Thursday, December 13, 2018

Disgraced Trump fundraiser tried to use GOP contacts to score “billions” in Africa

"He tell me get dis haircut. It will be good. He not say why." - Melania Trump

"Thanks to Fox Nation, viewers can now gorge themselves on Fox's toxic slop all day without ingesting the traces of nutrients that might contradict the right-wing narrative."

"I don’t think that the Justice Department ought to take the position…that a president, merely by being in office, can be above the law, can escape the enforcement of the law by essentially waiting out the law, waiting out the statute of limitations,” Dem Rep. @AdamSchiff says.

In #@HouseTrump, former fed prosecutor Ken McCallion told me he thought Trump may have given intel to Putin via Bayrock: "Now that Trump was getting investments from the Russians, Putin could keep track of where their money went because Bayrock kept a ledger ."

OMG...self-admitted #Russian🇷🇺agent, Maria Butina, and her “boyfriend,” @GOP operative and federal grand jury target, Paul Erickson, sing “Beauty and the Beast.”#HoneyTrap

Ugh. Such a ridiculous and false claim. Neither the Democrats nor Obama gave US taxpayer money to Iran ! Sometimes I wonder if you know the facts and choose to ignore them or simply don't know the difference between fact and fiction.