Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Chief Justice is likely to play more than a decorative role in the first serious Senate impeachment trial of a president — the first based on genuine abuses of presidential power — since Andrew Johnson’s trial in 1868.

Major Trump donor plans private fundraiser with Mitt Romney

Trump has said Riyadh would pay for the recent U.S. deployments, sparking resentment in some Saudi circles. "Saudis see the president charging them as a commodification of a relationship of more than seven decades,"

Prince Andrew Involved in Orgy with Jeffrey Epstein and Nine Girls on Billionaire's Private Island, Accuser Claims in TV Expose

Can the Trump cult be deprogrammed?

President Vladimir Putin signaled Moscow's growing Middle East clout last week on his first visit to Saudi Arabia in over a decade, buoyed by Russian military gains in Syria, strong ties with regional rivals and energy cooperation.

Indicted Giuliani associate joined DeSantis on last-minute campaign swing