Thursday, April 18, 2019

Having read the Mueller report, I can see why Trump was so eager to discredit the investigators—and why Barr felt compelled to spin in advance. And it’s not because the report proves “No Collusion - No Obstruction!” It proves the very opposite. My column

Trump again jokes about staying on as president for more than two terms

Reporter: Kellyanne Conway...said [Schiff] should produce the evidence he says he has. What do you say to that? Schiff: Kellyanne Conway clearly hasn't read the report... All the facts I've been alluding to are not only spelled out, but they're spelled out in far greater detail

Mueller report “is not vindication,” says @RepAdamSchiff, it’s “condemnation.”

Schiff on collusion says Mueller could not establish the "willful intent" to violate the law on conspiracy, though he says there's evidence. He says Trump campaign activities were "unpatriotic" and should be "condemned by every Americans"

CNN’s Toobin: Mueller's findings on obstruction "all but an explicit invitation to Congress to impeach the president"

Rep. Eric Swalwell calls for the resignation of A.G. Barr: "He's lost the credibility of the American people ... He's embedded deeply into the Trump team."