Monday, May 27, 2019

The Trump administration’s latest round of farm aid may fail in its aim to avoid influencing U.S. planting decisions

Perspective: Abortion bans have some women preparing for the worst. It involves "auntie networks."

Overall voter turnout in the #EPElections2019 increased for the first time in #EU history: an estimated 50.5% of eligible voters cast their ballots.

George Clooney on Trump and Science

Memorial Day greetings, a tale of two presidents

Farm socialism because Trump is too stupid to lead...

If Chelsea Clinton's husband's family scored about a billion dollars in loans while he was working in the White House, the New York Times would invent new font sizes.

Taxpayers pay her salary. She’s not supposed to engage in political activity, under the Hatch Act. WH employees have repeatedly broken this law, which used to be taken seriously, during the Trump administration.

As with election interference and Russia, Trump sides with leader of hostile foreign power over US intel/natsec community.

ABC news has an obligation to add, by annotations, that Liz Cheney is lying. The conversations, such as they were, that she's describing occurred while the individual under investigation was a candidate

Powerful photo

So this is how the composition of the 🇪🇺 European Parliament will look. You see the increased strength of the Liberals and the Greens.

I never thought I’d see the day when the President of the United States bragged that the dictator of North Korea shared his view of his political rival

A man who vandalized a synagogue with Nazi symbols told federal agents his road to radicalization included meeting with the far-right group Identity Evropa and reading Ben Shapiro, Breitbart News, and the Nazi propaganda site Stormfront

Have you written about the Cult she was raised in? It’s a splinter sect of the Hari Krishnas-but they’re so whacked the Krishnas want nothing to do with them. Mention the cult and you’ll really touch a wire.

I’m old enough to remember when Republicans lost their minds because Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton spoke for a few minutes while waiting on their flights.

Really? This has nothing to do with her being white or wealthy. Connected, I agree. She connected to felonious criminality. Just as Ben Carson and Elaine Chao are.This is only about transnational organized crime being normalized by journalists like @maggieNYT Not race or wealth.

Who handed the White House to Donald Trump? We can talk about the Russians, white women, rural voters, Jill Stein. But remember this: While Clinton received 28.4% (65,845,063) of all votes & Trump got 27.2% (62,980,160)...44.37% of all eligible voters (102,731,399) stayed home.

Trump's tweets are losing their potency

Intelligence officials said they were concerned that Barr could selectively declassify information that paints intel agencies and the FBI in a bad light without giving a complete picture of their efforts in 2016

So it doesn’t say it’s doctored. Ahhh, Facebook. You’re terrible.

Liz Cheney makes me ashamed to be a lying nepotist who grew up rich and has no empathy or appreciation of my own privilege while coasting thru life on my war criminal daddy’s name.

“I’m not crazy, YOU’RE crazy...”

Pete Buttigieg on Trump’s proposal to pardon some service members accused of war crimes: “His idea that being sent to fight makes you automatically into some kind of war criminal is a slander against veterans”

We asked Dem presidential candidates to honor the true meaning of today. Here is what they sent. We thank them all, and remember all those we lost in war.

President Trump may be rethinking his plan to pardon accused war criminals on Memorial Day

Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Spy Case That Made Adam Schiff a Russia Hawk

Jill Lenore: “Nationalism is an abdication of liberalism. It is also the opposite of patriotism. To confuse nationalism with patriotism is to mistake contempt for love and fear for valor.”

Trump trusts Putin more than Russians do

Indeed it is. The signal is this: If I flatter Trump and criticize his opponents, I can launch missiles and advance my nuclear program and he won’t do anything about it. How dangerous when a President can be so easily manipulated.

Reminder that Maggie Haberman's mom, Nancy, is an Executive VP at Rubenstein PR, a firm that represented Fred Trump, Donald Trump and Charles Kushner. This is why Maggie essentially does PR for the Trump family through the @NYtimes now.

