Thursday, February 27, 2020

The cover of next week's @NewYorker, 'Under Control,' by Brian Stauffer.

Bernie and I both wanted to rein in Wall Street after the 2008 financial crash. I was the one who dug in, fought back, and created the agency that forced the banks to return more than $12 billion to people they cheated.

We need so much more of this. We need @ewarren. Imagine this woman as our President- we should be so lucky.

Don’t worry folks, Mnuchin has been added to TeamCorona, now we all get black leather opera gloves to protect us from the virus.

"The decision to put Mr. Pence in charge was made on Wednesday after the president told some people that the vice president didn’t 'have anything else to do,' according to people familiar with the president’s comments."

You have GOT to see this. Betsy DeVos claims that the 40% failure rate of charter schools is only propaganda and false-when she is asked what the actual failure rate supposedly is then for charter schools she has no idea. The Secretary of Education, ladies and gentlemen.

The White House press pool is being called for an unscheduled event in the West Wing, per @JenniferJJacobs . Looks like Trump wants to talk after markets got hammered again today.

Trump spent 45 minutes today w/producers behind a play that dramatized the text messages between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, complaining about why "some people are in prison and others aren't." He is now meeting with Diamond and Silk and others.


INSANITY. We now have 3 people on Pence's #coronavirus "task force," all of whom know exactly NOTHING about combatting a global #pandemic. Where are the doctors/scientists? Why isn't Tony Fauci–NIH's world-renowned viral-disease expert–in the forefront?

Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama trusted Tony Fauci to be their top adviser on infectious disease, and the nation's most trusted communicator to the public. If Trump is changing that, it is a threat to public health and safety.

So here's what appears to be chain of events: The Trump administration repatriated infected Americans over the objections of the CDC. HHS then sent federal workers to interact with the infected population without adequate training or protection

It is time to ignore @FoxNews and these personalities. Living in their universe of "alternative facts" is no longer cute. These dishonest people are ok with your illness and possible loss of life. It is time for facts to rule once again

A CDC representative said it would take the agency “days” to get back to reporters' requests. When asked how reporters were supposed to properly cover the outbreak, the official said they did not see the lag time changing in the near future

A California woman potentially exposed dozens of people at a small hospital more than a week before she was diagnosed as the first patient likely to have contracted coronavirus within a U.S. community

President Trump is increasing the role, types, and cost of U.S. nuclear weapons in a way that appears unsustainable and unaffordable. @SenFeinstein and I are asking the GAO to study the administration’s nuclear modernization activities which could break the budget.

Trying to divert funding from heating assistance for seniors and low-income people in the dead of winter is just reckless. Democrats have an actual plan to comprehensively respond to #COVID19 without stripping resources from those most vulnerable.

The NRA is perpetuating a huge fraud on their members. They lie about gun safety bills so their members are scared enough to send them money. Then, they use their cash for a gold-plated Washington-area HQ and do events for McConnell—who refuses to hold a vote on #HR8. — Senator Chris Van Hollen

WaPo, NYT, and WSJ all have quarantine whistleblower stories within minutes of each other

These are the coronavirus patients that were repatriated to the US by the Trump administration over the objections of the CDC. Someone near this base became the first US person to contract the illness here. Incompetence has consequences.

SpeakerPelosi and others unveil plaque at House @OversightDems @gopoversight Elijah Cummings Room Dedication.

Statement from Trump administration: "No one could have possibly known that smugglers might tunnel under the wall. This is a completely new development." Border Patrol discovers new smuggling tunnel in US

Hey @RealDonaldTrump, it’s 1000% on you. Every death Every lost dollar@Parscale welcome to the barrel

Let’s defeat Republican Jim Jordan in November. If you support a strong Democratic woman over Jim Jordan, retweet this, chip in and join our fight!

