Wednesday, April 29, 2020

People of America! I want to talk about two photos that tell the story of food in our country in this moment...two different, painful realities that we are experiencing, and the opportunity we must seize to make sure food is not the problem but the solution

During this plague year, there is almost never good news, only degrees of bad news. Even so, the pandemic has been different (and worse) for girls and women

U.S. deaths from covid-19 pass 60,000 as hopes rise for a drug treatment. Fauci says a second U.S. wave is inevitable.

Trump: This plague should never have happened. It could’ve been stopped but people chose not to stop it

Dear God I hope so. You cowards refuse to help America. If you all would have exhibited just an inkling of patriotism and acted like actual citizens of the United States we would not be in this predicament.

DC Police have changed the status of the Tara Reade complaint from active to inactive.

DC Police move Tara Reade complaint against Joe Biden to ‘inactive’

Did the “set up” include General Flynn admitting, under oath, that he knowingly and willfully lied to the FBI agents, even though he almost certainly knew that they would have recordings of the conversations he lied about?

If we don’t act to protect farm workers, what will we eat?

This is terrible, @realdonaldtrump. How DARE you?!@parscale is heart of your campaign. Without @parscale you're nothing.@parscale made you. Your entire future rests in his hands. @parscale is more important than you.

Exclusive: Australian intelligence officials have no evidence of Wuhan lab link to coronavirus

The most amazing and confounding thing: President Trump announced he’s using DPA for meatpacking plants, but he still hasn’t fully invoked the DPA for COVID-19 testing. Why? We're not going to be able to open our food facilities and so many other things safely without testing!

The only problem with this line: Trump could have stopped this alleged plan if he had acted sooner rather than praise Xi repeatedly and play down the coronavirus —> Exclusive: President Trump says China wants him to lose re-election race

#Florida governor announces plan to reopen Sunshine State on Monday after coronavirus shutdown

Wait, I was told that was a "conspiracy theory." "Messages often raise more questions than answers. They show Stone in touch with seemingly high-ranking Israeli officials attempting to arrange meetings with Trump during the heat of the 2016 campaign.

‘A phantom plague’: Evangelicals who defied social distancing guidelines are dying of coronavirus in frightening numbers

Labrador retrievers are involved in two research projects to see if they can sniff out coronavirus infections

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday admitted that the country had a shortage of critical personal protective equipment for health care workers, and warned that the worst the pandemic is yet to come.

Trump says virus will "go, it’s going to leave," even if there’s not a vaccine

Funny how Trump uses his power to force meat workers to risk their lives in known Coronavirus hot spots, but when its big banks, “well of course they have to get their $10 billion cut, our hands are tied!”

Wow, @realDonaldTrump, what a story! Looks like @parscale and his buddies have been leaking about you to the press

Trump erupts at campaign manager as reelection stress overflows

EXCLUSIVE: As Fox News host Sean Hannity seethed over recent New York Times coverage that said he downplayed the COVID-19 crisis, a close friend quietly encouraged him to seek revenge on the paper. Who was that friend? President Trump.

Greeley CO plant now at 245 confirmed cases, but who knows how many cases overall. This is the plant to which VP Pence promised to "flow" testing resources. But for some reason, they elected not to test all workers, and then re-opened it fully yesterday. 6000 people work there

Warren Buffett: Raising taxes on the 1% could end class warfare

Putin has a well-earned reputation as an astute tactician and a steely decision-maker. Yet over the past few weeks he has mismanaged Russia’s responses to two major crises: the collapse of the oil market and the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump appointees manipulated the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's payday lending research, an ex-staffer claims. A former CFPB economist accused Trump appointees of steering the bureau's reversal on payday lending rules to gut a key provision.

In a sales pitch that absolutely no one has asked for, the White House Gift Shop is selling COVID-19 commemorative coins, emblazoned with slogans like “World vs The Unseen Enemy” and “Everyday HEROES Suited Up”

Defense Secretary Mark Esper is directing Pentagon budget planners to defer $545 million worth of construction projects — many in Europe meant to counter Russian aggression— to pay for Trump's border wall.