"John McCain kept reciting to me names of dictators ... because he knew more than any of us what we were facing as a nation."

Kara Swisher writes, "No other media could get away with spreading anything like this because they lack the immunity protection that Facebook and other tech companies enjoy under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act"

Britain stares down an even worse future as Boris Johnson looms.

Florida enacts a ban on child sex dolls... and Mitch McConnell refuses to bring the bill that does the same to the Senate floo

Colorado Becomes First State To Cap Insulin Costs This is what it means to be a Democrat.

“We need more courage.”

Deutsche Bank "loaned a cumulative total of around $2.5 billion to Trump projects over the past two decades, and the bank continued writing him nine-figure checks even after he defaulted on a $640 million obligation and sued the bank."

the KKK have a rally today in Dayton, Ohio and this is how the businesses are responding..

A young boy saluting his father at his grave

Opinion: The U.S. policy of maximum pressure against Iran has failed

Theresa May is resigning on June 7 and the race to succeed her as prime minister and Conservative Party leader is getting under way

Mike Pence tells West Point grads they are going to war: ‘It will happen’ — maybe even ‘in this hemisphere’

US attorneys general ask federal government to forgive disabled veterans’ student loan debt

"This is really a feature of petty dictators, where you see the power of investigation abilities being used as a political tool against enemies."

America’s growing corruption and costs, crumbling infrastructure and worsening outcomes all suggest that economic development is going the wrong way

What. the hell. is up with his pants?

Trump says debt crisis after presidency OK as 'I won't be here

"Barr seemed unconcerned with the risk posed by a president employing the Justice Department as a mechanism for exacting revenge against a former electoral opponent."

“Facebook Says It Won't Take Down A Doctored Video Of Nancy Pelosi That They Know Is Fake”

Make no mistake about it: Donald Trump and Mike Pence are trying to erase trans people from this country. We won’t let them.

Robots are taking over farms faster than anyone saw coming

Trump is pandering to North Korea while being hosted by one of the countries that is most at risk by the Kim regime’s continued aggressive posturing. Kim also never promised complete, verifiable denuclearization, so it’s unclear what he’s talking about. And he can’t spell Biden

Prosecutors tell witness every day to comply with subpoenas & testify even if they’re worried about retribution from gangs, organized crime & in their professions, because it’s the law & the right thing to do. McGhan, Hicks, Donaldson need to do the same.

When you're flipping channels in Norway, and catch Roger Stone doing a live Arabic-only (live over-dub, can't hear English) interview on Al Jazeera, and you're pretty sure it's probably violating at least one court order.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Trump’s Public Enemies List Is an Impeachable Offense

It's revolting to suggest that we need to help the Saudis kill civilians in order to stand up to Iran. Our only "emergency" is a President who cares more about making money for his defense contractor buddies than the democratic will of Congress or the moral catastrophe in Yemen.

"Welcome to the beginning of the fascist takeover": Utah judge suspended for bashing Trump

“So Trump’s position is that his tax returns should be kept private but the CIA’s ‘sources and methods’ should be made public”

Windsor photographer's shot of bald eagle and its reflection goes viral | CBC News

Gov. Ron DeSantis claims he is unable to discuss the Russian hacking of voter databases in two Florida counties due to a non-disclosure agreement with the FBI. A request for the NDA to be released revealed no such document exists according to his office.

New Trump Facebook ad encourages people to honor "American Patriots" who "made the ultimate sacrifice" by buying Trump campaign merch

.@realDonaldTrump says after giving AG Barr power to declassify secrets he hopes they’ll “see how the hoax or witch-hunt started” says it was attempted coup. So he already has dictated the outcome of this probe before it starts?

Fmr @FBI Special Agent, @AshaRangappa_ : "If Barr weaponizes classified info, it could harm our intelligence community in a very serious way"

AG Barr is now Trump’s evil brain. This is a bogus investigation of the origins of the Russian investigation. Putin probably asked Trump to find out who informed on him in the Kremlin, and Trump has no option lest Putin out him over whatever. Where is Mr. Clean, Bob Mueller?

