Sunday, March 24, 2019

U.S. Posts The Biggest Monthly Budget Deficit In American History

Opinion: I wrote the special counsel rules. The attorney general can — and should — release the Mueller report.

Florida NOW Calls on Congress to Investigate Epstein and Acosta

Hundreds of thousands are marching in London today to demand a second Brexit referendum.

Counties that hosted a 2016 Trump rally saw a 226 percent increase in hate crimes

There you go. So, Putin loyalist now explaining how recognition of annexation in one place legitimates annexation more broadly. Very dangerous precedent.

Using WhatsApp for White House Business Is 'Far More Egregious' Than Hillary Clinton's Emails, Cybersecurity Expert Says

Jared Kushner gave Saudi Crown Prince MbS tacit approval to blockade Qatar, a U.S. ally, according to Vicky Ward. “Jared nearly put us into war in the region,” says the author of “Kushner, Inc.”

Lindsey Graham calls for Clinton investigation at Mar-a-Lago fundraiser as Trump fans chant ‘lock her up’

No, @NikkiHaley we do not “have to acknowledge that” Trump publicly delegitimized the investigation ON A DAILY BASIS. He sought to fire Mueller, derided Rosenstein, and tampered with witnesses. You will always bear the shame of how you normalized a criminal presidency.

The Manafort asset forfeiture proceeding is getting odd. What's up with this shell company that says Manafort owes $1 million? DOJ asked today in court

“One friend of Mr. Trump said that despite his outward good spirits, the president remained anxious about the contents of the report and was concerned that its release was taking longer than he expected.”

We want to hear it from Mueller, himself.

Somehow, sometime, Donald Trump will leave the political stage; but the moral and material corruption he has inflicted will be with us for a long while.

NBC News President Noah Oppenheim: “Earlier today, a device exploded in the vicinity of a group from NBC News in Syria. We are thankful that NBC employees escaped unharmed, however one of the local drivers working with them was tragically killed."

Several senior W.H. officials flew to FL this weekend "in part so Trump would be surrounded by people he knows and trusts and therefore be less likely to do something rash,"

President Donald Trump has emblazoned the “Trump” brand name on images of the White House to sell in his Trump Store and at the Trump International Hotel in the capital. The products give the bizarre impression that the White House is a Trump hotel.

The federal probe into Trump’s business and campaign finances will fall into new hands next month. Here's what you need to know about the Southern District of New York's Audrey Strauss.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

AG Barr must not give President Trump, his lawyers, or his staff any ‘sneak preview’ of Special Counsel Mueller's findings or evidence. The White House must not be allowed to interfere in decisions about what parts of those findings or evidence are made public

House Democrats holding 3 p.m. "emergency caucus conference call" to discuss the Mueller report. Speaker Pelosi says in a statement that a summary by Barr would be "insufficient."

Gates is still cooperating on multiple investigations

Rick Gates’ case before Judge Amy Berman Jackson will be handed off to the DC US Attorney’s Office, the special counsel’s office said on Saturday.

“I know I have hurt and disappointed my family, my close friends, my co-workers, our fans and many others who rightfully hold me to a higher standard."

Today is a historic, proud day for America. Despite numerous attempts by @realDonaldTrump to thwart the Special Counsel investigation, Robert Mueller & his team completed it. The fact that Mueller & Rod Rosenstein kept their jobs shows the strength of our democracy & institutions

In a tweet, Donald Trump declared he would unwind new sanctions on North Korea that his admin rolled out just a day before

Congress demands full Mueller report and 'underlying evidence'

DOJ careful to avoid Clinton report mistakes with Mueller report

Mueller files 'comprehensive report' in concluding investigation

Klobuchar: 'Time for a full disclosure' of Mueller report

The president’s propaganda network is extremely worried about president Hillary Clinton

Let me get this straight. So the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Lindsey Graham, on the day the Mueller Report is released is having fun with the President and his friends in Mar-a-lago. Are we sure we aren’t watching some bad movie or something?!

"Even if the Mueller team doesn't indict and prosecute anyone else, I'm still quite certain that others should not be celebrating just yet." -Chuck Rosenberg, former U.S. attorney

FEMA's misstep has put the survivors of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and the California wildfires "at increased risk of identity theft and fraud," according to John V. Kelly, acting Inspector General for the Homeland Security Department.

Fear not, SCOTUS says retirees like Flynn are subject to Court Martial! Very serious consequences.

BREAKING: U.S. posts largest monthly budget deficit on record in February

Still scratchin' your noggin' over why Mueller brought no conspiracy indictments? A tiny piece of news you may have missed tonight could unlock the mystery. Tea Pain games out "Mueller's Final Move."

