Thursday, April 25, 2019

Good piece on how Fox News lied, distorted, twisted and manipulated to give a dishonest pro-Trump version of the Mueller report.

BREAKING: Trump’s Offshore Oil-Drilling Plan Sidelined Indefinitely

The FBI will meet with Sen. Rick Scott in the next few weeks to discuss Russia’s hack on at least one Florida county during the 2016 election

Maria Butina's sentencing is still on for tomorrow. The judge had asked the parties whether a delay was needed, given a fight over a DOJ filing from a former FBI official saying Butina was part of a Russian intel operation, but Butina's lawyers didn't want to push it back

The Mueller report doesn't cover the counterintelligence investigation: did Russia try to infiltrate the Trump camp? But a new filing in another case shows Moscow had a broad scheme to obtain influence within US political circles

Wow. @annafifield reports Trump agreed US would pay $2 million to North Korea for “medical care” of Otto Warmbier to win his release as he lay dying. Sounds like a ransom. But not clear if US actually paid; Trump doesn’t honor his debts.

North Korea issued $2 million bill for comatose Otto Warmbier’s care