratfucker Roger Stone’s hour on the stage end w/ a pathetic whimper…I’m fucking PISSED.

3/ , you seditious cow-suing orangutan: it’s not possible for me to loathe another human being as much as I loathe you. One day, your children will grow up & learn about what happened today, and they will recoil in horror at the monster they call Dad.
4/ is good at one thing in this life: betrayal. He betrayed the American people today, just as he betrayed the student wrestlers in his charge. It should NEVER have come to this, that we allow this glorified BABOON to speak at something so important.
5/ I witnessed Marie Yavonovitch, patriot of patriots, thrown to the wolves, her career sacrificed to achieve Trump’s mobster aims, and it made me wish the Jedi army were there protecting her (not that she needed them)…IT SHOULD NEVER HAVE COME TO THIS.
6/ Everyone who made this happen should be relieved of their jobs, if not their status as non-inmates at some horrible prison. I don’t care if it’s Paul Manafort or Don Junior or Jared Kushner or the fucking asshole who didn’t find enough PIZZAZZ with impeachment. Fuck you all.
7/ How many more Gordon Sondlands are there, filthy-rich fuckwads who midwifed this mafia presidency into existence? How many Mark Burnetts? How many Sheldon Adelsons? How many Jason Chaffetzes & Paul Ryans & Mitch McFuckingConnells? Fuck you all.
8/ Oh, did Brett Kavanaugh have to deal with protestors at his Facebook black-tie event? Good. Fuck him, and fuck every last person who was there breaking bread with that rapist scumbag. It should NEVER have come to this.
9/ I am pretty damn sure Sean “Please Julian Assange, Guest Host My Radio Show” Hannity is going to be implicated in this. Good, because fuck that guy. Fuck Rupert Murdoch, and fuck every talking head at Fox who knows better. That means you, Laura Ingratraitor.
10/ I’m a fucking NOVELIST, six hours away from DC, and I’ve known what was going on for almost three years now. Somehow the MSM didn’t? I’m not that smart, guys. It should NEVER have come to this. It should NEVER have taken this long.
Yes, justice will come for every last one of these mobbed-up Trumpy motherfuckers. Yes, we shall prevail. But it should NEVER have come to this. Never. Not here. Not in the land of the free. Never. Never. Never.