Sunday, August 19, 2018

"Would you consider privatizing (in Afghanistan), using contractors instead of U.S. military?"

A chilling point from Paul Krugman: “I don’t think most political commentators have grasped how deep the rot goes. I don’t think they understand, or at any rate admit to themselves, that democracy really could die just a few months from now.” Think Nov. 6!

John Dean fires back at Trump: "I doubt you have ANY IDEA" what McGahn told Mueller in testimony

It’s counsel you simpleton. Further, McGahn doesn’t work for you. He works for the American people. He’s also the person who learned that you can’t pardon your co-conspirators. What do you suppose he and Mueller spoke about for over 30 hours? You’re going to prison, Traitor.

Trump Says He Allowed White House Counsel to ‘Fully Cooperate’ With Russia Probe

BREAKING: Trump administration releases latest numbers on migrant kids it separated from parents. This is most detailed data we've seen so far.

Governor of Montana and possible 2020 candidate @GovernorBullock discusses the state of the Democratic Party and how Dems can beat Trump in 2020