Why Donald Trump is (falsely) accusing people of ‘treason’

Facebook acknowledges Pelosi video is faked but declines to delete it

JUST IN: The government has formally moved tonight to take possession of Paul Manafort's Trump Tower apartment.

Trump’s order giving AG Barr authority to declassify CIA secrets is highly unusual. Playing politics with the intelligence community will cause our sources and allies to think twice before sharing secrets with us.

Mark Warner: "People risk their lives to gather the intelligence material that Pres. Trump and A.G. Barr are so eager to politicize. Selectively declassifying sources and methods in order to serve a political agenda will make it harder for the intel community to do their jobs."

NEW: Trump admin. cites what it claims is a national security "emergency" allegedly caused by Iran to bypass Congress and rush arms sales worth billions to Saudi Arabia and other Middle East allies; draws condemnation from lawmakers on both sides of aisle.

Trump extends his corruption into the intelligence agencies

US President @realDonaldTrump has announced he wants Australia's role in sparking the FBI probe into links between Russia and his election campaign examined by US Attorney General William Barr.

BREAKING: Epstein sex abuse victims tell court it’s time for Acosta to explain his actions

“The identities of the others arrested are yet to be released, but some are residing in the US and held public positions of trust”

Opinion: If Republicans hate government so much they should leave

Perhaps Mr. Mueller doesn't want his testimony to be used as a platform, by Republicans in the Trump Show and Democratic POTUS candidates, to play to the cameras. An opening statement will allow Mr. Mueller to create a record and speak freely to Americans without interruption.

Trump just said he wants his Barr to also look at the UK, Australia & Ukraine. He said it’s the greatest hoax that has perpetrated our country. In other words he’s saying the RU investigation is fake & that RU did not attack us, but allies helped us with the hoax.

NEW: Giuliani had a five-hour meeting last week with a Ukrainian who purports to have negative information against Democrats as part of his broader campaign to gather foreign info to help Trump. Latest w/David Stern

BREAKING: Federal judge in California blocks President Trump from building sections of border wall with money secured under his national emergency declaration.

“Backpedaling on putting the first African American woman on paper money tells women and girls and people of color that they don’t — and never have — mattered.” The Admin’s decision is unacceptable, they must reconsider it

Friday, May 24, 2019

Former Republican Congressman Tom Coleman: “Trump, Pence are illegitimate. Impeach them”

CNN: The lawyer for a Navy SEAL accused of war crimes -- whom Trump is considering pardoning -- also works for the Trump Organization

Border Patrol Kicked, Punched Migrant Children, Threatened Some With Sexual Abuse,

The Pentagon approved the deployment of 1,500 more troops to the Middle East as tensions continue over threats to U.S. forces by Iran or its proxies

Not good. Hope there’s a bigger plan for what SCOTUS is doing. Otherwise, this makes me nervous. Supreme Court Blocks Orders to Draw New Voting Maps in Ohio, Michigan

President Trump is bypassing Congress to arm the Saudis. He turns a blind eye to Khashoggi murder, imprisonment of women’s rights activists, botched war in Yemen. Approves secret transfers of nuclear know-how, and now this. What do they have on him?

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) -- A federal judge is temporarily blocking a Mississippi law that bans most abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

.@POTUS is (again) going around Congress—this time to unilaterally approve billions in arms sales, including to the brutal Saudi regime. Congress must reclaim its powers. When will the legislative branch stand up to the executive branch?

FTFY ==> This is a deliberate effort to establish a precedent that can be used to prosecute fake journalists who are working as agents of hostile foreign intelligence services to subvert Western democracies, their laws & their security. You're welcome

The Court-fixing operation to which this @FedSoc secret-donor network is central received an individual donation of $24 million, another of $17.9 million, and another of $17 million — what if it’s the same donor? Total = $58.9 million.