Trump Escalates Feud With Fed by Picking Political Ally for Board

17 AGs have joined our call to urge US Attorney General William Barr to release the Mueller report to the public. Our joint statement:

What happens now that Mueller submitted his report

See @AdamSchiff's point about the redactions. Sounds like he is saying OSC was always going to be too small to prosecute at this scale. Note: Schiff says doesn't know if indictments "central"/ peripheral. Meaning, Schiff thinks *main DOJ* can prosecute *central OSC question*

Jimmy Carter becomes longest-living US president

Trump and his minions think they dodged a bullet. I have a notion — only a recurring though — that Mueller delivered a bomb to AG Barr, who is now trying to figure out how to tell Trump in a way that doesn’t cause him to start World War III. Barr knows he works for a psycho.

I’m not going to the AIPAC Conference, and not only am I pro-Israel and pro-Jewish, I AM Jewish. I'm also anti-Netanyahu and anti-Trump.

Trump Nominates Famous Idiot Stephen Moore to Federal Reserve Board

Mueller Report has been delivered on the 46th anniversary of the secret Watergate tape in which Nixon tells John Mitchell, "I want you all to stonewall it, let them plead the Fifth Amendment, cover-up or anything else, if it'll save it--save the plan."

Adam Schiff: "We will insist that the Justice Department meet its statutory obligations and be transparent with our Committee and the public. Anything less would be negligent in the service of our national security."

Nation on edge for next steps as Mueller probe runs its course

Mueller: Schiff, Blumenthal, Cicilline Predict Indictments

Friday, March 22, 2019

After 2 years, the special counsel has concluded his investigation, & I look forward to reviewing AG Barr’s report carefully, when it becomes available. I expect DOJ to release the special counsel’s report to this committee & public w/o delay & to maximum extent permitted by law.


"There were no such incidents during the Special Counsel's report".

Eric Swalwell to @MSNBC: "The American people will see every word, every comma, every period of this report. The president is outnumbered now in a way that he was not before ... It's just a matter of time."

BREAKING NEWS Mueller Report In

Trump has arrived at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, according to the pool report. This is Trump's 230th day at a Trump property as president.

South Carolina Republican Endorses QAnon: ‘They’re Legit’

Ruined crops. Dead livestock. Farm bankruptcies. If the GOP has a better plan on climate change, let’s hear it. Right now, it’s our plans versus no plan.

This guy doesn't have a science background, is Peter Thiel's former Chief of Staff and now he's responsible for arguably the most important economic and security files the Presidency oversees. Thiel's influence over the executive looms large.

"Trump’s latest wet kiss to his pal Bibi is supposed to help the beleaguered Israeli prime minister, but really it will benefit Putin – and Xi. The unintended consequences of dumb diplomacy may prove severe here."

Wait, @ggreenwald on Fox News bashing the Mueller investigation while being translated into Russian and broadcast on Russia’s state TV. Unpossible! Get it now, people?

They've been through so much and now this... Parkland shooting survivor Sydney Aiello takes her own life after suffering from PTSD and survivor's guilt

Here's Laura Ingraham displaying my face to 2.5 million viewers and calling me a "little journo-terrorist." I am 29. I have no full-time job. I am teaching a single course, for $7k, as an adjunct. This is insane. And irresponsible. It is incitement. It is not okay.

Very good NY Times investigation into how Interpol evolved from a pure crime fighting organization to one which is routinely abused by criminal dictators to chase their enemies and victims around the world.

Nothing to see here just the president’s daughter getting a patient to make voting machines in China

"The real message, unspoken (for now) is: If America can recognize Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights as legitimate, why can’t everybody do the same for our occupation of Crimea?"

Kushner used encrypted messaging service WhatsApp & his personal email account; McFarland was using an account to conduct official White House business, discussed transferring “sensitive U.S. nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.”

It’s a moment nearly two years in the making. And it’s almost here

Attorney General William Barr and Assistant Attorney General Robert Mueller, 1991

We already know there was collusion

Carlson "is thought to be well-liked by the Murdoch family that controls parent company Fox and is in little danger of losing his job."

Trump: "People will not stand for it" if Mueller report makes me look bad

Julia Medina is nine & a US citizen. She was detained for 36hrs by border patrol without her mother present. Her brother was coerced to sign a document promising her release. A foreign government had to get involved to get her released. This is foul.