BREAKING: Great news! Dr. Fauci confirms that a study of #remdesevir showed a significant positive effect in #COVID19 — the results “were quite good news.” The study is the “1st truly high-powered randomized placebo-controlled trial” of

"There is smoking gun evidence that while Donald Trump was telling Americans coronavirus would miraculously disappear, he was being briefed by his intelligence agencies about the pandemic's lethal spread and the threat it posed to American lives" -

McConnell puts down another marker: Next COVID-19 bill MUST have liability protections for business owners who reopen amid the pandemic.

Dear @VP Pence: The virus has incubation period of up to 14 days. Do you get tested every day? If you tested negative 3 days ago it doesn’t mean you couldn’t shed the virus today. Also, these tests are not perfect. I have asked repeatedly & @CDCgov refuses to disclose error rate.

How do we, the richest nation on earth, with the world’s top public health experts, have arguably the worst trajectory of coronavirus infections and lead the world in COVID-19 cases? Part of the answer is consistent funding cuts to public health programs.

"If a reality television host isn’t on television, does he even really exist?" writes @MollyJongFast. "Few people have longed for love and admiration the way our president has."

Just so we’re clear, the crazy @JackPosobiec follower who called me at 11 pm to threaten to kill me is going to have spectacularly bad day today. Thanks @fbi for the quick response.

I was under the impression you didn’t like Trump. Do this and you might as well wear a MAGA hat.

The lobster industry needs our help right now—they desperately need relief and support.

According to Gabriel Sherman sources, Jared is basically the president as trump is in a state of paralysis.

Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson have embraced two California doctors who claim coronavirus is less dangerous than the flu. But the doctors' data is obviously flawed, and has been easily debunked by medical experts.

Boston Globe Ed Board: "[Trump] threatens those whose job it is to impart facts ...whenever those facts highlight that he is wrong. It's clear the president expects government scientists to downplay the dangers of the virus and of 'the cures' he espouses."

It's tough for the Trump administration to get PPE? Here's how one former Google software developer with no import/export experience managed to buy millions of PPE from China for hospitals in the US. My latest article. Please read, RT, and share.

In an incredibly tragic way, Kushner isn’t lying. This has been a success for the Trump Administration. They’ve refused to help anyone while undermining confidence in government and enriching themselves by trafficking life-saving supplies like an organized crime family.

organized crime family = exactly who they are

NEW: Acting Navy Secretary James McPhersonis is delaying a decision on whether to return the ousted captain of the virus-ravaged USS Theodore Roosevelt

Senators Klobuchar, Booker, & Cortez Masto led a group of 12 colleagues in a letter urging the Administration to implement technological solutions that will allow eligible immigrants to complete the last steps on their path to citizenship

As the coronavirus closes in and outbreaks grow globally, remote nations yet to report cases will hope to keep it that way. Some have closed borders and taken preventative measures in order to remain virus free as long as possible

FBI documents reveal that Roger Stone was in direct communication with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

‘That’s a Lot of Deaths’: Kemp Plan Spooks Georgia Coroners

BREAKING: Good news! Study of #remdesivir in 397 severe #COVID19 patients: >50% improved & were discharged from hospital within 2 weeks.#Remdesivir reportedly was effective in an @NIH randomized study vs placebo (results soon)

Analysis: Israel nears a point of no return

He’s holding a pair of 2’s. It’s a bluff.

Two simple and terrifying numbers that Trump can’t spin

This is a global pandemic & Trump thinks it's the time to reward political allies & punish his Democratic enemies? We're all facing a crisis. We need leadership that serves everyone, every state, every territory. Failing one of us is failing us all

Congress Needs to Solve the COVID-19 Liability Problem

Joe Walsh: Justin Amash’s campaign will help Trump win

YooHoo! #MoscowMitch! Did ya forget about us? In your honor we've just re-upped our KY board thru November! Enjoy! Hey Doggies, rent is due - will you help?

Meet some of the tragic victims of @POTUS & his criminal Adminis. Their lies & shocking ineptitude @ every lvl of govt have ruined families 4ever. 54,373 ppl have died from coronavirus in the U.S. & 961,000 cases have been reported. May they RIP

Here's the transcript of the president's response when he was asked if he's spoken with the families of anyone who has died in the pandemic other than the family of his friend:

Hey assholes, the warrants show a Trump campaign employee in a conspiracy with Wikileaks, Infowars, and Russian military intelligence to attack the 2016 election. Nice try.