Let's be clear, if the report really exonerated Trump, he'd want Bob Mueller to testify live on stage at the Super Bowl halftime show

Trump is personally intervening to award a contract to build his beloved wall to a GOP donor and Fox News guest. He has gone from promises to drain the swamp to a plan to give construction contracts to donors and sycophants. Can we have the old swamp back? This one smells worse

The president’s personal AG enjoys the presidents hotel because of course he does.

It's getting worse with Trump every day. In a 24 hour period, he shared a doctored video of Pelosi, called to execute political opponents, and authorized his toady AG to investigate political rivals. Call your Representatives. Urge them to impeach. And start volunteering for 2020

“By my calculation, the altered video has been slowed by almost 75% introducing a significant distortion in her speech," Hany Farid, a professor at UC Berkeley and expert in digital forensics and image analysis, told CNN

Investigate whatever you wish about 2016 but don’t forget the people of the FBI must investigate and stop Russian efforts in the 2020 election. What impact will loose talk about “spying” and disgraceful talk about “treason” have on FBI agents and analysts?

Rudy is now just letting the Yandex translation feature write his tweets out of the original Russian Mob dialect.

Donald Trump has absolutely no idea what he declassified

You know, if you arrested Barr, he wouldn't be able to do this. Inherent contempt. Do it.

China is building a digital authoritarian regime before our very eyes. The situation in Xinjiang province is a human rights crisis—the government monitors citizens' every move and over a million people are detained in "political education" camps. Here's what you need to know

Socialism is for the rich: Kushner Cos. gets $800M federally backed apartment loan

Don’t take the bait. @HouseDemocrats are focused on making progress for #ForThePeople. Take a look at our progress in the first five months of the Democratic Majority.

House Republicans’ sabotage of the bipartisan disaster relief bill is a disappointment to the American families trying to heal and recover from floods, hurricanes, wildfires and other disasters. Read my full statement here.

Russian front fed al-Qaeda with intel stolen by Assange? JOURNAMALISMS!

House Republicans’ sabotage of the bipartisan disaster relief bill is a disappointment to the American families trying to heal and recover from floods, hurricanes, wildfires and other disasters. Read my full statement here

President Trump circumventing Congress to sell more weapons to Saudi Arabia is unacceptable. The Saudi-led war in Yemen is not an emergency, it is a crime against humanity.

This is nutty. But see what Trumpers are doing? They're trying to rope Biden, the leading 2020 Dem, into their false Deep State conspiracy theory. The Trump-Russia probe began when the FBI learned of Papadopoulos' interactions with Russian cut-outs. Even the Nunes memo said that!

Nadler: Mueller wants to testify privately

Newly unsealed warrants reveal how closely the special counsel's team was tracking the foreign entanglements of Michael Cohen

First amendment question? Not really. If Assange were looking for targeted information on a specific story/subject he was attempting to cover, that *could* be journalism. He's just took a jackhammer to national security, and published data w/o interp

Nadler: Court victories against Trump lessen need for impeachment

Rep. Nadler: Robert Mueller wants to testify in private

Evidence Russia Tipped Election for Trump ‘Staggering,’ Says Former U.S. Intel Chief James Clapper

A manipulated video being shared by some social media users to spread a false claim that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slurred her words after meeting with President Trump on Wednesday has been removed by YouTube, the company says

DOJ officials are aware of 1A optics in this case & emphasized that “Assange is not being charged simply because he is a publisher." “We are not charging Assange for passively obtaining classified information," said US attorney for EDVA Zach Terwilliger

Thread: Mueller’s report describes a consistent effort by the president to use his office to obstruct or otherwise corruptly impede the Russian election interference investigation because it put his interests at risk. — Justin Amash

The president has authority to fire federal officials, direct his subordinates, and grant pardons, but he cannot do so for corrupt purposes; otherwise, he would always be allowed to shut down any investigation into himself or his associates, which would put him above the law.