Dow falls 1,191 points -- the most in history. Crikey

We don’t even support @Ewarren but she has the most hilarious stuff today and this is no exception

HHS whistleblower says: -HHS sent U.S. workers without protective gear/training to receive Americans evacuated from Wuhan -When whistleblower raised concerns, including with the HHS secretary's office, she got reassigned

Exclusive: U.S. workers without protective gear assisted coronavirus evacuees, HHS whistleblower says

BREAKING: Dow Jones Industrial Average records worst point drop ever on record, plummeting nearly 1,200 points

.@JoeNBC explains why Mike Bloomberg is hurting Joe Biden's candidacy and why Sen. Sanders is now in the lead. "If Bloomberg stays in the race, he will be the guy remembered – the politician, the billionaire, who got Bernie Sanders elected."

One year after the House passed bipartisan background checks legislation, we have a simple question for @SenateMajLdr McConnell: Why do you think your political survival is more important than the survival of America’s children?

Hey @brianschatz am I wrong or is it bonkers that McConnell adjourned the Senate for the week today at 3:49? Shouldn't we be working on a Coronavirus funding bill? Or debating one of the 300 bills sent over from the House, like universal background checks? Asking for a friend. — Chris Murphy

The Russian attack on Turkish forces came after a emergency meeting of UNSC. Earlier today there were also talks between Turkey and Russia after a tense night of clashes in Sadaqeb, and Akar said answer is expected ”in hours”. Well, the attack tonight is a possible answer.

NEW YORK (AP) -- Investors' growing fears about virus outbreak sends Dow Jones Industrial Average down about 1,200 points.

CPAC speaker terrifies audience about medicare for all: ‘Socialized medicine killed Princess Diana’

Testing kits for the new coronavirus aren’t yet available in New York City, the U.S.’s most populous city

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called President Trump's response to the coronavirus outbreak ‘opaque and often chaotic’

If reports are true, then Ajit Pai has failed to protect consumers at every turn. This issue came to light after my office and dedicated journalists discovered how wireless carriers shared Americans’ locations without consent. He investigated only after public pressure mounted.

Per Governor @GavinNewsom, California is monitoring 8,400 people for Coronavirus. "We knew this was inevitable," he says

Sources are suggesting that between 32 and 37 Turkish soldiers were killed in a Russian airstrike.

Ukraine launches criminal proceedings against former US Vice-President Joe Biden on allegations he pressured authorities into forcing the resignation of Ukrainian Prosecutor-General Viktor Shokin, Interfax-Ukraine news agency reports, quoting Shokin's lawyer.

NEW: The questions about coronavirus keep piling up. “You don’t have to create hysteria but you do have to treat the public as adults and let them know what’s happening,” an expert said.

Former CDC director @DrTomFrieden says that, with the Coronavirus outbreak, "nature can trump Trump. The fact is that a pandemic is currently inevitable."

NEW: Elise Stefanik, who became Trumpworld star during impeachment, stands accused of improper fundraising practices. And among her donors is Steven Alembik of Fla., who in 2018 was found making racist/offensive statements about Obama & Justice Ginsburg.

Joe Arpaio fails to persuade a federal appeals court to wipe clean his criminal record after Trump pardoned him

I was the WH Ebola Response Coordinator in 2014-15. We never told @CDCgov or @NIH what they could say, or ever censored their medical statements. If the WH is doing that now, it is a danger to public health

Government health officials and scientists will have to clear statements about the coronavirus outbreak with the office of Vice President Mike Pence, in an effort to tighten the White House’s control of messaging about the virus

“Mr. Pence’s slow and ideological response was widely panned for a reason: Pence got it backward. It became a case study in what not to do in the face of a public-health emergency.”

"Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, one of the country’s leading experts on viruses and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infections Diseases, told associates that the White House had instructed him not to say anything else without clearance."

Q: What would you do if President Trump loses the election but refuses to concede? Joe Biden: "I have no worry about him being escorted out of the White House"

Pope 'slightly indisposed', cancels one event, Vatican says

NEW: Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have outlined demands for coronavirus funding, which includes a guarantee that the eventual vaccine is affordable.