Just like the midterms; defeating tRUmp/GOP in 2020 is a national security imperative. If Democrats really want to save the Republic, they’ll focus on finding a candidate who’s electable nationwide. To change govt policies & the civic discussion, first you have to win elections.

‘It’s idolatry’: MSNBC historian scorches Mike Pompeo for comparing Trump to biblical figures

The gap between America's top income earners and the middle class is getting wider in nearly every major metropolitan area

ICE Is Detaining 50,000 People, an All-Time High

Trump campaign shifted $1.3 million of donor money into his businesses: report

Worried about populists and authoritarians are taking over? You're too late. Almost 70% of the world's most important economies is under their control

EU throws Britain a lifeline with a two-week Brexit delay

Cindy Yang helped Chinese tech stars get $50K photos with Trump. Who paid? Yang isn't saying—but she and 3 associates donated $135,500 to Trump Victory before an event. Selling tix to campaign fundraisers without disclosing the buyer to the FEC is illegal.

Roger Stone invokes Fifth Amendment

Three SDNY chiefs say Trump can be indicted.

Jared Kushner discussed policy w/ Saudi leaders at same time his brother was working on a business deal with their top aides.

NEW: Facebook admits there was more than one #CambridgeAnalytica data scraping operation. @AGKarlRacine prosecution is unlocking new truths already.

A woman listed as a 25K donor to Trump doesn’t remember making a donation.

Trump's Golan statement draws condemnation: Erdogan: Trump’s unfortunate declaration has brought the region “to the brink of a new crisis & new tensions.” Kremlin spokes: Trump’s comments “can destabilize the already fragile situation in the Middle East.

Pompeo: It's "possible" God planned Trump to save Jewish people

Profiles in Chickenshit from the Grand Old Party as Trump Spits on John McCain's American Greatness

Eric Swalwell this AM on Hope Hicks: "She also told me when I interviewed her that she had told lies for the president, and when I asked her what she had lied about, she refused to testify. And then the Republicans did not force her to actually give us an answer."

Trump: "It is time" to recognize Israeli control of disputed Golan Heights territory

BREAKING: US forces say 2 American service members have been killed during an operation in Afghanistan.

Both Trump's election and Brexit "will go down in history as moments of intense reactionary idiocy from which, we hope, both countries will one day make a full recovery,"

On bringing the adult Trump kids before Congress, @RepSwalwell told me: “We are not going out of our way to hear from the president’s children, but the president has gone out of his way to involve his children.”

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Marine Corps commandant says deploying troops to the border poses ‘unacceptable risk’

Dems say WH is concealing info about Trump-Putin meetings, but the WH today responded to Dem request for info: "The president must be free to engage in discussions with foreign leaders without fear that those communications will be disclosed and used for political purposes."

My latest at Patribotics looks at @DavidSirota's breathtaking record of pro-Russian propaganda, and asks if he should have registered under FARA.

BREAKING: In letter to WH, Rep. Cummings reveals that KUSHNER was routinely using WhatsApp to conduct official business as recently as Dec. 2018. Kushner's lawyer told lawmakers he screenshots messages to preserve them.

JUST IN: Kushner accused of using WhatsApp, personal email to conduct official business: report

Yesterday the official Trump Store debuted its cherry-blossom collection. Four items on sale showcase the White House.

NEW: Facebook reportedly stored hundreds of millions of passwords in plain text

New Trump Student Loan Policy Will Ensure Only Wealthy People Go To College

Chemical warfare.

This proposal is from an idiot hotel heiress who insists being born into absurd wealth is a disadvantage in life.

Trumps Mar-a-Lago to host Palm Beach County Republicans. Reporters arent invited.

Ah, the irony: China approves Trump trademarks for escort services.

Pentagon sends B-52 bombers to Europe for exercises amid tensions with Russia

Mark Zuckerberg is a threat to national security.

Happy 13th Birthday, Barron!

Instead of saying “hi” Trump now greets people with, “no collusion, no collusion.”

Trump has said the Mueller investigation is "unconstitutional" and "illegal." FACT-CHECK: Six separate federal courts have upheld Mueller's appointment, authority and prosecutorial decisions. These rulings came from judges appointed by Dems and Republicans, even one by Trump.

"There's a mean streak that runs through Donald Trump's heart," says Jack O'Donnell, former President and COO of Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino. "There is a piece of this that is almost sociopathic, that he likes to hurt people. ... It's who he is."

"Selling tickets to campaign fundraisers without disclosing the buyer to the FEC is illegal. Selling tickets to foreign nationals, who are banned from donating to American political causes, would be an additional violation of U.S. law."