'We are starving': Hunger and economic collapse drive Lebanon’s protesters back to the streets

Health care workers in North Carolina held a counterprotest against yet another 'ReOpen NC' rally. About a dozen nurses, doctors and other health care workers, wearing scrubs and masks, protested, carrying signs that read things like: "Stay Home For ME".

This is why we can’t have nice things

US reports that GDP fell at a 4.8% annual rate in the 1st quarter, our 1st decline since 2014 and worst since 2007-9. Even so, most of Q1 came BEFORE lockdowns and layoffs. Economists expect GDP for Q2 will plummet at an annual rate of >30%.#COVID19

Police Investigating Death of Arizona Man From Chloroquine Phosphate Mesa City PD opens homicide investigation into death of Gary Lenius whose wife, Wanda, said she served him a deadly cocktail to ward off coronavirus

Jared Kushner on Trump's coronavirus response: "The federal government rose to the challenge, and this is a great success story."

Journalist who has done more than anyone else to expose Trump wins the Pulitzer

Kansas Democrats have already more than tripled their turnout from the 2016 caucus after switching to an all-mail May 2 party primary this year. As of Monday evening, the party had processed 138,430 ballots compared to a turnout of 39,266 voters in 2016.

Every Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee urged the chair, Lindsey Graham, to focus hearings on the coronavirus as soon as the Senate returns next week—and to delay confirmation hearing he’s planning to hold for another of Trump’s judicial nominees.

THREAD: Well, I had planned to spend a good chunk of time reading Tara's old tweets to find ones that seemed to be written in a Russian accent. I only made it 2 weeks back before I ran out of space for more examples. These are the red flags I found JUST from the last 2 weeks.

Mueller investigators said Roger Stone orchestrated hundreds of fake Facebook accounts in political influence scheme

A class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of prisoners, including three in two #NorfolkMA prisons, seeking their release due to the #coronavirus pandemic.

Celia Yap-Banago dedicated much of her life to her patients. But she died of coronavirus shortly before her 40th anniversary at the hospital. Now, her colleagues and nurses' union hope her death will raise awareness about personal protective equipment.

Antibody tests support what’s been obvious: Covid-19 is much more lethal than the flu

Meteorologists say 2020 on course to be hottest year since records began

Antibody testing suggests virus hit D.C. weeks earlier than estimated

Hey look, @realDonaldTrump deleted another Tweet

The latest frontier in the Covid-19 battle: families searching for plasma donors to help sick relatives w an experimental treatment. W/ ⁦@amy_harmon⁩ Will You Help Save My Brother?’: The Scramble to Find Covid-19 Plasma Donors

We're all having the same pandemic nightmares

Turns out Carnival Cruise Line got a backdoor multibillion-dollar bailout from the federal reserve

"There is smoking gun evidence that while Donald Trump was telling Americans coronavirus would miraculously disappear, he was being briefed by his intelligence agencies about the pandemic's lethal spread and the threat it posed to American lives" -

"This is far & away the most likely scenario: Trump goes out as the lamest lame duck of all time, humiliated, ignored & reviled, staggering out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue into the waiting arms of the New York State AG’s office."

The @MayoClinic has now removed this communication. They should have enforced the policy for the @VP just like they do for all people. Once you start giving “VIP” treatment bad things happen.

Well, the Washington Post's story about how droplets spread on airplanes wins the award for "gif most likely to give me nightmares FOREVER"

This is flatly unconstitutional

Thousands of independent restaurant owners from across the country will join a Zoom press conference today to push Congress to create a "restaurant stabilization fund" to save small eateries that are on the brink of insolvency

U.S. toll may be missing an additional 9,000 coronavirus deaths

Five Deadly Days in February

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"I think it's pretty wild that the president is willing to use the Defense Production Act to guarantee more meat production, but he is not willing to use the Defense Production Act to guarantee more testing production or more mask production," Sen. Murphy says

"OSHA has chosen -this is a choice- not to enforce any requirements in the meat industry to protect workers. They could. They could enforce everything the CDC laid out..." -Debbie Berkowitz, former OSHA policy advisor

“The president has just undermined all efforts to stop the spread of the disease in plants. He is essentially saying they must be allowed to operate and that there should be no specific requirements plants must follow to stop the spread of this disease.”