Pelosi: "We want to make sure that the vaccines are affordable. We think it's important to make that point because of what Sec'y Azar said ... This would be a vaccine that is developed with taxpayer dollars ... That should be available to everyone, not dependent on Big Pharma."

After wild swings in stocks, a market correction is finally here

Pelosi: "Lives are at stake. This is not a time for name-calling or playing politics. The first step the Congress must take is to ensure that the government has the resources it needs ... Unfortunately, up until now, the Trump admin mounted an opaque and often chaotic response."

BREAKING NEWS: We are now in the worst stock market drop since financial crisis in 2008.

Homelessness in our community has many causes, but one of them is very simple: We don’t have enough affordable housing. My bill helps address this issue by creating tax incentives for property owners who sell to affordable housing developers.

Schiff on acting DNI Ric Grenell: "I think he has little to no relevant experience, other than being a Trump loyalist and the level of confidence that we can have that we will get fully informed of threats to our elections has just gone down to practically nil."

It’s worse than escalating projections. The Trump administration just overshot, by $2.8 billion, its projection for 1 year's nuclear weapons spending. My SANE Act would cut redundant programs before we spend $2 trillion over 30 years

NEW: Pence is bringing in Debi Birx for coronavirus team. She’s a career government official; started at DoD in the 1980s. Worked on global AIDS crisis in Obama admin.

Japan's Shinzo Abe calls for all schools to close from Monday until the end of their spring holidays to combat the spread of coronavirus

Competence, not accusations, will inspire confidence. Hard to find competence in an administration selected for loyalty.

Democrats. What more do you want in a damn candidate. Seriously, get it together.

Scots ministers told to seek ‘unexplained wealth order’ for Donald Trump resorts

Assange update

The Party of Idolaters

BREAKING: Iran's former ambassador to the Vatican, Hadi Khosroshahi, has died of coronavirus

We asked all 67 #Florida county election supervisors how they are protecting us against #hacking and #RussianInterference. We got mostly crickets. Turns out they signed nondisclosure agreements with the Department of State

Dow is down more than 700 points today and is now in correction territory, down more than 10% from peak.

if congressional incumbents and candidates fear a wipeout with Sanders at the top of the ticket, more need to go on record opposing him

Jim Jordan is talking about wrestling which in my mind is a questionable choice.

In a 1am tweet and late-night retweet, Trump seems to be siding with Jim Jordan over Bill Barr on legislative strategy on FISA. Barr wants a clean extension; Jordan wants changes first, and made that case at the WH yesterday. It’s unclear what Trump wants.

NEW: Scottish ministers have been urged to seek an Unexplained Wealth Order targeting @realDonaldTrump's Scottish resorts amid claims there are "reasonable grounds for suspecting that he, or people he is connected with, have been involved in serious crime"

BREAKING: Dow plunges 500 points at the open, falling into correction

Assange Trial: In support of his argument, Lewis is quoting at length from Lord Mustill, a liberal law lord who is perhaps most famous for his dissent in a case criminalizing sadomasochism. So there’s that.

So @ewarren had the audacity last night at the #CNNTownHall to tell the truth about @BernieSanders double standard on superdelegates rules to pick the nominee and now the vile, bad faith Bernie Bros cult + bots are saying #PrimaryWarren.

“Bernie wants to redefine the rules & say he just needs a plurality,” Mr. Jacobs said. “I don’t think we buy that. I don’t think the mainstream of the Dem Party buys that. If he doesn’t have a majority, it stands to reason he may not become the nominee.”

Republicans criticizing democrats for being too worried about Coronavirus because everything is partisan in this dystopian hellscape

Mike Pence, who was Indiana’s governor during the worst HIV outbreak in the state’s history, is now in charge of the coronavirus response. Welp, we had a good run y’all.

