Monday, October 5, 2020

Trump immediately took his mask off when he got back to the White House


A “glitch” at Florida online voter registration on last day to register. If you have trouble registering in Florida today let me know. You have until midnight


It’s like everyone’s forgotten that Herman Cain got coronavirus after attending a trump rally.


Opinion: The Supreme Court’s right-wing revolution has quietly begun


More reckless disregard for the health and safety of Americans by the @realDonaldTrump Administration.


AIRBORNE—at long last—the CDC just finally acknowledges that people can be infected with #COVID19 through aerosol airborne transmission, especially indoors with inadequate ventilation.


Joe Biden: "I hope the president's recovery is swift and successful. But our nation's COVID crisis is far, far from over. Today, my prayers are with the families of the 210,000 Americans who died from the virus."


Trump’s COVID-19 Timeline


States across the country have voter registration deadlines coming up––and many of them are today. Do your part to protect this democracy and change our country for the better. Register or check your registration, and make a plan to vote:


Giuliani says Bill Barr has COVID-19, and it sure sounds like Rudy is sick, too.


So far, ABC News has confirmed 17 individuals who have been on the White House grounds or in contact with President Trump have tested positive for the coronavirus.


Russia has used disinformation campaigns to sow discord & create division in US over controversial topics in the past. Other nations likely learned lessons from Russia’s efforts in 2016. Our job is to be smart & identify what Russia is doing & to stop it. #Protect2020


Conley says Trump "may not entirely be out of the woods yet"


Conley: Trump is mostly “back to his old self,” while saying he’s still being treated with a steroid and “routine regimen of covid therapy.” Won’t say when his last negative test was. Asked if Trump should have went to NJ fundraiser last week: “It’s not up to me necessarily.”


Conley says he’s not at liberty to discuss what was in the lung scans


Virus caused drops in oxygen levels for @realDonaldTrump; trouble breathing; hospitalization & possible lung damage. @POTUS was also given oxygen treatment; an expensive experimental drug; an expensive new drug & a strong steroid. Americans should absolutely be afraid of Covid


Breaking WSJ: The IRS is investigating longtime NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre for possible criminal tax fraud related to his personal taxes, according to people familiar with the matter.


Anyone know if Amy Coney Barrett’s kids were tested for COVID before they returned to school today?


JUST IN: President Trump tweets that he will be leaving Walter Reed Medical Center at 6:30 p.m. ET today


Two conservative justices take aim at #SCOTUS same-sex marriage precedent, calling it “a novel constitutional right” at odds with “the religious liberty interests explicitly protected in the First Amendment.” Buckle up, folks.


Analysis: Trump didn’t have time to learn about the coronavirus in March. Eight months later, the virus cleared his schedule


"Do they think ... rules for everybody else do not apply to them?": Chris Wallace slams Trump’s family for refusing masks at debate


Kayleigh McEnany was briefing the press without a mask on after Trump tested positive.


NEW: Leaked documents reveal Exxon's secret projections for higher carbon emissions, even as other oil giants cut back


#BREAKING: White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has tested positive for the coronavirus, according to a just-released statement.


Supreme Court will not hear Kim Davis same-sex marriage case


Just a reminder that overturning #Obergefell (gay marriage) is in the Republican Party’s official platform. Alito and Thomas just signaled their wishes to overturn it and we already know where Barrett stands on the issue. Please vote.


So much for precedent and judicial restraint. Two justices now openly call for an end to marriage equality—knowing reinforcements are on the way. The stakes could not be higher.


KENTUCKIANS: You have until TODAY at 4 p.m. local time to register to vote or update your voter registration. Register at Questions? Call 1-833-KYVOTES. We’re ready to help.


The first lady has no plans to leave the White House while she convalesces there after contracting coronavirus, an official says. "Melania is aware of the dangers of Covid-19," the official says. "Potentially exposing others is not a risk she would take."


KANSAS: If you’re looking for a strong independent woman physician in the U.S. Senate, chip in — Dr. Barbara Bollier


A handy chart on infection period. If you're symptomatic, you're likely infectious.


***LOUISIANA*** Today is the LAST DAY to register to vote in person or by mail for the upcoming Presidential election! EVERY VOTE COUNTS


National security experts describe a distracted and potentially vulnerable country


1/2) Today is your LAST DAY to register to vote in the November election! Download your registration form at today!


Dr. Tony Fauci on whether he's been involved in Trump's #COVID19 care. "I think it's obvious that I have not been involved.”


Trump Wants to Oust FBI Director Chris Wray After the Election


Dr. Anthony Fauci says everyone who was at the White House Rose Garden event should “absolutely” be contacted by contact tracers.


Are You on the Georgia Voter Purge List? You MUST check right NOW — the deadline is TODAY!!!


.@realDonaldTrump is on steroids, and he’s also nervous. Eric Trump is due to speak TODAY with NY State prosecutors today about the Trump family’s alleged #BankFraud and #TaxFraud


Also let’s not forget his tax issue and Eric Trump’s deposition today in NY.