The Kingdom and the Kushners: Jared Went to Riyadh. So Did His Brother.

Michael Cohen investigators relied on controversial cell-tracking device

I wonder why this description by jared kushner’s father of the financing of 666 fifth avenue is coming now

Read my op-ed in the @WashingtonPost on President Trump and the White House’s unprecedented level of stonewalling, delay, and obstruction.

BREAKING: Video of Devin Nunes defending protestors who yelled the "n-word" at Congressman John Lewis: "I think people have every right to say what they want. If they wanna smear someone, they can do it." Dug up by @TheDemCoalition. Nunes is an awful man

“Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners have transferred American-made weapons to al-Qaeda-linked figures, hardline Salafi militias, and other factions waging war in Yemen, in violation of their agreements with the United States.”

John Childs, the billionaire financier who is accused of involvement in a Florida prostitution ring, gave $50,000 to the RNC just three days before the allegations against him became public, according to Politico.

Ronald Reagan’s daughter says her father would be "horrified" by Trump’s presidency

What a coincidence. Both the White House and Kremlin are actively pushing for Brexit.

Several of Saudi Arabia’s most prominent women’s rights activists are put on trial

Eight days to go. Theresa May heads to Brussels to press the EU on her delay request

Julie K. Brown: The lawyer for 16 of Jeffrey Epstein's underage victims says none of them were informed of the plea deal. So when the prosecutor told the judge that the victims had been notified, it's clear that that was untrue.

ICE has been wrongly detaining dozens of U.S. citizens in Florida jails, according to a new ACLU report that says it's part of a disturbing pattern affecting Americans across the nation.

YESTERDAY: Beto O'Rourke, who is running for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, speaks to supporters in Plymouth State University in Plymouth, NH.

Kremlin wonders if Putin will follow in Kazakh leader’s footsteps

New filing in Carter Page v. Democratic National Committee: Response in Opposition to Motion

President Trump on Mueller report: "I had the greatest electoral victory, one of them, in the history of our country, tremendous success. Tens of millions of voters. And now somebody is going to write a report who never got a vote."

Russian National Extradited From Estonia To Face Charges Of Illegal Procurement Of U.S. Electronics

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern moves to ban all military style weapons, effective immediately: "Every semi-automatic weapon used in the [Christchurch] terrorist attack will be banned in this country."

As of 3pm NZ ET semi-auto weapons, assault rifles & high capacity magazines are banned effective immediately.There is an ongoing amnesty for not only these weapons, but for any firearm. The buy back scheme will extend to non prescribed weapons also

Donald Trump, as recently as this week, voiced support for Labor Secretary Alex Acosta despite a federal judge ruling that he broke the law in order to give a child sex offender a sweet deal that his victims were never allowed to know about.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has joined 14 other defendants in a motion seeking to block release of surveillance video evidence connected to charges that the men solicited prostitution at a Florida massage parlor.

This lie was spread by Dmytro Firtash in an interview he gave earlier this week. Firtash is a pro-Russian "Ukrainian oligarch" who peddled Kremlin lies in Ukraine alongside Paul Manafort for years. Firtash is also widely acknowledged as Semion Mogilevich's business partner. MOB.

Franklin Graham told RIA Novosti that @VP Pence was glad to hear he was going to Moscow, and that Pence supported the trip

NEW: Release of Epstein sex trafficking documents may hinge on Two mystery parties -- one of them a "John Doe.''

Democrat Rep. @ericswalwell on the Judiciary Committee's request for documents: "I do believe we've seen already in daylight, broad daylight, obstruction of justice, abuse of power and a corrupt presidency, and these documents will affirm that."

Prosecutors lied to the judge handling pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's plea deal, according to an attorney for some of his victims. Needless to say, if true, that is a major ethical violation. It is shocking that this did not come to light until now.

Defending the move to ban all military style weapons, New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern said: "It's about all of us, it's about safety and to prevent an act of terror happening in our country ever again."

Indictments are coming... We're working to extend the statute of limitations, so that NO ONE is above the law.

So the lawyer for Flynn's ex-business partner Bijan Kian, as part of pre-trial discovery, wants information on Michael Flynn's "contacts with Russian officials, including Kirill Dmitriev, following the presidential election in 2016..." Flynn-Dmitriev contacts???

"We must keep in mind the already-known essential fact: The man in the White House engaged in the most consequential political skullduggery in US history. That’s the sad truth."

Weissmann makes sartorial statement as he exits Mueller team

Booker, Buttigieg, Beto, Bernie,... Biden? Bennet?