BREAKING: Netanyahu, Trump, & Kushner named in 'War Crimes' lawsuit filed by Palestinians in US court

Remember Michael Brown? He was the director of FEMA during Hurricane Katrina whose only qualification was being college friends with George Bush's campaign manager and was utterly unprepared for a real disaster. Trump's entire administration is run by Michael Browns.

Facebook Bans Ads With False Claims About New Virus

Unless they're politicians...

The Manhattan DA's office is pressing the Supreme Court to enforce a grand jury subpoena for Trump's financial and tax records. Prosecutors argued that shielding Trump from investigations of his financial dealings pre-W.H. will set a dangerous precedent.

‘Set up for failure’: CNN’s Camerota speculates Pence is about to become Trump’s coronavirus fall guy

Senate Democrats have introduced legislation to reverse Trump's decision to shift billions in military funding toward his border wall and place new limitations on the Pentagon's transfer authority.

The #TrumpBudget priorities: ✔️ Cut over $1,000,000,000,000.00 from Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. ✔️ Slash $700,000,000.00 from the Centers for Disease Control. ✔️ Reward the ultra rich with tax breaks. Pass. This. On. — Nancy Pelosi

The CDC has been informed of the first U.S. coronavirus case of an unknown origin, an indication that the virus may be spreading.

The gun-control portion of last night's debate made this fantastic 2015 story by @Fahrenthold timely again ---> How the National Rifle Association helped get Bernie Sanders elected

HAND-MARKED PAPER BALLOTS “Soffer said the county’s 158 iVontrics machines, manufactured by ES&S, have been in service since 2006. In order to upgrade, Soffer said the county must come up with $300,000.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a legend in the study of infectious diseases, stood in front of the president and said (without saying it) that something the president said was not correct. This is why we need career experts and not just wackadoo hacks in the government.

Mike Pence is not an upgrade. Putting a guy in charge of a deadly major pandemic who doesn’t believe in science and thinks smoking doesn’t cause cancer is...well...NOT A GREAT IDEA. Radical idea: put someone qualified in charge. Take this seriously.

Because "domestic violence" is considered a "women's problem," Amy Klobuchar does not get enough credit for repeatedly and relentlessly raising the link between domestic violence and much worse crimes, including gun violence. Why is she the only one?

Some tips on protecting yourself & others from the flu and #CoronavirusOutbreak: -Wash your hands. A lot. -Avoid touching your eyes, nose & mouth. -Get a flu shot. -Stay home if you are sick. -Don’t discriminate against Asian Americans

For those who don’t know, that’s @drsanjaygupta , a board-certified neurosurgeon and a medical school professor who is @CNN ‘s medical analyst asking the question.

BREAKING: A person in #California—NOT exposed to anyone with #coronavirus & NO travel to #COVID19 areas—tested positive in the 1st case of community spread the US. As predicted. The case was detected via the public health system and astute clinicians

We're 45 minutes from Trump's coronavirus news conference and already... HHS Secretary Azar has said the vaccine, when it's available, will not be subsidized for people who can't afford it. Senator Rubio is blaming China. Shit. Show.

This was Donald Trump tweeting in 2014. This evening he appointed Mike Pence to lead the coronavirus response

Nothing says “uniting the country” like using a press conference about coronavirus to bash Pelosi and Schumer. This virus is exposing all the pathologies of the Trump administration.

I would encourage folks who like to knock down Joe to watch this. He’s a good man.

The Trump administration says resuming coal sales from public lands will negligibly increase greenhouse gas emissions. An Obama-era moratorium came amid concerns that burning the fuel makes climate change worse.

This is outrageous. We should use every tool at our disposal, including government manufacturing or contracting if necessary, to make this vaccine available to everyone who needs it. Former Pharma lobbyist Azar should stop putting profits ahead of people's lives.

Scoop w/ @hollyotterbein NV Dem party chair & CA SoS called the police this wknd after svrl Bernie supporters came to their homes w/ bullhorns late at night to warn abt elections/2016 They FB live’d it Jeff Weaver condemned the tactics

Democrats will make their own choices in this year’s primary, but this right here is as genuine of a moment as I’ve seen in my political life. Watch the entire thing.