Why is U.S. meat supply so fragile? Consolidation means few plants control supplies

Wake up, America. Trump is signing two executive orders today. Together, they amount to a forced draft of meat-packing laborers where many will die and where no compensation for loss of health or life will be allowed.

I’ll help with your pandemic problem, but first I’m going to need you to do me a little favor.

This is what the reopenings are really about. Allowing states to get out of the mandated social safety net and forcing workers to hold up the economy even if it kills them.

85 percent of Americans think it's a bad idea to reopen schools now

The U.S. economy likely contracted in the first quarter at its sharpest pace since the Great Recession as stringent measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 almost shut down the country, ending the longest expansion in the nation’s history

NEW: 34 newly released ROGER STONE search warrants reveal new details — and mysteries— about his 2016 contacts. He spoke to Assange, sought dirt from Turkey, spoke to high-level Israelis and brokered meetings for Trump.

Roger STONE frequently used *CraigsList* to communicate with contacts under an account he registered to the name "Swash Buckler."

NEW: Newly posted search warrants show communications between STONE and ASSANGE in early 2017 in which Stone promises he'll "bring down the entire house of cards" if DOJ pursued Assange. Stone said he was working at "highest level of government" on this.

And there you have it... Laura Ingraham questions the Coronavirus death totals

Saudi Arabia’s reserves plunge the most in at least two decades

The U.K. government should block the MBS/Saudi government acquisition of Newcastle United as ‘not in the public interest’ because of MBS’s alleged complicity in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Anything else would be total capitulation of our values

This is not normal.

In 2016, my opponent Kevin McCarthy said Trump was on Putin’s payroll. If now all Kevin does is shill for Trump, does that make McCarthy Putin’s unpaid intern?

“While DeSantis spoke in Washington, there was grim news back home: Florida reported its deadliest day in the two months since the outbreak began.”

CNN, NBC, CBS, & ABC are set to announce that they will no longer televise Trumps announcements from the White House, saying that they are not in the public interest. They are standing firm, claiming that they are actually protecting the American public

Analysis: Yet again, Trump pledges that the coronavirus will simply go away

By not wearing a mask, Mike Pence puts all Americans in danger—because Trump supporters will never wear a mask now

Irrfan Khan, a veteran character actor in Bollywood movies who starred in Slumdog Millionaire and Life of Pi, has died

57,000 Americans are dead because @realdonaldTrump ignored early intel warnings about COVID-19, lied to us & held back lifesaving federal aid. @JustinAmash is now working to take anti-Trump votes from @joebiden, specifically in his home state of Michigan which Trump needs to win.

The Vice President @Mike_Pence won’t visit his mother because of the virus but has no problem not wearing a mask while visiting chemo patients at the Mayo Clinic for a photo op

We’re gonna blow wayyyy past 70,000 and it didn’t need to happen. We could have been South Korea, Australia, New Zealand.

Months into coronavirus crisis, federal response has not improved

Trump admin forsakes worker safety in false choice over meat supply

Under Trump, formerly stalwart CDC goes soft on meat plants

Nancy Pelosi hit back at President Trump for mocking her quarantine stash of ice cream. “I have ice cream in my freezer," she said. "I guess that’s better than having Lysol in somebody’s lungs, as he was suggesting”

It shouldn’t be a nominee. It should be the hands down winner. Am I right, Twitter?

Won't matter. If Amash can take MI and enough votes in two or three other states, Trump is back in. A lot of people have been hoping for an option where they can say they voted *against* Trump, but not *for* a Dem, and still get Trump anyway while claiming their hands are clean.

Dr. Fauci on CNN says “everyone who needs a test” will “hopefully” be able to get one “towards the end of May, the beginning of June.” (Recall that Trump told reporters on March 6: "Anybody that wants a test can get a test. That’s what the bottom line is.”)