Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The House will soon be voting on a historic resolution that would censure Trump "for his racist and xenophobic comments" about Reps. Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib and Pressley — all women of color. Only one US president, Andrew Jackson, was ever censured — and that happened in 1834.

Why did Pedo Nader give Psy-group 2 million dollars after the election? These are the questions our press should be asking....

This the House resolution to condemn President Trump’s racist statements. House Republicans - if they remember in which country they live, who they serve, and their oaths of office - should vote enthusiastically in its favor.

Dems narrowly mustering votes to prevent Pelosi's statement from being stricken from house record -- would have been first time since 1984.

Today, July 16, 2019, is the one year anniversary of the Kremlin Annex protests. Thank you to each of you that has stepped up in so many different ways over the last year. We are only going to get louder.

GOP in 2019: so embarrassed by their leader’s racism that they are literally trying to erase it from the record.

BREAKING: Roger Stone has been ordered to stop posting on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter — on any subject — after a judge found he violated her previous order limiting what he could say publicly about his criminal case

Stone's motion hearing is underway — they'll be talking about Stone's motion to suppress evidence and a discovery motion re: redactions in CrowdStrike report provided by govt. Judge Amy Berman Jackson is on the bench.