Confirmed US case of coronavirus of UNKNOWN ORIGIN comes minutes after Trump press conference. CDC “has confirmed an infection with the virus that causes COVID-19 in California in a person who reportedly did not have relevant travel history or exposure to another known patient.”

Busted. Our top intelligence official taking undisclosed payments from foreign governments. Chuck Schumer asks Justice Department to investigate Richard Grenell's consulting work

This is not true. The trump order did not ban all travel by non-US nationals: every day, boats and planes arrive from China crewed by foreign nationals. EVERY DAY.

"We need tests at a massive scale in order to be able to do this." -Christopher Mores, epidemiologist

Ah, good, the guy whose policies as governor sparked an HIV outbreak in Indiana is on the case. Fantastic.

Joe Biden on Bernie Sanders' gun legislation record: "He goes after every corporation in the world. But I have not seen him go after the gun manufacturers"

Opinion: Coronavirus makes the case for Medicare-for-all

Yesterday, Trump said "we’re very close to a vaccine.” The White House had to clarify later that he was talking about Ebola, not coronavirus Anthony Fauci just confirmed that a #coronavirus vaccine is at least a year away. Not reassuring at all.

He gets Russian help for free, and this keeps campaign costs nice and low.

Saudi Arabia bars pilgrims from visiting Mecca due to coronavirus fears

Mark Kelly is up 6.7 points over Sen. Martha McSally in new poll despite Trump's support

Top Marine Orders Confederate Paraphernalia to Be Removed from All Bases

Journalists Slam ABC News For Suspending David Wright After Project Veritas Sting

Unfortunately, this #coronavirus can cause a wide range of symptoms—from none to mild upper respiratory illness (a “cold”) to severe pneumonia and respiratory failure. The only way to “know” if someone has #COVID19 is via specific diagnostic molecular testing.

Scoop: Facial recognition company Clearview AI has told its law enforcement that an intruder stole its entire customer lists. Reported customers include FBI, DHS, and hundreds of other law enforcement agencies

Must read. This is INSANE. “Since the patient did not fit the existing CDC criteria for COVID-19, a test was not immediately administered.”

Dear @realDonaldTrump: Your job is to protect the American people, not to minimize the worldwide #CoronavirusOutbreak. First #coronavirususa case of unknown origin was just confirmed in Northern California. How many people did that person have contact with in the last 14 days?

Anyone breaking Singapore’s virus rules won’t get a second chance

Trump Meets Every Criteria for an Authoritarian Leader, Harvard Political Scientists War

Mike Pence is for conversion therapy. Mike Pence said smoking didn’t cause cancer. Mike Pence doesn’t believe climate science. Mike Pence questioned whether or not condoms worked. So,

ALERT: People are testing positive for the coronavirus, after initial recover — causing new concerns about the spread of the infection. “I'm not certain that this is not bi-phasic, like anthrax," meaning the disease appears to go away before recurring.

That time you thought you had a deadly screwball that was gonna trick a sucker like some minor league bum but Elizabeth Warren sent that weak shit to the moon. These are the Majors, fool. Her name is E Effing Warren

Trump has no interest in protecting us from Russian cyber attacks against the core feature of our democracy - our elections. What makes anyone think Trump & his lackeys have any interst in protecting We The People against a spreading virus. He just wants to know who he can blame.

BOOM! Barack Obama is sending a cease-and-desist letter to South Carolina TV stations demanding they not air a Republican ad that misuses his words to attack his former Vice President, Joe Biden

President Donald Trump addresses the coronavirus outbreak - Full

Skip to minute 20:00 for goes out but comes back

Trump attacks on juror shows lack of understanding of US system

Walls and bans not a good strategy for addressing coronavirus

Virologist: Good testing key to coronavirus containment

Rates of lethality, transmission shape coronavirus concerns