Melania Tapes: Those lucky kids in cages.


Prospect of Trump’s early hospital discharge mystifies doctors


Before they died, about two dozen patients first sought care at a hospital, which then discharged them, in many cases sending them home to die with hospice care. All were Black. Most came from Ochsner Health, the largest hospital network in Louisiana,.


It's stunning to me that top #COVID19 expert #TonyFauci has not been consulted by any members of President #Trump's medical team. I have confirmed this. It's astounding. If I were diagnosed w #COVID19 my first call would be Tony Fauci.


U.S. Senator Ron Johnson tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday. But, after finding out he had the virus, which has killed more than 220,000 Americans to date, the Wisconsin Republican still chose to attend an Oktoberfest fundraising dinner that evening.


BREAKING: Harvey J. Alter, Michael Houghton and Charles M. Rice win Nobel medicine prize “for the discovery of Hepatitis C virus.”


My latest is...unsparing: The ‘Fuck Your Feelings’ Crowd Wants a Pity Party for Trump


The Election And A Fresh Obamacare Challenge Loom Over New Supreme Court Term


McConnell narrow margin for confirming Barrett would evaporate if just three GOP lawmakers are unable to vote.


Facebook Keeps Data Secret, Letting Conservative Bias Claims Persist


Perspective: I sat in the front row at the debate. Did Trump infect me with the coronavirus?


Support him 👇 McSally was not elected and if Mark wins he many be sworn in immediately. We need that seat!


A senior adviser to President Donald Trump's reelection campaign said Sunday there won't be any additional safety protocols for upcoming rallies following the President's hospitalization after contracting Covid-19.


Opinion: Two years after Post contributing columnist Jamal Khashoggi was killed inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, his push for accountability and reforms in Saudi Arabia continues


Putin and Lukashenko are guilty of many things but their biggest error is miscalculating the determination of the protests against them. They still believe that they've got more patience than the people on the streets, and that the winter will save them. Wrongly.


57th day of protests in Belarus


Dutch tourist who helped fuel rubbish bin fire at Hong Kong protest jailed for 4 months | South China Morning Post:


"Today when I see ordinary young people in Hong Kong on the internet begging for the world’s attention I feel sad. Sometimes I cry. I can imagine their fear and sense of helplessness."


It's been 100 days and Mitch refuses to investigate reports that Russia placed bounties on American service members. He doesn’t care about our troops. Just himself and his rich donors.


Millions of Americans have fought to preserve the freedoms Donald Trump now threatens. Now it’s our turn.


1,600 former Justice Department lawyers are accusing Bill Barr of using the Justice Department to help Trump in the presidential election.


ELECTION SECURITY: “I think our adversaries know that...we’re protecting the American people,” @robertcobrien says of his recent trip to Geneva to meet with top Kremlin security officials, where they “did to commit to not interfere in elections”


Our incompetent and cowardly National Security Advisor gave the Kremlin a gift, and undermined our security in the process


Here's Joe Biden's COVID plan:


It’s been a very interesting journey.


"They fought for the top job not because they hungered to do something for their country, but because of what the job would do for them; filling a psychological void within." @jennirsl on Trump and Johnson


US govt wins right to snaffle Edward Snowden's $5m+ book royalties, speech fees – and all future related earnings


The Trump administration labeled its vaccine czar a “contractor” to sidestep rules against personally profiting from government positions. The man holding this position owns $10 million in stock of a company working with his team to develop a vaccine.


Lindsey Graham photographed with leader of white nationalist group Proud Boys


Election 2020: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


KENTUCKY: We have 17 hours to make sure everyone who can vote is registered. Register at or call 1-833-KYVOTES if you have any questions.


"This is insanity," Dr. James Phillips tweeted.


Opinion: Remember Trump’s taxes? They are still a scandal.


Dr. @BarbaraBollier is running to be a U.S. Senator in Kansas and can help us defeat Trumpism. The most recent poll has her 2 points ahead of her opponent, but she needs *your* help:


Forty former investigators who oversaw complaints made regarding NYPD misconduct say "oversight is not enough."


(Koch)US fossil fuel giants set for coronavirus bailout bonanza 90+ fossil fuel companies, many of them established giants such as ExxonMobil, Chevron and Koch Industries, stand to gain from the Federal Reserve’s coronavirus bond buyback programme-


It is well known that Jared Kushner/Hope Hicks were the “geniuses” behind the Lafayette Square incident. They thought “showing the protestors” & the Bible moment was a campaign win. Law enforcement were used for this political circus. Now that I’ve left the White House...(1 of 2)


It’s been a very interesting journey.


The Proud Boys hashtag, which members of the far-right group have been using, was trending Sunday after gay men on Twitter hijacked it and flooded the feed with photos of their loved ones and families and with memes.


"Trump told advisers on Sunday that he was getting bored being in the hospital and was tiring of watching coverage of his hospitalization."


This sort of unnecessary and dangerous stunt is something done by dictators in North Korea and Russia, not by democratic leaders who govern on policy instead of smoke, mirrors and lies.