Thursday, January 17, 2019

Wrapping Day 2 at our #ChefsForFeds kitchen with 5,558 meals served to federal employees and their families. We will be here again tomorrow, from 11-6, as long as the shutdown continues

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, who had planned to join Nancy Pelosi’s congressional delegation to Afghanistan, says Pres. Trump’s decision to derail the trip is “completely inappropriate.”

White House delegation cancels Davos trip

Over 100 Republicans break with party, vote with Dems to oppose Trump rolling back Russia sanctions

The FBI family always comes together in times of need. The shutdown needs to end and the DOJ and the FBI must be fully funded.

Trump still poised for a drawdown in Afghanistan after the deadliest year for US troops since 2014

.@jaketapper: In an act of moving the goal posts not seen since the search for Jimmy Hoffa under Giants Stadium, Rudy Giuliani made a stunning admission on CNN, allowing he can't say for certain no one on the campaign conspired with the Russians, only that the President did not.