Friday, March 22, 2019

After 2 years, the special counsel has concluded his investigation, & I look forward to reviewing AG Barr’s report carefully, when it becomes available. I expect DOJ to release the special counsel’s report to this committee & public w/o delay & to maximum extent permitted by law.


"There were no such incidents during the Special Counsel's report".

Eric Swalwell to @MSNBC: "The American people will see every word, every comma, every period of this report. The president is outnumbered now in a way that he was not before ... It's just a matter of time."

BREAKING NEWS Mueller Report In

Trump has arrived at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, according to the pool report. This is Trump's 230th day at a Trump property as president.

South Carolina Republican Endorses QAnon: ‘They’re Legit’

Ruined crops. Dead livestock. Farm bankruptcies. If the GOP has a better plan on climate change, let’s hear it. Right now, it’s our plans versus no plan.

This guy doesn't have a science background, is Peter Thiel's former Chief of Staff and now he's responsible for arguably the most important economic and security files the Presidency oversees. Thiel's influence over the executive looms large.

"Trump’s latest wet kiss to his pal Bibi is supposed to help the beleaguered Israeli prime minister, but really it will benefit Putin – and Xi. The unintended consequences of dumb diplomacy may prove severe here."

Wait, @ggreenwald on Fox News bashing the Mueller investigation while being translated into Russian and broadcast on Russia’s state TV. Unpossible! Get it now, people?

They've been through so much and now this... Parkland shooting survivor Sydney Aiello takes her own life after suffering from PTSD and survivor's guilt

Here's Laura Ingraham displaying my face to 2.5 million viewers and calling me a "little journo-terrorist." I am 29. I have no full-time job. I am teaching a single course, for $7k, as an adjunct. This is insane. And irresponsible. It is incitement. It is not okay.

Very good NY Times investigation into how Interpol evolved from a pure crime fighting organization to one which is routinely abused by criminal dictators to chase their enemies and victims around the world.

Nothing to see here just the president’s daughter getting a patient to make voting machines in China

"The real message, unspoken (for now) is: If America can recognize Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights as legitimate, why can’t everybody do the same for our occupation of Crimea?"

Kushner used encrypted messaging service WhatsApp & his personal email account; McFarland was using an account to conduct official White House business, discussed transferring “sensitive U.S. nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.”

It’s a moment nearly two years in the making. And it’s almost here

Attorney General William Barr and Assistant Attorney General Robert Mueller, 1991

We already know there was collusion

Carlson "is thought to be well-liked by the Murdoch family that controls parent company Fox and is in little danger of losing his job."

Trump: "People will not stand for it" if Mueller report makes me look bad

Julia Medina is nine & a US citizen. She was detained for 36hrs by border patrol without her mother present. Her brother was coerced to sign a document promising her release. A foreign government had to get involved to get her released. This is foul.

Just like the midterms; defeating tRUmp/GOP in 2020 is a national security imperative. If Democrats really want to save the Republic, they’ll focus on finding a candidate who’s electable nationwide. To change govt policies & the civic discussion, first you have to win elections.

‘It’s idolatry’: MSNBC historian scorches Mike Pompeo for comparing Trump to biblical figures

The gap between America's top income earners and the middle class is getting wider in nearly every major metropolitan area

ICE Is Detaining 50,000 People, an All-Time High

Trump campaign shifted $1.3 million of donor money into his businesses: report

Worried about populists and authoritarians are taking over? You're too late. Almost 70% of the world's most important economies is under their control

EU throws Britain a lifeline with a two-week Brexit delay

Cindy Yang helped Chinese tech stars get $50K photos with Trump. Who paid? Yang isn't saying—but she and 3 associates donated $135,500 to Trump Victory before an event. Selling tix to campaign fundraisers without disclosing the buyer to the FEC is illegal.

Roger Stone invokes Fifth Amendment

Three SDNY chiefs say Trump can be indicted.

Jared Kushner discussed policy w/ Saudi leaders at same time his brother was working on a business deal with their top aides.

NEW: Facebook admits there was more than one #CambridgeAnalytica data scraping operation. @AGKarlRacine prosecution is unlocking new truths already.

A woman listed as a 25K donor to Trump doesn’t remember making a donation.

Trump's Golan statement draws condemnation: Erdogan: Trump’s unfortunate declaration has brought the region “to the brink of a new crisis & new tensions.” Kremlin spokes: Trump’s comments “can destabilize the already fragile situation in the Middle East.

Pompeo: It's "possible" God planned Trump to save Jewish people

Profiles in Chickenshit from the Grand Old Party as Trump Spits on John McCain's American Greatness

Eric Swalwell this AM on Hope Hicks: "She also told me when I interviewed her that she had told lies for the president, and when I asked her what she had lied about, she refused to testify. And then the Republicans did not force her to actually give us an answer."

Trump: "It is time" to recognize Israeli control of disputed Golan Heights territory

BREAKING: US forces say 2 American service members have been killed during an operation in Afghanistan.

Both Trump's election and Brexit "will go down in history as moments of intense reactionary idiocy from which, we hope, both countries will one day make a full recovery,"

On bringing the adult Trump kids before Congress, @RepSwalwell told me: “We are not going out of our way to hear from the president’s children, but the president has gone out of his way to involve his children.”