Monday, February 18, 2019

“I almost fell out of my chair. I could not believe it,” said Beth Callori of Long Island. “I voted for Trump. I thought he was going to be good for this country." But now her tax bill is $5,000 (5x's previous years) and she says,"that’s it, I’m done.”

In what world does Roger Stone's new book *not* prejudice potential jurors in his upcoming criminal trial?

When a plane crashes or romaine lettuce causes an E. coli outbreak, we treat it like a public health emergency. Why aren't we treating more than 30,000 gun deaths every year the same way?

ebook broke law, must be regulated to protect democracy, politicians say

Roger Stone now directly attacking the federal judge presiding over his case and posting a pic of her head beside crosshairs

“A crime may have been committed. The president may have been engaged in obstruction of justice.” In this clip, former FBI acting director Andrew McCabe explains why he opened investigations into President Trump

Andrew McCabe - Full Interview